Nov 16 2012

Laine, Elaine S. Griffin, from Elaine Griffin Designs, and I should really do a commercial for Wegman’s.

She lives in New York State like I used to and New York is the land of Wegman’s. Or at least it was. There was a long time that Wegman’s was only in  New York, but now they have branched out to spread their goodness over six states including, New York Pennsylvania Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

I have been doing a happy dance for about a year, ever since Wegman’s arrived in Maryland because they are just the best grocery store I have ever seen. From their fresh bountiful vegetables to their fresh seafood department, each area is a store in itself, it is so large. And, the prices! Wegman’s has the best prices and quality of any grocery store around.

We went to Wegman’s in Frederick, MD on Thursday, November 15, 2012, shopped and had lunch. Not only do they have a real sit down restaurant in Wegman’s, but also all sorts of buffets and a big dinning area where you’re free to bring your purchases, sit on the comfy couches and enjoy your food.

And they blog! Woo-Woo! Their extensive web site includes a blog area where they feature all of the writers that contribute to their newsletters and blog.

With Wegman’s it’s not all window dressing. They are committed to health and consumer well being. They have an amazing selection of organic products, having whole green house full of the organic vegetables they grow and distribute.

And, lets not forget the Wegman’s YouTube Channel which can be found on their web site as well. Professional videos, expertly done with state of the art information to improve every family’s lives. Why, here are two examples:

Wegman’s is up to date with their nutritional information
 promoting eggs, grass fed beef and potatoes.

Wegman’s encourages Nourishing Traditions using
healthy foods as preventative medicines.

With some women it’s furs, with others, it’s diamonds, but with me, it’s Wegman’s. There is nothing I like better than going to Frederick for our shopping trips to get the best food at the best prices. And I’m glad they’re in Maryland and we don’t have to drive for eight hours up I-81 to shop in New York like we used to twice a year, just to visit Wegman’s.

That’s why, whenever I go to Wegman’s, I send out a bunch of Instagram photos because I’m so happy to be there.

I want to document the good times rolling out at the best grocery store in the world. Eh, Laine?

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