Mar 31 2013

What a wonderful way to end the month of March! With pastel eggs, chocolate rabbits and bright hopes for the future.

And my hopes for the future include the security of owning a Careline Home Safety Telephone System. Honestly, I never had any intention of working with any phone system other than my iPhone, but being a BOOMboxNetwork Influencer, I was sent a VTech Careline Home Safety Telephone System for my review.  This is the phone system that allows independent living, encouraging Seniors to “age in place” with reliable contact to family and friends. Well, I thought, this thing’s for OLD people and I ought to find one, set this system up for them and ask for their opinions on the usefulness.


How does SunbonnetHen keep in touch with
her peeps when she’s out collecting eggs?
VTech’s Careline Pendant Phone

Having taught quilting classes for years, I know plenty of older people, or as some prefer to be called, Senior Citizens. I started going through my list of usual suspects, thinking who would make best use of the Careline System. As the weeks went by, I set up the system “just to see how it works” so I’d be ready to set it up when I delivered it to a deserving quilter’s home. Needless to say, this was like baking a cake in case company comes. Soon, I’d eaten the whole thing. As I worked with the Careline Telephone System, I became attached and couldn’t give it up. I have been keeping the pendant close when I go outside to do yard-work. And, I have visions of letting family members use it to call out from the sickbed when they are ill, that is, if they play their cards right between now and then.

Three fully functioning Home Safety Telephones

The remarkable part is, talk about bang for the buck, the Careline Home Safety System actually includes three, fully functional phones. For the price, just a bit over $100, and the quality of each phone, it is a phenomenal value. And, watching every penny, I’m in love with the VTech icing on the cake: there are no additional monthly charges once the System is purchased. That’s right! Once you own a Careline Phone System and hook it into your current home service, you can use it all you want without worrying about usage charges above that of your regular fees.

But, all of this gracious goodness is typical of VTech products. As the November 28, 2012, press release for the Careline Home Safety Telephone System relates, “VTech is the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless telephones and electronic learning products.”

VTech has been championing excellence since the company began in 1976. Why not consider purchasing the Careline Home System Telephone System? It’s a great value.

Although it was designed with Seniors in mind, the options of Careline Home Safety Telephone Systems answer needs of any age-group.


I wrote this post while participating in a campaign by
on behalf of VTech Communications, Inc.
I have received payment for my participation. All opinions stated are my own.

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Nov 20 2012

Well, the time is almost here to enjoy friends and family on a bountiful Thanksgiving Day.

Or rest in solitude on a quiet day by ourselves while the world hustle bustles by, perhaps in too much of a fevered pitch to even enjoy it.

But, at any rate, I’ve been thinking about the fact that maybe, many of my BlogHer friends will not be on the Internet like I will be on Thursday, and so…

…I’d better wish those that are traveling tomorrow
and driving into the arms of loved ones,
a Happy, Happy, Joyous Thanksgiving
with all of the trimmings.

With Love,

from SunbonnetSmart

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Nov 15 2012

My Dad lived alone for many years, and was very independent in his nature, which intensified as he aged.

Eventually, we all lived together, yet he retain his independent habits for as long as he possibly could. He didn’t like to be bothered by the physical constraints of life, such as eating, as it was inconvenient. He had places to go and things he wanted to do. So, after cooking for himself for years, he had devised a system.

When he went out, and knew he’d be gone long enough to need a meal, he didn’t want the fuss of sitting down to eat at a restaurant. He would bake a couple of russet potatoes, wrap them in foil, put them in his pockets and head downtown to take the Metro subway to parts unknown, completely self sufficient. This went on for years. It was amusing, and yet, one didn’t dare kid him about it, too much.

Baked Potatoes give love and sustenance.

I happened on him in the kitchen, working his potatoes, one evening. He was firing up the large oven in the range, rather than the toaster oven, because, “as anyone knows” the toaster oven didn’t do as good a job. He was a specialist, and his baked potatoes deserved the best. After all, they were his lifeline and he oversaw their production with the trained eye of an experienced professional.

So there they were, his two little baked potatoes sitting in a cavernous oven space, heating at 375 degrees for all they were worth for whatever time he would decide was enough. Thermometers and satellites were hooking up all over the world to record this latest burst of global warming, but his eye was on the prize.

Then came the cooling process. Taking a cookie cooling rack, the potatoes were grabbed with tongs and placed in parallel array on the rack to cool overnight. Yes. All of this prep work had to be done the day before his excursion, because the potatoes would have to cool before they could be put in his pockets.

