Dec 18 2010

~WHEN to Plant Seeds Where You Live~

The old time practice of planting by the moon
works remarkably well.

6) WHEN to plant seeds

When I started reading books on how to grow a vegetable garden, I found that many authors discounted, or at least, failed to mention the tremendous advantage of planting by the moon. In planting by the moon, plants that produce their edible assets above the ground are planted BEFORE the full moon and plants that produce in the ground are planted AFTER the full moon. I had an Amish friend who ran a green house in the 1980s and I remembered she always planted by the moon cycle, so I was ready to investigate the practice and see for myself.

I tried it and and truly was overwhelmed at the ease of germinating the seeds, especially when also using the controlled conditions of the Park’s Bio-Domes, heat mats and thermostat heat mat regulators. I now am a BIG fan of planting by the moon and wouldn’t considered planting any other way.

Time lapse of some bush beans growing from seeds.
The video was shot over a 24 hour period using a
Canon GL2 video camera, and sped up 3000x.

So, guess what today is?  Today is December 18 and the full moon will be on December 21. That means today is three days before the full moon. From now until the full moon, it is the time for optimal planting of above ground crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, corn, melons and lots more. Afterward, on Wednesday, December 22, will start the days for optimal planting of below ground crops, such as beets, rutabagas, carrots, onions and peanuts. Now, it’s too cold and too long before spring to plant any crops, but that’s how it will work when we go to plant next year. I just want to get you thinking about the moon and its cycles as a dry run for our springtime efforts.

Determining the days for planting by the moon and finding the last frost date in the spring for your gardening zone will determine WHEN you plant to germinate your crops. We’ll work together on figuring out the optimum days when the time comes, and I will let you know what I am doing so you can follow along. But, now that I have you thinking about ordering or shopping for your seeds, equipment and helpful books, you have my permission to relax and enjoy the holidays!

If you have an interest in the moon cycles, this is a
great book that comes out every year and is specific
for each year’s optimum planting dates. Hover your
mouse over the link below to preview:

Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2010: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers

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