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 Christmas 1959

 Hello there!

And, welcome to Sunbonnet Smart!

My name is Robin and
I was born with a sewing box in my hands.

I am so glad you’re here and I hope you’ll stay a while. I have lots of information to share, lots of thoughts to express and lots of happiness to create. I want to take you along with me, because, you see, when I create happiness for you, I create happiness for me.

I started sewing and quilting when I was a small child. I was fascinated with a needle, thread and fabric; what I could do with them and what I could create. I remember going with my grandmother to St. Andrew’s Church in College Park, Maryland with my little hand crank sewing machine to “help her” make aprons for the church bazaar in the 1950s. A neighbor, Mrs. Laue, was the first quilter I came to know. Even though I was only seven years old, I remember to this day, she was sewing two pieces of a Dresden Plate pattern together, sitting on her screen porch.

 Click on this link if you have an interest is previewing:

Dresden Plate: New Quilts from an Old Favorite

From that beginning, I started quilting, worked self taught for years, then took a formal course that gave me professional skills. In the 1980s, I opened a quilting retail store and national mail order business that I owned and operated for nine years. In 1990, when the Persian Gulf War started, my store sponsored a squadron of Marines, setting them up with pen pals at SUNY Binghamton. One of the Marines and I started corresponding and two years later we got married, after I had closed the quilting business and moved back to Maryland. As you look through my web pages, you will see I lived my life backwards. I had my career and then had my family.

And so, now having had many happy years with home and family, I’m ready to have fun sharing and experiencing the world of quilting and sewing once again. To celebrate, I will be sharing my life long collection of old patterns and my original designs throughout the web site and hope you enjoy using them.

You’ll find my advice is plentiful and the price is right because it’s free.Personally, you can cotton to it or not; I won’t mind either way. You’ll find I have lots of opinions and that they are mine, which I take to mean that I call things the way I see them. But, what else can I do? I only have one point of view and that’s the one I own. The nice thing is, you are welcome to have your point of view as well, because what else can you do? You have to be you, just like I have to be me. That nugget of truth is very reason why I am looking forward to lots of spirited discussion and interaction on the Back Porch Forum. Let’s share the energy that makes friendship so inviting: giving and taking by swapping life stories, hints and suggestions back and forth. Together we can make it and be better off.

 1930s Evening Dress Pattern

The point of my web site is to share the history and accomplishments of those who home sewed throughout the last century, both men and women, but, primarily women. I especially want to honor women in Sunbonnets to show we remember their efforts and value what they accomplished bringing America’s families through the last centruy. In doing so, I want to save and circulate their old patterns and make them new again, seeing daylight rather than being hidden away in attics and basements. Giving new life to hard won creations from other times makes me happy, and the more you decide to download the patterns and books to create and enjoy your own masterpieces, the happier I will get!

In addition, I want to encourage everyone to find balance in their lives while successfully navigating through today’s hectic world of technological advances and financial difficulties. Creating a warm quilted comfort where there were fabric scraps, arranging order where there was none and making each day better than the one before are also concepts that I want to share with you. It’s true I have had a very interesting life, but not an easy one, so many times I can offer suggestions to share what has brought me through. If it speaks to you and you decide to use it, remember there’s never a charge for my two cents!

In closing, WELCOME to Sunbonnet Smart!

I hope to e-meet you soon!

Fondly, Robin

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