Mar 04 2013

With the creed of giving to get and knowing the glass is half full, lifetime abundance can be had by all.

In the 1980s I was overwhelmed by the powerful teachings of Louise Hay, celebrated author of You Can Heal Your Life. Reading her words and listening to her meditation tapes was a mind altering experience. That’s why I am saddened by what seems to be a common mindset displayed today.

The book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” in a movie.

Rather than reap the rewards of a bountiful universe, many bloggers seem to bemoan lack and look to capitalize on discord. Perhaps they believe sensationalistic post titles will bring a Comment flow, but it’s a lopsided trade. Positive actions and thinking patterns actually insure a better world and guarantee financial rewards. Living with an “attitude of gratitude” will change one’s life.

But, don’t just listen to me. Take it from Amanda Palmer, one of today’s brilliant and gifted musical artists who recently gave a TED Talk on risk and trust in the music business. She now gives away her CDs, asking for donations if one is able, and is reaping the rewards of goodwill.

Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

Giving to get, being vulnerable enough to allow human connection, is what life is all about. Building walls by pointing out inadequacies only makes us feel inadequate and halts the flow of abundant return. This concept is as old as life itself, concisely depicted in the Bible, Ecclesiastes 11:1, where it is written, “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”  

In August, Rolling Stone magazine covered Ms. Palmer’s successful crowdfunding in May where she raised 1.2 million dollars for her new album, Theatre is Evil. Having been a fan of Amanda Palmer for many years, I have fallen in love with her spirit, her direction and her sense of self as displayed in the following song,  In My Mind.

“In My Mind,” Amanda Palmer connects with us gloriously.

Amanda Palmer is a great example of having the confidence to allow oneself to be vulnerable. She risks, trusts that she will get a return and she does. Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk was Friday, March 1, 2013, and on March 2, Rolling Stone Magazine again wrote about her crowdfunding strategies.

Feeling worthy to give, then giving while believing this gift will be returned enables each of us to profit, whether the return is love or financial.

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Nov 12 2012

Every now and then, one just has to stop and think about things.

I find life very challenging now. There is much unrest and people are questioning things that have never occurred to them before. With questioning comes fact finding and research to see what paths one should take, what course of action is best, or whether the prudent thing to do is nothing at all.

While it is easy to see this lack of a firm direction as chaotic, it is also one of many options and opportunities. A while back, I was confused and wondering about things in my life, and as I often do to get my mind off of of my troubles, I went and took a “Penny Hike” on YouTube.

Penny Hikes were common when I was a kid. We walked up the street to the corner and flipped a penny. If it was heads, we took a right turn. If it was tails, we took a left. It was amazing and fun to see where we ended up, walking round the neighborhood passing the time with a best friend, maybe getting a Popsicle on the way. They were a whole nickel, but worth it, once in a while.

And so, one day on my aimless Penny Hike on YouTube, I used the mouse to click on videos at a whim, seeing where they would lead, having no directing purpose or intent. It was much like people flip open a sacred book while shutting their eyes, pointing a finger to the page to select a passage to read. I traveled around YouTube in the same way, seeing where my higher self would lead, going right or left on a whim, as I watch a number of short clips to clear my head.

Will you look what I found, both in one day, when I couldn’t quite cut through my problems? Isn’t it amazing? One after the other. After watching both of these videos, I had put my problems back into their proper perspective. Nothing seemed insurmountable.

This Korean singer was on the streets from the age of five on.


In “Part 1 – Finding Freedom,” the underwater wheelchair enables
Sue Austin to go on a dream like exploration of an underwater world.

Spiraling up and out of myself when feeling down, thinking of others overcoming worse situations than mine makes me thankful. It helps me calm my thoughts into a more productive mindset. I just had to share my two new “uppers” and am so interested to know if these videos speak to you in the same way they do to me.

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Nov 08 2012

We pretty generally follow the routine. I was raised to do so. So, was my husband.

But, what does one do when the routine isn’t working? What happens when the way things have been done, since, like, FOREVER, is no longer producing the desired effect? At least not in its place and time, for a certain person. And what if that person is your child? And what if the routines are the grand institutions of public and private education? Thirteen years ago, neither one was working for us.

