Nov 26 2010

Many elm trees were lost to Dutch Elm disease.
Too bad the poor elms couldn’t take a Bach Flower Remedy.
(For more about elm trees, click here.)

Bach Flower Remedies have been important to me since I began to use them in the 1980s. During that time, I became aware of energy healing, working to change the frequencies at which the body and emotions operate. The Bach Remedies have been a big help to me as I have found that they are gentle guides to making life go more smoothly.

Bach Flower Remedies are liquids in dropper bottles.

This is the perfect time of year to mention the “Elm” remedy in particularly. It is one of my favorites and seems to readjust my perceptions of panic when I feel overwhelmed with a big project upon which I am working while attending to all of the other life demands. A couple drops under the tongue, and my perceptions of an inability to complete required tasks dissipate. I can then focus on matter at hand without distraction.

Much like homeopathic preparations, Bach Flower Remedies gently nudge your energy flows to more controlled, sustained harmonic levels. They just give your “battery” a little jump start to get back in gear. Much has been written about the remedies because they have been in use and studied since the 1930s, first formulated and tested by Dr. Edward Bach.

This review is from Amazon, written by Rebecca. It is found under the “The Bach Flower Remedies” listing:

Have you ever noticed how your mood is instantly elevated when you inhale the scent of a rose deeply and with purpose. The world seems like a better place instantly. Rose oil has a frequency of around 320 MHz. Flowers are beautiful on their own and can lift your mood with their fragrance or with their petals blowing in the breeze in nature.

So, what other secrets do flowers conceal? Apparently, they can help us to change our emotional state. The scent of roses is said to dispel anger, or so I have read! In this book, flowers are celebrated as natural healers which can help us return to a healthful state.

Our emotions can at times manifest themselves as a health issue and greatly affect our bodies. Dr. Edward Bach (1897-1936) believed that physical illness was a manifestation of emotional imbalance. He believed we can heal and balance the body with nontoxic methods.

For a preview, hover your mouse over this link:

The Bach Flower Remedies

A short overview of the life and work of the
renown Dr. Edward Bach.

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