Mar 03 2013

Priscilla Judd has a vision. She is determined to inform the world it’s taken a wrong turn.

A piano tuner by trade, she has an ear for harmonics that easily translates over to her music. As a piano tuner, Priscilla uses a tuning fork to begin the calibration or tuning of each note on the keyboard. First she tunes the center octave of eight notes. The rest of the notes are tuned in line with the first octave. Using damping felts to isolate strings so each tone may be heard in its pure state, Priscilla builds the scales represented by the black and white keys. Tuning a piano proficiently takes lots of practice. In command of an exacting science, Priscilla has trained her senses to be accurate and precise.

Priscilla Sings to Bring About Change

And so, Priscilla is observant of the world as it really exists. She doesn’t necessarily like what she sees. She espouses what is good for people and Mother Earth may not be what is practiced by multinational corporations with higher yearly incomes than the gross national product, GNP, of some countries. She has widened her musical talents toward playing guitar and singing her original compositions to protest what she feels are dangerous trends.

O Canada – Who For A Lost Democracy

Visit with Priscilla on her web site where she shares her passions. She writes, “I suppose you’ve noticed that planet Earth is under seige? Our environment is threatened everywhere on this planet.  Sadly, human life and nature are not the most important factor when it comes to decisions made by Governments.  Democracy is threatened by corporatism – the neo-liberal or neo-conservate agenda. So, I’m an activist. I walk out and protest. I sing about wild salmon, climate change, pipelines and tankers, local food and farming, GMO, pesticide and First Nations issues.  I sing in praise of nature and heroes who stand for nature and social justice.”

If you are reading this post on Sunday, March 3, 2013, you have a wonderful opportunity before you. Priscilla’s song, the YouTube above titled O Canada – Who For a Lost Democracy, is in CBC’s Best New Artist Contest. As the contest site says, “Join our search for Canada’s best new artist. Vote for your favorite act, right now! Round two polls close Sunday, Mar. 3, 2013 at midnight ET. Check back Monday at 9pm ET for round three of voting.”

As of this writing, Priscilla is fourth from being #1 in the Second Round of voting. Take a moment and vote to get her in Round Three!


Please VOTE at

Round Two ends Sunday, March 3, 2013.

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March 2013
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Mar 02 2013

You have to understand. I grew up in the 1950s and 60s. Activism was a part of my childhood, like Dora the Explorer instructs children today.

Radio and TV stations were independently owned and played whatever suited their style. And, what caught on and suited many AM styles were songs of social betterment. Rather than follow a marketing plan while singing kiddie songs to sell congruently marketed toys and brands, we children got behind spreading the word, the call to action. So, at camp we sang, “If I Had a Hammer” and “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?,” moving, pretty folk songs about making the world a better place. We raised our voices up as well as eight to ten years possibly can, hoping to convince people improvements needed to be made.

In the dawn of the 1950s, change began at a rapid pace.

While most people connect protests and activist language with the 1960s and 70s, such inspirations actually began in the 1950s, in many ways due to singer songwriter Woody Guthrie early on and then Pete Seeger. The magazine, “Sing Out!,” first begun in 1950, records its own history along with that of the folk song, activist movements. The magazine stills prides itself on “serving the common cause of humanity” and celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2000.


Pete Seeger’s “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

I remember a boy in my fourth grade class, named Tom Sawyer and yes, that was his real name. He was going to play his guitar on WWDC radio and sing along. What an incredibly big deal this was as we were encouraged by our teacher to listen when Tom was going to be on the radio live. He sang a song with a haunting beauty and powerful refrain, called, “Blowing in the Wind.”  The wind that was blowing affected all age groups, some individuals swaying with it and some offering resistance, but every person affected.

Priscilla Judd sings to protect our environment and its people.

I miss activist folk songs. Clever songwriters tipping us off to inequities that might otherwise go unnoticed. It doesn’t seem these songs are played on the radio much anymore. The music we hear today seems canned, repetitive and market driven. I guess that’s why finding Canadian singing activist Priscilla Judd on Twitter, then following up on her web site, was such a breath of fresh air. Thankfully, the Internet still pulses with musical activism. Music is the spoonful of sugar that promotes the medicine of social change.

Tomorrow: Canada’s Priscilla Judd, Singing Activist

Spoiler Alert! Canadian singer, Priscilla Judd is in a contest and would love some help to win!


Please VOTE at

The contest ends tomorrow, Sunday, March 4, 2013.

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March 2013
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Mar 01 2013

It was a BIG problem. My web site, that is. In 2010, to achieve my signature colors and designs, Word Press did not have the latitude to give me what I wanted. So, I jumped out into the deep end of the heavy programming pool. I hired a web designer who used Cold Fusion, an older, but more flexible, programming language.

Fast forward to BlogHer ’12 in New York City. While attending tech classes, I learned I needed to update and switch over to the now capable Word Press with all of its bells and whistles. So simple! Until I started trying to find a programmer who could translate Cold Fusion into Word Press. Asking the question of everyone I met, the answer was *cricket* *cricket,* so no Word Press for me.

With Texas size problems, head to Texas for answers.

I started searching on the Internet when I got home and finally realized what I should have known all along. When you have a problem as big as the State of Texas, go to Texas to find the answer. And how could I say, “No,” to a state whose State Flower is the BlueBonnet? That’s where I found CyberCoder, otherwise known as David Cooley, who hangs his hat at David’s an Internet folk hero, in fact, here’s an old poem and wanted poster I found:

They Call Him CyberCoder

Down in Texas where the tumbleweeds blow,
There’s a man with a plan, he’s in the know.
Loves computers! David Cooley by name,
Known everywhere for his fine Word Press game.
They call him CyberCoder.

Past fields of BlueBonnets, by the Rio Grande,
His six gun’s a mouse, the web is his brand.
Wrasslin’ pixels, herding HTML,
His keyboard’s on fire, he’s got stories to tell.
He’s known as CyberCoder.

So, as the sun sets, each night in the west,
Need help with your site? Then, do what is best.
Ride with the Cooley Gang at CyberRanch.
Lasso a web plan, you’ll soon do a dance,
Working with CyberCoder.

 You’ll love working with David. He’s very patient with questions and perseveres until he translates your dream into a cyberspace domain. He’s made a few YouTube videos and so, you can get a feel for working with him by watching below:

Don’t you feel calm listening to CyberCoder explain Gmail Filters?

I think that David should make more YouTube videos and have Word Press classes. I know I would sign up. If you agree, let’s show him who’s boss! Tweet David at @cybercoder to show him you’re interested. I say let’s gang up on him.

Here’s David singing, “Up in the Country” with Withrow Cooley.

Don’t despair if you have hairy web problems making you wish you’d never bought a computer. Write CyberCoder. Discuss your concerns for help and resolution. After working with CyberCoder since last August, I can highly recommend him.

He’s the reason is on Word Press with all the buttons to send my posts far and wide. Thank you, David Cooley!


NaBloPoMo March 2013

March 2013
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