Catching him the next morning, he was very gracious, as he’d explain the baking process, once again, and offer a bite. Having cooled, the potatoes would now be wrapped in foil. Gingerly he’d peel down a corner and offer it, as if I’d never tasted a baked potato in my life.

I’d accept, commenting on how delicious it was, which caused me to go down a slippery slope, because then, since I liked it, he’d want to give me one of the two, cherished baked potatoes that he’d prepared for himself. It was a tender game we played, he and I. One I now, fondly recall. One where I would tell him, no thank you, that it was way too early for a whole baked potato.

So, the years have gone by. And the crazy “goings on” of my Dad as an older person, set in his ways, has become a memory as cherished as once were his beloved baked potatoes.

Which is what brings us to

What? Pinterest?

Why not. All roads lead to or from Pinterest and this post does as well.

This “Potatoes on the Go!” post you’re reading relates, in particularly, to a certain Pin showing the baking of russet baking potatoes in a crockpot rather than in an oven, relating back to an original web site entry by Finding Joy in My Kitchen. If you’d missed reading this post today, you might have wondered why I react with a great deal of emotion when looking at that particlular Pinterest Pin, but now you’ll forever be informed.

The idea of heating up russet potatoes in a crock pot overnight after rubbing them in coconut oil, without toxic foil and then cooking them in an ecologically friendly manner, is just too much for me and I get misty eyed. What advances there have been in state-of-the-art “potatoes on the go.”

So every now and then, when my husband comes running downstairs to go out the front door on his way to work with no time to eat, I hand him two baked potatoes, wrapped in parchment paper then in foil, to put in his pockets on his way out to the car. As I watch him drive off, I know my Dad would be proud I’m carrying on the family tradition.

Tonight, I’m loving the memories of baked potatoes.

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Jul 28 2012

BlogHer Chatter July 9, 2012

alienbody I’ll be looking for that post…just sayin….  🙂

Oh yeah, Melissa!?!?!?!? Well, LOOK THIS:

June 10, 2012 was the last time I submitted a post to my web site and Why? While BlogHers over the world wondered, it was no mystery to me. I knew I had found the Mother Lode.

The Mother Lode of Internet contact with little obligation that is, the social site called Twitter. Or, as I call it,  “BlogHer Light.” With a sweep of an i-PHONED hand, I found the Twitter feed flowed in. Screen fulls of avatars with news-blasts of vision bytes exploded into consciousness and I was hooked.

No more unwieldy reading and writing of BlogHer pages. Why, it was possible to get a BlogHer fix in a tenth of the time by using the i-PHONE. It was quicker, faster and available wherever I happened to be. Twitter became the BlogHer Contact-o-Matic and I didn’t look back, well, maybe once or twice, but I really was hooked. I was smitten and Twittered, but good.

Twitter was Heaven. Lots of BlogHer friends with no muss, no fuss. No drafts, revisions or photo editing worries. I could just shoot sentences from the hip, while scrolling up to move on. Gotta’ scoot!

It was the “Wham, Bam, Thank you, Ma’am” of BFFs on the run. I was immersed in 140 character mini-posts with lightning impact and pizazz. Why, I even went on a CRUISE to the Mediterranean with KarenLynn and her husband, because on Twitter, three was NEVER a crowd! …And besides, I was hooked. Twittered, but good.

The water tower of Anytown, USA. Just a simple storage facility
Nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here.
You people go back to your homes.

But, finally, living in the fast lane caught up with me. Sowing wild Twitter oats resulted in me causing a great deal of worry to my loving stay-at-home companions back at BlogHer. I guess, I just wasn’t thinking. I was letting my little computer rule my big computer, never considering the consequences. I was only thinking of myself and how many new Twitter Followers I could score. It was shameful, I know. But Honeys, I couldn’t honestly help myself.

Many of our BlogHer friends Tweet, you know that, Babes, and I was taken in almost immediately. Well, not quite immediately. Actually it took months. First, I signed up last year. Then I forgot my passwords and who can bother with resetting them? But later, I read the BlogHer technical gurus, telling me that Twitter and RSS feeds were the vegetables of blogging traffic, that they would be “good for me.”  I was doing it for us! You know believe that, don’t you BlogHer Sweeties?

