Nov 28 2011

What in the world is all the noise about raw milk
and the Raw Milk Freedom Riders?

Liz and Kevin Reitzig are parents reclaiming their children’s
Food Freedoms as they fight to gain ours as well.

Well, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders are riding for a number of reasons, the most important one being our food freedoms. These modern day Paul Reveres want to alert the public that there are those in government telling us what to eat, not based on food safety, but rather on corporate profits. For example, the NMPF, National Milk Producers Federation, shows a remarkably open self interest in promoting large corporate dairies that pasteurize in opposition to small farmers selling raw milk directly to the public. To access the full article, click here.

In other words, profit making corporations have aligned with those in government to tell us what we can and cannot eat by passing suspect “food safety laws.” Weaving a veil of protection virtue over this outright oppression, the laws they set forth are not always based on health, food safety or nutrition, but rather on encouraging people to eat unhealthy salts, unhealthy fats and chemically saturated foods in place of traditional nutritive foods enjoyed by human kind since primitive times.

Guns drawn to protect us from raw milk, this FDA/LADP Swat
Team throws out thousands of dollars of nutritient dense food.

Did you know sick cows are prodded to stand and be counted in
beef and dairy herds? No wonder industrial dairies have to
pastuerize their milk. It is dirty and not from grass fed cows.

So, enter the Raw Milk Freedom Riders. This group of people who have recognized the health benefits of unpasteurized and non-homogenized natural milk, are angry that people are not allowed by law to buy milk from the farm in every state in the United States. As it is now in many states, milk must go through the hands of large corporate intermediaries who process this natural living product into a dead white liquid that looks like milk, but is completely different in its health benefits and ability to integrate with the human body.

Liz Reitzig is an articulate leader in the movement to
legalize grass fed, naturally pastured raw or real milk.
Here she speaks of the November 1, 2011, Raw Milk Freedom
Riders caravan bringing healthy milk across state lines.

But, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders do not like the governmental message that there is something inherently wrong with raw milk.  They do not like the inconvenience of regularly traveling for hours to get milk for their families. They do not like the fact that buying clubs where one person drives up to the Pennsylvania farms and brings milk back for many families is illegal because the milk in the car is not directly for the driver’s personal use. They believe there should not be such complications for a natural product that, after all, has fed humanity since the shadowy origins of history and even today, is feeding people all over the world.

So, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders got together and decided to go from their home in Maryland, ride up to a farm in Pennsylvania, purchase raw milk and drive it back to the FDA, the Food & Drug Administation, in White Oak Maryland. There, the purchased milk was distributed to any and all who had assembled and wanted to drink it.  Being in direct violation of transporting milk only for personal use, the Freedom Riders hope to bring  the inequity of state laws to the attention of the public and the administrators who make the laws.

And what happened on November 1, 2011? Well, in this age of wonders, you can watch for yourself and read about it all by clicking here.

For your convenience, the video from the above link is shown here.


This book is very informative with references, facts and
figures. To preview, hover your mouse over this link:

Milk – The Deadly Poison

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