When faced with such a problem, what does one do to remedy the situation? Just sit there and watch? Or, take the bull by the horns, remove the child from the school system and begin to home school? Thirteen years ago, that was our nightly topic of conversation. And thirteen years ago, home school we did.

And today, thirteen years later, the day we have been moving toward for so long was here.

Tonight, it is over. Our home schooled students have had their first college interviews.

I decided to do this post today, when I read “I Am Done with My Child’s School,”by Jeanne’ from Sippy Cups and Booze. I was in agony reading the post and picturing the sad depressing situation, not to mention the life of her poor son. It’s scandalous what is done to young people in the name of education.

In our case, to give an example, the child had been writing both upper and lower case letters since they were three years and some months old. At a private school, we went for our October Parent/Teacher conference when he was in the fours class and were told he was a problem because he couldn’t write his letters.

“Wow!” I said, biting my tongue, “He’s known both upper and lower case for over a year.”

“Well, she said, “I’ve seen no evidence of that, what-so-ever.”

I replied, “That’s strange, as we went out to dinner last night and he wrote both upper and lower case on the place-mat at the table.”

“Well,” she continued, “It’s a shame I can’t look at the place-mat *snicker* to see that he can do them.” (Do you believe the snicker?)

“Oh, no problem,” I replied. “We have it right out in the car,” and my husband retrieved the place-mat to share it with the woman.

And. She. Said, “Oh! These are very good. Do you mind if I have this to put in his folder?”

That’s when I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Let me get this straight,” I said, getting ready to build up to a crescendo, “You’re his teacher and have no idea he can write his letters, both upper and lower cases? And, your remedy for the situation is to put this place-mat from a restaurant in his folder?”

I mean, wouldn’t you think she would be motivated, at least in front of us, to work with him and see where the misunderstanding had occurred? No, it was “place-mat in folder.” Check in block. On to the next thing not to teach him.

She said something back to me, but it was so idiotic, I’ve repressed it. That incident was the first of many other peculiar situations finally leading us to home school. But, we lasted until the next year where, after thirty days in a public school kindergarten, we went to the Board of Education, took them out and never looked back.

Now, tonight, with it behind us, it was the best thing we could have done for this child that, years later, took first year Latin at age seventeen at the University of Maryland with sophomore to senior college students and got the highest grade in the class.

I have to wonder if Mrs. What’s-her-face might want to put THAT in his folder.

Why not? She didn’t teach him Latin either.

Don’t expect me to be nice.

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Nov 07 2012

In case you’ve been wondering…

…NEVER schedule out-of town travel for college interviews after one or more parents has served as an Election Judge the day before. It is ill-advised and will break up the family. The seventeen and a half hour day with few breaks is a killer, while being nice to so many people is also taxing.

One may be intent on civic duty and be saluting the flag with hand over heart, but the reality of serving the public is harsh and unforgiving. Serving is a sacrifice. Somehow, I never fully understand the term, unless I’m the one making it. Then I find myself thinking, “Gee, this is hard work.”  “Gee, I wish I’d known that before I signed up.” “Gee, I’m not completely sure I’ll do this again.”

But, serving on the 2012 Elections yesterday, that civic-ally victimized mindset didn’t rise to the surface. I was sorta’ surprised. There I was in my glory, decked out in my official Election Judge badge, using my voice of authority to tell voters not to use their cell phones and in my element of bossing people around. I was rather enjoying it.

Checking voters in, I could bellow, “Yes, you may pass Go!, Collect a Voter’s Access Card and vote electronically like a good little voter,” or “No! There is a gross breach of the records in your Board of Election entry, so you’re going to have to slither over to Table #2 and write out a Provisional Ballot.

Having been in such control, why was I frazzled when, waking up this morning totally exhausted, I was unable to comprehend we have to have to have kids in the next state, dressed to impress, tomorrow at, say it with me, 1:00pm for their college interviews?

Was I out of my ever loving mind?