If it had been up to me, I could have stayed clean. If I hadn’t listen to Laine. You all know Laine, right? Good ‘ole Laine, , of Elaine Griffin Designs? She offered to answer any questions I had about Twitter and I started down the slippery slope of Twitter contact, seemingly never to return, but Babies! I never thought it would lead to almost two months off Blogher!  Ya’ all gotta’ know I’m telling the truth!

You shouldn’t worry about my new friendships on Twitter. I ‘m just trying to up my technology quotient, that’s all. Why, @GeekBabe, @Robyn’sWorld, @theurbanologist, @sharongreenthal and about fifty others are teaching me lots about getting out there in the social scene of the Internet. It’s purely educational. I don’t get the long, satisfying posts I read by hanging out on BlogHer, you gotta’ believe me.

The more I think about it, the more I realize AlienBody is
not kidding when she says she has ALIEN, in addition to
Zombie, connections. Bottom line? Don’t mess with Melissa!

It’s all about technology. It’s mechanical. Just life in the 20teens. Why, I’ve never even been to their web sites, I swear! Well, maybe just once to link them to their Twitter names in the above paragraph. But, you can’t fault me. Everything’s always been out in the open.

Besides, think back, Sweethearts. You saying, ‘it was my fault and I showed a lack of thinking,’ ain’t exactly true. Remember AlienBody was the one that found me on Twitter, after BlogHer Moderator Denise sang like a canary, no thanks to HER! Well, that’s what I’m trying to get to. You’ll understand when you know there’s a BIG water tower where I live and none of my absence on BlogHer is really my fault. All I did was Tweet when I was in the parking lot of the bank on a bright summer day, June 10, the last day I posted and the next thing I remember is…

Thanks to my new BlogHer Buddy, E.T., I remembered to
“Phone Home” and start posting. I’ve missed you all!

…waking up dazed on the night of the full moon. I was picking myself up out of the bank parking lot and looked up to see the big moon sitting on top of the water tower. For sure, I must have gone through some sort of time warping wormhole thing, yeah, that’s it. There I was, pulling myself together, dusting myself off, when I saw the silhouetted figure of E.T., on top of the water tower. E.T. was waving goodbye to me, pointing that boney little finger and saying, “Blog Home, SunB, Blog Home.”

And I did. I did what E.T. said, because here I am.

Glad to be home, posting on BlogHer and packing for BlogHer ’12.
Hope to see you soon at BlogHer ’12 or on BlogHer ’12 at Home!


NaBloPoMo July 2012

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May 05 2012

Writing about the Divine Feminine caused me to think of a special person I knew in upstate New York.

She was a dancer, a writer a teacher and mentor. She was a very unusual woman. She was spiritual and, at times, didn’t seem of this world. And yet her basic information on her FaceBook page was down to earth while stating:

‘these are the good old days’

I’m a liberal Dem, but not politically correct.

Interested in the art of ‘hangoutology’ and good conversation.
Dancing, writing, painting, performing and cooking are what I love doing best

Her Relationship Status sounds just like her when it says, “It’s complicated”

Her given name was Elaine Zessi, but “Zoe Artemis” was the name she commonly used.

Zoe Artemis, professional name of Elaine Zessi

If there is one thing I love to do, it’s network. Introduce people and cause paths to cross that would never have happened otherwise. But, then, I love it when acquaintances do the same for me in return. When I owned and operated my quilting business for nine years in the 1980s, I used to give weekend retreats where all of the food was catered and quilters could come and quilt without distraction. One of my quilters, Kathy from Syracuse, introduced me to a Women who had dancing workshops, Zoe Artemis.

Zoe belly-dancing.

The last time I spoke to Zoe, it was about four years ago. She was off on her latest adventures, organizing trips to her land of heritage, Greece. When I went to her web site, it was very pictorial with scenes of Zoe in the Greek islands surrounded by white walls and crystal blue seas and skies. I was enchanted by her new ventures, but not anywhere near attending her trips.

I was also amazed at her social history as she had written essays and placed them on her web site. In our phone call, I HAD to mention her affair with TV’s Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes. “Zoe!” I said, “You never told me you had an affair with Ed Bradley!” I was wide-eyed with celebrity wonderment, thinking I was two degrees from knowing Ed Bradley.

“Oh!” she said. “He was a wonderful man. Very polite and soft spoken. Yes. I liked him very much.”

“But,” she continued, “One doesn’t just talk of such things.”

