Jun 01 2012

Just when you think you’re getting your life in order, along come ZOMBIES!

I have to admit I didn’t take BlogHer’s AlienBody’s warnings about Zomboid Creatures seriously. What a clever women, I thought, making up stick figures to amaze and delight us. Zombies! Ha-Ha! What a laugh. Why. I often remarked to anyone who would listen, “That Melissa sure has a sense of humor.”

Sense of humor! Time for a great BIG reality check. No humor here. AlienBody’s warnings of Zombies were right on and I wish I had listened.

Zombies at the Beach, ruining our Memorial Day weekend.

It all started out rather nicely, because we look forward to three days at Ocean City, the Atlantic Coast beach of the State of Maryland. A short drive from Washington, D.C., we have been going to Ocean City since I was a child in the 1950s.

Thinking of the sacrifice of those who have have served.

The best way to explain Ocean City, MD? Well, years ago, two D.C. radio jocks, Don and Mike, WJFK 106.7FM, were talking about taking their kids to Ocean City. They agreed that no matter where they vacationed, the kids were miserable because they weren’t in Ocean City. They commented that one year, they took both families to the French Rivera and everyone was disappointed, with the kids crying because they weren’t in Ocean City. So, they agreed, year after year, there was no point to going anywhere else.

But, that was before Zombies took over.

Ocean City, Maryland.
The view hasn’t change much in fifty years.

Ocean City became a popular resort after a big hurricane blew through in 1933. The fury of the storms cut out a strip of land to form an inlet to a bay, creating a great harbor for boats. The beautiful white sandy beaches are graciously extended out from the three mile long Boardwalk that goes for about forty blocks. USA Today named it one of the nation’s “Top 10 Great Boardwalks.”  But, USA Today, didn’t know about the Zombies.

Riding the “Lazy Train” down the Boardwalk,
not knowing of our coming doom.

And so, one evening, after a full day in the sun and fun of the beach, we rode down the Boardwalk on the Lazy Train to enjoy the amusement park at the beginning of the Boardwalk, near the Inlet. We had no idea that the Sportland arcade, where we’ve spent so many happy hours enjoying each othes’ company had a Zombie infestation, but there it was. Called Craven’s Crypt, this large room size diorama had robotic Zombies that pretended to be a shooting gallery while plotting for their eventual take-over of Ocean City. The message was not lost on me.

We lived to tell the story and share our video.

The family had gone down the Boardwalk on Friday night to see the sites while I worked at the room to catch up on things. So, all I heard the next day on the beach was, “You HAVE to go see the Zombie game. You HAVE to go see the Zombie game.” That destination, about ten blocks away, became the highlight of the trip that evening. And, I have to admit, it was spectacular with lights, music and clever actions from the Zombies, said to be animatronics.

Craven’s Crypt at an animatronics sales conference.

If you like animatronics, this video from a sales conference will reveal a bit of the industry. Here, Craven’s Crypt is featured at the end. As you watch this professional video, you’ll notice the enclosed shooting area has blasts of air that hit your head, back and legs. These blasts really unnerve shooters that aren’t expecting them. For this reason, watching the players shooting the Zombies was almost as good as playing the game itself.

So, the next time you run into Zombies, remember they probably aren’t real.  Or are they?


NaBloPoMo June 2012

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