It all seemed so easy, like tracing the AAA map with a finger, not understanding that every inch on the paper map equals 500 miles and eight hours driving on the actual road. In the same way, the little squares in the datebook are right next to each other and it’s no trouble to write “Election 2012” in one square with “Go to (the State of) Virginia” on the next.

So, it is late. I’m the only one responsible for pulling it all together and making sure the family shines. But, I just keep looking at the bright side. With any luck at all, we can unload these mouthy, not quite adults, on an  unsuspecting, out-of-state, academic institution, and on Friday, I will be able to stay in bed at least until 8:00am.

Wish me luck. NaBloPoMo!

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Nov 06 2012


Running out the door to the polls.


Serving as an Election Judge.


Was there until 10:00pm setting up. (who knew I’d have to do THAT?)


Have to be back this morning at 6:00am.


Hopefully, I’ll be back tonight in time to post, but if not……





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Feb 23 2012

Fred and Vincent have had it on restaurant choices.
What to do?

I was traveling about the BlogHerdom, when I noticed a post that said the oddest thing. Something about going to a website and clicking to register an opinion. It was BlogHer’s own MoodSwings posting on An Ongoing Debate…Very Emotional Issue about discussions for and against abortion. We could argue point and counterpoint about that for hours, but the thing that fascinated me, was BlogHer author BethNewYork’s inclusion of a link to web site, UFeud.

UFeud, I thought. What’s that?

Well, the answer was a quick click away. The Ufeud website proclaims with smiley faces, “I Have Issues,” then it presents “All Things Debatable from Across the Web and Beyond.” I was amazed at the possibilities. I had to go and read and read and go to another issue, then another and another. I was full of issues and all sides of the debates about them. I couldn’t stop! I was entranced at how many issues there are and how many people to take up all sides and all corners of sides.

It was remarkable, but soon, wading through pages and pages of “Thumbs Up Smileys” and “Thumbs Down Smileys,” my mind began to wander. Why, there are issues everywhere.  We don’t have to stick to the big ones like women’s rights on abortion and same sex marriage, lets spread this out to mediate all sorts of things that come up in everyday life.

Cat fights are no problem for UFeud.

Lets say, arguments between kids. Mary has the pink bunny and Josh the brown horse. That would be fine and each child could go on the rug and play all afternoon, except that Mary wants the brown horse and Josh wants the pink bunny, and neither one will give up the one they have. What to do? Oh! What to do? Easy, the operative parent quickly runs to UFeud, uploads the vitals and lets the Internet decide who should get what.

How about on date night? Fred wants Chinese; Vincent says he’s had enough, needs his probiotics and wants to go out for sauerkraut and beer. What to do? Oh What to do? No problemo! Run hand in hand to UFeud, upload the menus and, let’s hear it, BlogHer, “Let The Internet Decide!”

But, that’s only the beginning of this argument forum. When going to UFeud, one must choose their level of participation. Are you into Mass Debates? Group Feuds? Or MyFeud? Just follow the tabs across the top. One must decide their fight status. Are you there to support a fight or start a fight? Be a fair weather friend and click on the winning side? Only to come back later when that side is losing to support their opposition? Oh! UFeud is a glorious cacophony of brains gnashing together, pounding as one. If oppositions can’t be decided in this forum by winning and losing sides, then they are just not meant to be settled.

The neatest thing of all is that you can start a debate, tone the opposing questions to your topic of discussion and add a mediation window to your BlogHer Post like MoodSwings did at the end of her post. TOO COOL!

Why, there’s nothing more fun than UFeud!

Except maybe making up….

NaBloPoMo February 2012

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Nov 12 2011

“Unapproved” backyard vegetable gardens could become illegal.

Everyone needs to be aware of what is happening on the organic food front, There are big name legislators sponsoring bills in Congress to allow Americans to eat as they wish, such as Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) sponsoring the Raw Milk Freedom Bill HR 1830, but there are other government entities trying to force Americans to eat toxic, commercial food as their sole source of nutrition. How else would one put it when wholesome, locally grown farm raised food is ordered by a government inspector to be destroyed while fast food restaurants serve chemically saturated foods with governmental approval? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

All of the food on this plate is organic. Except for the
lemon and grapes, all of the food was raised locally on
small family farms or in our backyard garden.  Therefore,
most of this food would be considered “not fit for human
consumption” because it had not been inspected.