So, when I decided to write about the Divine Feminine in dance, who would naturally come to mind except Zoe Artemis? Wonderful, other worldly, mentor to hundreds of women, Zoe personified feminine power and grace.

I thought that, wow! I could tie my BlogHer series to Zoe and let all my BlogHer friends know about her workshops and trips to Greece. I thought that while I’ve never been able to go, maybe some of you could!

That’s when I found out the bad news.

Zoe reading in Greece. Look at her beautiful posture!

Searching to find her webs site online, I was led to a new web site, one remembering Zoe! At first, I couldn’t even understand what it meant. “Remembering,” I thought, “That’s what you do for someone who has died.” The meaning just didn’t sink in. It took me several minutes to understand what had happened. It was a reality I was not ready to enter.

But, yes, Zoe died last summer, in 2011, of pancreatic cancer. I have been told she died as she lived, bigger than life with humor and looking ahead to her next tour of Greece. She never verbalized the negative, thinking of her life in the physical coming to an end, but rather, I am told she kept the conversation away from herself, preferring to learn about her visitor. She was always a master at enjoying the moment.

Zoe was an energy healer, using etheric
healing to realign skewed chakras.

Once I began to go to Zoe’s dance workshops, I found out that she also did energy healing and I used to go to her as a healer as well. All of us have a light body of energy that surrounds us, about six inches from our skin outward. If the light body is damaged, it can affect the physical body. Many illnesses can be healed by first healing and aligning the chakras, or energy centers, of the light body.

Zoe traveled in very high powered, intellectual circles. Here
she is reading at a tribute to Jack Kerouac in 2004. She is
at the mic from about 14:49 to 22:30 in the video.

I lost touch with Zoe when I moved away from New York State. It wasn’t until the immediacy of the Internet, I realized I could do a search on her and find her. I immediately found her web site, which is no longer up and running, sent an e-mail and soon, we were on the phone, picking up where we left off years before. Her web site was fascinating and beautiful, just as one would expect.

She talked about her trips to Greece, visiting the site of the Oracle at Delphi and many other tempting images. She encouraged me to come on these wonderful adventures, but, of course, I had too many obligations to take off and “head to the Mediterranean.” In all truth, though, I can’t imagine anything more wonderful than having journeyed as part of Zoe’s tour group. Maybe some day….

And so, now you know that why, whenever I think of the Divine Feminine, I think of Zoe, with all of her spiritual and physical talents and attributes.

And now, you will understand why, when I planned this series of Divine Feminine dancing posts, I just HAD to let you know about the incarnation in our time space known as Elaine Zessi, or Zoe Artemis.

For more information on energy healing:

“Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing
Through the Human Energy Field”

by Barbara Ann Brennan

Zoe’s writer’s trips to Greece are continuing. Look
for my post on “Women Reading Aloud,” coming soon.

Tomorrow: Zoe’s New Feminism


NaBloPoMo May 2012


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Feb 14 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is filled with love, but that love isn’t all between lovers. At this time of year, love overflows for all types of people. Maybe the cold of winter makes the warmth of friendship more enticing: we pull each other close like old sweaters, tried and true. For my Sunbonnet Smart followers, many of you know I also blog at BlogHer. Having interacted with bloggers who have become good friends, I have issued forth the following…

Valentine Ode to my BlogHer Followers

Vir-gin-i-a, you were the first,
You taught me what a “friend” was.
Then Julie came and said, “Hello.”
And Darcie’s turn, it next was.

Lainey skated into my heart,
I met “IsThisTheMiddle,”
While Allison’s blue shirt I saw,
and Hypo’s advice I fiddled.

Isabel gave me lofty thoughts,
Next, “LetThemEatGreat,” said, “Hi!”
CookingwithKary came out to play
then Elaine the Nurse, “high five!”

Jane added media class
While Suzie patrolled our BlogHer
And Nancy Wurtzel ruined me for life
with Michelle Bachmann’s corn dogher.

Gina, GILRED, always so sweet,
but watch out for Mood Swings aplenty.
Sabrina’s purple made me smile,
next I met Talking Thirty.

Chivalry Rocks won’t show his face,
With us, can’t say I blame him.
And Thousand Points of Sauce,
is the latest to get her Flame on.

So, there you have the followers of
a baby blue Sunbonnet
and here’s a Valentine for you,
with a little Sunbonnet on it.

