Sep 10 2010

Kitty on her comfy Cat Window Perch.

We’re cat people, reasonable cat people. At least I like to think it’s reasonable. In many cases, cat people do not chose to be cat people, rather they are chosen by the cats who come to own them. And in many cases, the only reason reasonable cat people can call themselves reasonable is because they did not seek out the little friends who came to call and never left.

And so, I introduce to you to Kitty, a cat with a name that might sound mundane except that her full name is Katherine. Kitty was born in a field in Frederick, Maryland by a mother cat that did the best she possible could for her.

Kitty’s mother did not have a home and humans to serve her when she became an expectant mother. Kitty’s mother was living in a field in an industrial park off of Buckeystown Pike within sight of Interstate Road I-270. It was not a picturesque location for a cat with good breeding and cultural tastes, but, nevertheless, it was where Kitty’s mother found herself when it was time to give birth.

So, on a bright August day in the year 2000, Kitty was born to a life of frugal means and sometimes deprivation. While other kittens her age snuggled together with their mommas in warm boxes and cat beds, Kitty and her family lived in rabbit holes and ate crickets for dinner.

And, knowing her history and how she had had to sacrifice as a kitten, we have always tended to spoil her, as a reasonable cat owner tends to do anyway. Kitty’s life has never been the same, though,┬ásince we installed a Cat Window Perch. Now her Window Perch is her FAVORITE spot in our home and where we know we can find her if she is not underfoot. For an indoor cat, its a satisfying way to connect with the outdoors, watch a few birds and drift off into sleepy bye.

So, because I know there are cat owners out there with the same tendencies to spoil their babies, may I recommend the Cat Window Perch, a veritable oasis of feline heaven?

Kitty becoming somewhat conscious.

If this sounds like it might interest a furry person at your house, go to a pet supply to find a ready-made Window Perch or invest some time in making a similar one yourself by clicking on ehow for directions.

Either way, your cat will thank you everyday and maybe even renew your owner contract when it comes up for review. Mouse over the link below to see a photo of the Cat Window Perch without the cover blankets.

LAZY PET Deluxe Cat Window Perch Assorted Colors

If you go to Amazon, you’ll notice some of the reviews speak of the covers wearing out. When we bought our Window Perch, we also bought a yard or so of 60″ wide fleece and cut it into sections to make easily washed cover blankets. We had so much fabric, we could make spares that when folded up and placed on the ends of the perch acted like little pillows. Oh! So snugly. I want one!

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