But watch in the following video how a Nevada State inspector asserts a commanding level of authority over a gathering at a farm where people were planning on having a picnic with locally, sustainably grown, organic food. Because the food had been brought in from Utah, even though it was approved as consumable by the Utah state authorities, the food was not authorized as edible by the Nevada authorities and so was required to be destroyed. There was no second guessing this command, in other words, the family that raised the food was not allowed to eat it, nor was it allowed to be fed to their livestock.  The food was required to be destroyed by pouring bleach on it to make it totally unusable. What a waste and what an insult to picnickers who want to choose eating healthy foods.

A Farm to Fork organic gathering in Nevada was raided.

Follow-up and commentary on the news.

What the general public doesn’t realize is that government agencies are primed and ready to go to control the food supply so that everything one eats must be inspected and approved. Well, in light of the e.coli scares of industrially farmed produce, one might think total inspection control is a good idea. But, the public needs to realize all food, including the tomatoes you grow in your own backyard, would have to be approved. And approval costs money…for the inspectors…for the paper work…and some web sites say a backyard growing permit might cost as much as $2,000.00…per year!

Backyard Victory Gardens were encouraged as part of the war
efforts of both World Wars. Now, they may be considered
illegal, if food freedom laws are not put in place.

Think about that for a minute. A small family owned garden plot, much like the ones that got households through the war years, the Victory Gardens of wartime fame, would be illegal. The government would have a right to come onto your property and confiscate your produce as “unclean” and “unfit for consumption.” Without legislation, such as Dr. Ron Paul’s proposed HR 1830, this level of interference in family life is just around the corner. To get an educated perspective on the the implications of food control, click here.

Dr. Ron Paul’s statement on Food Freedom:

“Most Americans understand that if you don’t want to drink unpasteurized milk you simply do not buy it. But the federal government solution is pre-dawn raids which destroy the livelihoods of honest, hardworking families in this time of continued economic hardship.

I am outraged by [the April 2011 FDA armed] raid [on a peaceable Raw Milk producer] and the many others like it, and that is why last week I introduced HR 1830, a bill to allow the shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption across state lines. This legislation removes the unconstitutional restraint on farmers who wish to sell or otherwise distribute, and people who wish to consume, unpasteurized milk and milk products.

Many Americans have done their own research and come to the conclusion that unpasteurized milk is healthier than pasteurized milk. These Americans have the right to consume these products without having the federal government second-guess their judgment or thwart their wishes. If there are legitimate concerns about the safety of unpasteurized milk, those concerns should be addressed at the state and local level.

I am hoping my colleagues in the House will join me in promoting individual rights, the original intent of the Constitution, and federalism by cosponsoring this legislation to allow the interstate shipment of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption.

If we are not even free anymore to decide something as basic as what we wish to eat or drink, how much freedom do we really have left?”

Many patriots rightly complain that the “Interstate Commerce Clause” of the Constitution has been misapplied to allow unprecedented Federal interventions in our private lives. Dr. Paul shows us where the Clause has its proper, limited application: promoting free trade among the States, rather than prohibiting, licensing and taxing.

Introducing the Natural Solutions Foundation

The Natural Solutions Foundation is very active in working toward Food Freedom. To learn of their concerns, click here. I get a kick out of their tag line saying, “Live dangerously: Garden for Food Freedom.”