Much Love,

Fondly, Robin

NaBloPoMo February 2012

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Jan 29 2012

Depending upon the viewpoint of the recipient, a surprise
party can be a delight or a floodgate of suffocating attention.

Do you like surprise birthday parties? It does put the special person on the spot. I’m not sure that I like them thrown for me, but what fun it is to plan good times for someone else and have everyone in on the secret. I suppose the ends justify the means as only a group of people with the best of intentions would go to all of the trouble of creating such a festive get together.

Just look at the fun a group giving a surprise birthday party can have. Here is an early 1931 cartoon of Mickey and Minnie Mouse with all of their friends springing a surprise birthday party for Mickey and what a party it is. If you grew up in the 1950s like I did watching cartoons on Saturday morning, then you will recognize some of these early Disney characters from when these cartoons, originally played as previews for movies in movie theaters, were shown on TV. Share some old time memories by clicking on the play button below:

Mickey and Minnie thrilled Depression Era children at movie theaters.

Birthdays are such a momentous day of the year for children and when we are children, there are lots of relatives to celebrate each passing year. We know that such rewards and attention will surely be there our whole lives as we bask in the adoration of everyone we know. But, as the years speed by and the glorious attentions of our elders are replaced by photographs and memories, birthday celebrations can thin out quite a bit. Many of us must look forward to planning our own self celebrations, gathering happiness up around our shoulders like a wool shawl on a cool summer evening, thus marking our own yearly passages.

Looking into the sun gives this birthday girl an expression of
entitled impatience while being feted by her twenty two guests.

But, celebrating birthdays together is something we might choose to do for all of our adult friends as we parent each other through the rest of our lives. Making a fuss, sending cards and planning celebratory events increases fellowship and takes each birthday person back to the days when they were a child at birthday parties and there were less then ten candles on the cake. Now, there are even adult birthday party planning sites on the Internet with party supply packages to ease making arrangements.

So, with all the work done, sit up straight, make a wish and blow out all the candles at once!

Sue shows us how to get excited about Surprise Birthday Parties.

If you decide to plan a party, this book has rave reviews. Hover your mouse over the link to preview:

Real Simple: Celebrations

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Jan 01 2012

Sunbonnets the world over are wishing you a bright,
happy, healthy and abundant 2012. 

NaBloPoMo January 2012

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Dec 25 2011

What we do for each other just makes the holidays! Driving all over to find just the right gift. Spending weeks trying recipes and planning menus. Hustling, bustling, phone calls, flight arrangements, driving for hours, new clothes, washing old clothes, knitting, sewing, cleaning, stringing lights, talking about the in-laws, smiling when they arrive and doing the happy dance when they leave. WHOA! What a lotta fun! It’s just amazing what we do and what we have done for us in return during the holiday season.

Although everyone complains about the commercialism
of the season, seems that most people have the loving
spirit during the holidays, for what’s it all about
if not for love?

The most endearing stories come about this time of year. And ones that are told for generations. Like the one I tell about my Dad. There was a tradition at our house when I was young that the tree arrived with Santa in the night after the kids were asleep. We went to bed and the living room was just like it had been all year. When we awoke, there was the tree with decorations and presents underneath, all the more magical because we hadn’t lived around it for a month.

It wasn’t until YEARS later I found out Mother and Daddy didn’t have the money to buy a tree. My Dad would go out after we were asleep, therefore, find a Christmas tree lot that was closing and get a tree cheaply. One year the cost was fifty cents. Then, even though they were probably exhausted, they spent all night decorating it so we would be surprised in the morning.

Too much of a good thing is just right!

When I look back over the years, dolls were such a big part of Christmas morning. Big dolls, little dolls, Teddy Bears and any other humanized animal shape you could imagine that could be talked into wearing clothes.  Little girls I knew loved them and loved all the accessories that went with them. That just made Christmas.  A new doll. When I was pretty little, I remember wanting a Betsy Wetsy, oh! so badly.

I could fill her baby bottle full of water, jam it in the hole that interrupted her cherub lips to feed her. Then, predictably the water would run out into her little diapers, so I could change them and start over, just like real life. My Dad had an Aunt Ishy, her nickname as I couldn’t say “Elizabeth.” Daddy told me to take Betsy Wetsy, recently fed, to Aunt Ishy and let her hold the doll. She was the fun Aunt and the one who would naturally let out a Whoop! when Betsy’s diapers became wet. And Aunt Ishy did not disappoint. She had had three sons, so being the only girl in the family, I was welcomed, even if my doll wet on her.

