Nov 28 2010

I was happy to find this video on, not only because it give instructions on turning outdated garments into useful fashion, but also because it is one of a slew of YouTube sewing videos uploaded by teenagers who seem to have an avid interest in sewing and taking care of their needs.

So much fun to think our younger generations are learning to sew and create with fabric. See what you think! You just might end up making a “Scoodie” yourself!

Make a scarf with a hoodie…a SCOODIE!

For other Scoodie styles and directions, try clicking here, or here or here. Try making one and you’ll have lots of fun, gain something handy, be warm and enjoy the satisfaction of making something yourself!

Or, buy a readymade Scoodie provided by a talented artisan on “etsy” by clicking here.

To preview a more sophistcated Scoodie look,
hover your mouse over the link below:

Janska Hooded Scarf, Black, OS

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Oct 15 2010

Have you ever look closely at a zipper
and wondered what the YKK stands for?

Anyone who sews and inserts zippers into clothing has probably noticed the YKK on the zipper tab. And anyone who wears zippers and has the time to contemplate theirs with an eagle eye has probably noticed the YKK as well. But, why is it there? What does it stand for? These are some of the pressing issues of our times.
Well, suffer no longer. You have a right to know that the YKK found on every zipper stands for the man who founded Yoshida Industries Limited, intent on conquering the world’s zipper market and bringing it to its knees. In 1934, Yoshida’s founder, Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, had a beautiful philosophy in that he considered something as seemingly utilitarian as a zipper to be integral to the whole of mankind in a very important way.
Mr. Kabushikikaisha believed in the “Cycle of Goodness” meaning that everyone prospers when one provides a service that is of benefit. In other words, Mr. Kabushikikaisha decided to provide the best zipper he possibly could for the price and not cut corners. Rather than count on zippers wearing out and needing to be replaced to gain market share, he decided to provide a zipper that would last as long as possible and be the best with its intended purpose.
His zipper would benefit the manufacturers who bought them from him and the customers who, in turn, bought their clothes from the manufacturers. This goodness would eventually cycle back to his company and it did work just the way he envisioned. Today Yoshida Industries is the world’s foremost manufacturer of zippers, making about 90% of all of them. There are over 206 facilities making YKK zippers in 52 countries. Here, in  the United States, Yoshida Industries in the State of Georgia makes over seven million zippers A DAY!
If you are interested in learning more about the zipper and its benefactor, click here.

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