“YES! You DO own your own body and ought to get to decide what goes into it! Despite the FDA’s assertion that you have no such right, Dr. Paul and Natural Solutions Foundation know differently!” – Rima E. Laibow, MD

Dr. Rima E. Laibow is a health freedom advocate that I have followed for many years. She is concerned with this latest organic food raid, the one on the picnickers in the first video, because the party goers did not know their rights and destroyed their food even thought the Federalized State inspector did not have a warrant. They were within their legal rights to refuse. Here are Dr. Rima’s comments from her newsletter:


On top of the raids on the Amish Dairy in Pennsylvania and on the Rawsome Food Co-op in California, this latest story of bureaucracy-gone-crazy shows us that people need to know their rights when confronted by naked power emboldened by the newly Federalized state food authorities.

As usual, we see the connection between disparate events and note that state food agents, under contract with the FDA (provided for in the so-called FDA “Food Safety” Modernization Act — the Food Control Law) are acting in an increasingly fascistic manner.

This is bigger than one abusive bureaucrat… this is YOUR future if you don’t PUSH BACK hard!

What happened at the Farm to Fork picnic was that a single bureaucrat cowed the attendees into poisoning their the natural foods on the picnic table, with BLEACH, as a “safety” measure… and NO ONE OBJECTED or forced the bureaucrat off the private property (she displays her badge, but no Warrant!)


A Reader Review from Amazon:

“This book makes a critical contribution to discussions of the current food crisis and what can be done to increase food equality, security and justice. It covers multiple global regions and in particular Africa, Latin America, Europe and the United States. I was particularly amazed by the statistics indicating that organic, smallholder, local, polycrop farms are more productive than the intensive monocropping with chemical inputs. This is a critical point. The book would have been strengthened by more expanded treatment of pervasive arguments for GMO and Green Revolution technologies. The value of these agricultural “innovations” is assumed by a large section of those concerned with food, and who are not necessarily convinced by a significantly one-sided argument in opposition. The arguments that resonate with less financially invested individuals must be addressed at their maximum strength in order to prove convincing. This weakness, however, should in no way detract from the invaluable contributions that this book makes to projects for sustainable food security.”

Food Rebellions: Crisis and the Hunger for Justice

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Nov 18 2010

With the holidays coming up,
it’s time to practice crowd control.

If you haven’t figured out how to descend on someone’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, and if you have the barbarian hordes descending on your home, it’s time to realize your power to control the day and adjust the festivities to your own level of comfort. Setting boundaries and limits to what you will and will not do can help you feel less overwhelmed. Rhetorically speaking, taking a few stiff belts of your favorite beverage can help temper the anticipation of relatives arriving with their boatload of comments, complaints and “suggestions.” But, without resorting to intoxicants, some directed forethought and well placed lifelines to sanity will encourage you to feel like a model hostess, thereby resisting impulses to slip out the kitchen back door when no one is looking.

One may take solace in the fact that relatives are an age-old problem as shown by the vintage postcard displayed below. If you are dreading the onslaught this Thanksgiving, no reason to feel like you are The Lone Ranger. These post cards were mass produced by the thousands for the general public over a hundred years ago so you know you are not the first and, odds are, will not be the last.

An age old problem with a simple solution?

In-laws truly present a special set of obligations and a special set of problems. It is interesting that in life, because of blood relations, you are expected to interact with people on a continual basis that you would never seek out for a sustained friendship. I have stood talking to my relatives and inwardly thought, “You know, if I met you at a party, I would be so turned off by your pompous arrogance, that I would never speak with you again.” Just inwardly acknowledging that I have rejected them for friendship has helped me step back from saying something I might regret. I have risen to the occasion a little easier, with less inward stress, because this related individual has been deposed as “not worthy.”

Are overbearing relatives the ruination of your holidays?

When I read many of the self help guidelines for getting along with relatives on the Internet, such as “How to Get Along with Relatives” found here or “Family Parties: Getting Along with Relatives or Anyone Else” found at this site, I am reminded that it is important to remember I can’t change other people, I can only change myself. But, one thing these self-help sites don’t emphasize enough is when you take responsibility for maintaining your own self control and discipline, do not feel responsible for everyone’s behavior as well.