Then, I wanted a Revlon doll. I was fascinated by her fingernails that had nail polish to match her lipstick. I guess matching lipstick and nail polish would figure because she was made by Revlon. New dolls were definitely something to which to aspire. The latest and greatest were the object of envy by girls trying to keep up with other little girl Joneses.

Sporting a delightful deckle edge, this photo from the
1950s shows the importance of dolls on Christmas morning.

For all of us who grew up “back then,” there will always be something special about a new doll on Christmas morning. I know I get tingles when I think of how I felt. Why, I’m even reliving it right now. Always wanting to share, I have found a way for you to have the feeling as well. I want to give you a new doll on Christmas morning. Right here, right now.

Do you know Dolly Dingle? The forerunner of the Champbell’s Soup Kids by renown artist Grace Drayton, Dolly Dingle fascinated me as a child as my mother a folder of them from her own childhood. I have remained a devoted fan to this day.

So, here is one of my favorites, under your computer “tree” and wrapped to open by clicking on the image below.

Merry Christmas to each and every person who finds
this page! I hope all of your problems are little ones.

Click on the Dolly Dingle above to download a PDF for your own personal use.


(And fair warning. Don’t leave her alone on your
computer screen with any Christmas cake on your
desk. Look at what I saw when I came back into
my office. Whoa! Scary!)


and the best of holiday seasons!

NaBloPoMo 2011

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Dec 17 2011

What’s wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing.
That’s what wrong with it, as far as the FDA is concerned.

Here’s a family during Colonial times, sitting together outside in the summer. They are sharing the day while enjoying refreshments under shady trees in the garden. Looking closely, we see a gentleman, an officer in the military, relaxing with his upper class wife and children while the milk maid tends to milking the family cow. While the older boy enjoys his milk with mother, the younger boy is eagerly waiting for his glass by getting close and talking with the milkmaid. He leans on the table that holds the glasses waiting to be filled with nutritive fresh milk straight from the cow. Milk is the substance that has sustained humankind throughout known history.

We are now disconnected from the origins of our food, because we live dependent upon large industrial agricultural complexes. We are out of touch with how our food is treated every step of the way from the place where it is raised, to where it is slaughtered, packaged and distributed. Losing sight of these steps from farm to mouth is dangerous, because if we don’t know what we are putting into our bodies and the bodies of our families, we are not responsibly seeing to their health and happiness. Lots of distasteful things are happening in between the source of our food and when it is presented for consumption at the dinner table.

For most of human history, cows and their milk
have been interdependent with people in all cultures.

Because the public is becoming more aware of what is happening to our food supply, many farmers have converted over to strict organic farming to answer the public’s demand for more accountability. The problem is, that so many people are demanding clean food, that organic farms are starting to take a representative market share away from giant industrial operations. And, under the guise of “protecting the consumer,” it seems regulatory agencies are provided oversight where it is not require to shut down small farms and give back the market share to giant agribusinesses.

Quiet, rural farmers that sell organic food directly to the public are having FBI Swat teams wake them up in the morning and pull them and their children out of bed. If you are not aware that extreme measures are being taken against the farmers who are trying to save our wholesome foods, then go here. The movie Farmageddon is a wake-up for us all. If we are limited to the chemical foods government regulators say are OK, but forbidden from eating healthy, organic foods grown naturally, then we, as a people and as a nation, will continue to be malnourished and ill.

Organic Pastures is one of the largest distributors of fresh, wholesome raw milk in the country. To visit Mark McAfee, his family and their life’s work, go here.

Mark McAfee has been involved in a government sting
operation that was just resolved on December 16, 2011.

Although raw milk is actually much safer than pasteurized and homogenized milk, government agencies are dumping hundreds of gallons and shutting down small farms over trumped up charges without valid claims. By filing charges, valid or not, the farm must cease operation. This is a terrible hardship for all concerned, farmer and consumer. The cows must still be milked and the farm operation must continue although daily sales are suspended.  In the case of Mark McAfee, the cessation of operations lasted a month.  Can you imagine the financial loss?

We all need to become more aware of those trying to control our food systems. The information is freely available on the Internet and research on the issue is well worth your time and trouble.  Many of the illnesses that plague you and your family may be easily ameliorated with fresh, natural organic produce, grass fed and free range meats and raw milk dairy products…as long as they are available and we work to keep them so.


NaBloPoMo 2011

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