Jul 02 2017

Have you ever been on a course of action and, all of a sudden, there are side roads you didn’t anticipate, leading off into areas unknown?

Have you ever  had overwhelming life events change your direction before you know what has happened to you? Whoa! That’s what happened to me in January, and let me tell you, I am just now getting back in the swing of things.

Things going Smoothly 550 x 427 w typeCruising along the country road of life…

Hello, Quilters! This is SunbonnetSmart, or as I’m known in real life, Robin R. Talbott. When I started my online quilting presence, I was determined to stay out of the spotlight and let my Sunbonnet Dolls tell the tales of my quilting stories, designs, patterns and glory! You see, I was a quilt store owner in the 1980s-90s and the public face I had was very demanding. I was sure when I started back into quilting professionally after raising a family, I NEVER wanted to be so exposed again. I just wanted to enjoy the good stuff.  Making my quilts, pattern and designs.

But then, having fun on the Internet, meeting quilters from all over the world became an unexpected delight, and moreover, I realized how much I miss teaching quilting, seeing all of the new projects come into being and seeing my students faces light up when learning a new wrinkle. So, I decided to start teaching quilting online, adding another web site, a strictly quilting web site, to partner with my SunbonnetSmart.com For three years, I have worked on it, because, it takes a while for these “trifocally eyes” to focus up and down to make things happen on that computer screen.

Right Turn 600 x 450 retouch w type…one can take an unexpected turn leading…

So, three years I have worked on my teaching site, I know that’s not a record for speed, but you’ll find it IS a record for love, especially when one’s love is quilting. And, this year, I decided at Christmas, I was ready to launch. I decided my favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day would be perfect. The day of love combined with my love of quilting. What could be better? What could go wrong?!?

Oh, my! Well, in January, unexpectedly, as happens most times, cancer decided to pay our family a visit, when my sweet husband of twenty five years came back from the doctor with a positive scan. I’m in the same place emotionally, six months later, still waiting to exhale, as unsure of our future as I was January 19th, when he came home from the doctor.

Many Choices 600 x 450 w type…to dizzying arrays of problems & choices…

But, as with all “new normals,” eventually the tears give way to the thought of coming days, while realizing life goes on, even with cancer. And, so where I use to want to hide from publicity, public interaction and notoriety, now, lonesome in an uncertain flight path, I am hungry for camaraderie and companionship. As I have so many times before in my life,  I am turning to quilting help through the hard times. And, what better way to enjoy quilting, than to begin to interact with quilters by teaching, once again?

Virginia's House 600 x 450 w type…where the family becomes a firm priority…

I hope you’ll be with me as I venture forth to new quilting heights and new family challenges. I am looking forward to supporting you in your quilting ventures, as well, and to working toward our mutual benefit as we strengthen the SunbonnetSmart community. Out of every hardship comes a new opportunity. I just know my new web site, soon to be announced will bring lots of good times to us all. Don’t forget! I’ve been working on it for THREE YEARS.

Winter Sky 600 x 450 w type…to anchor the soul through rough seas ahead.

Yes! I have been anticipating my new online presence and all of the new quilting friends I’ll meet for a long time. There are LOTS of surprises in store. I cannot wait to make quilty memories together.

Come back and visit with me. I’ll keep the water on for tea!


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