For instance, don’t beat yourself up emotionally because you could not, on the spot without any warning, find the right phrase to diffuse Aunt Harriet’s unneeded comments about Cousin Mitzie’s couch potato husband, Bob, who’s lost another job. Don’t take responsibility for lifting that lead balloon out of the air.  You’ve fixed the dinner, washed the crystal and polished the silver. You don’t also have to be a stand up comedienne “just in from Las Vegas” delivering the perfect one liner to make everyone happy again.

No! Just smile and pass the sweet potatoes.

If Aunt Harriet is going to bomb, let her. If Cousin Mitzie is offended, let her cover for Bob one more time, she’s used to it. The point is, as hostess, you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to the group for the dinner to go well. Save yourself the effort because odds are, no one will appreciate your “interfering” anyway. No one will think you said just the right thing anyway. And, if you shield yourself from getting hooked into the action, it will be easier to relax and enjoy the rest of the day and rest of the family.

So! Like I said, smile and pass the sweet potatoes.

And, if you need a reminder as to how involved family
relationships can become, here is a 1991 episode of
TV’s Roseanne with a family Thanksgiving get-together.


The Relationship Cure is highly recommended. If it
interests you, hover your mouse over this link:

The Relationship Cure: A 5 Step Guide to Strengthening Your Marriage, Family, and Friendships

“This is the best book on relationships I have ever read — a truly impressive tour-de-force. John Gottman has discovered the Rosetta Stone of relationships. He has decoded the subtle secrets contained in our moment-to-moment communications. By introducing the simple yet amazingly powerful concept of the “bid,” he provides a remarkable set of tools for relationship repair. By the middle of the second chapter you’re likely to say to yourself, “Oh, so that’s what’s happening in my relationship with my partner (or colleague, boss, or sister), and now I know what to do about it.”
— Daniel B. Wile, Ph.D.,author of After the Fight: Using Your Disagreements to Build a Stronger Relationship

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Sep 20 2010

Louise L. Hay

One of Louise Hay’s important claimss is that many people do not love and care for themselves.  They carry the burden of self criticism around in their heads in addition to all of their other problems.  When negatively self-imaged people realize that self dissatisfaction short circuits daily progress, they can then worked through the self-imposed burden by intentionally creating a positive self image. Working on creating a positive self image can be done by saying affirmations throughout the day. Affirmations are short positive sentences that address problems head on. When we realize we have a problem and work to solve it, the battle is half won.  Saying positive affirmations creates new thoughts patterns and establishes better tomorrows.

Try saying this simple affirmation from Louise Hay: “I love and approve of myself.” The harder it is for one to say, the more one needs to say it. Try saying it throughout the day and before you go to bed at night. I did in the 1980s. From this simple beginning, I was able to change my life and face the future with a great deal of confidence.

I have introduced many friends to the book and her system of saying affirmations to program one’s brain, so to speak, into creating a positive outlook that in turn creates more positive experiences. It’s one of the most valuable concepts I can share with you today. I know it sounds too simple to work, but just try it, and try it again, and again. I bet you can feel yourself relax.

If you would like to watch the trailer from Ms. Hay’s movie, click on the play button:

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Sep 19 2010

First published in 1984, it’s current today.

I first met Louise L. Hay in the 1980s. I say “met” because when I read her book, You Can Heal Your Life. I felt like I knew her personally. I was in one of those life valleys where things are overwhelming and there seems to be no way out.  It’s been so long ago now, I can’t remember exactly how I found out about Louise Hay and her ability to speak to those in trouble or in pain. Once I grabbed on to her philosophy to take control of one’s life, I never let go.

Before she figured out that a positive outlook bodes well for bringing in more positive experiences, Louise Hay had a difficult life.  She freely speaks of these difficulties in her books, on her web site and her movie, also titled, You Can Heal Your Life. And she speaks of conquering troubles in a soothing voice that exudes the confidence of a person who has met challenges and won.  When I first found Louise L. Hay in the 1980s, she was in her 60s. With the passage of the years, she is now in her eighties, robust, healthy and appearing remarkably younger than her years. Truly she has discovered secrets worth knowing for organizing life’s difficulties into triumphs.

If you would like to preview Louise L. Hay’s book, hover your mouse over the following link:

You Can Heal Your Life

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