Jun 06 2010

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The Red Fox is a mammal that is loved for its beauty and cunning. Fox have beautiful fur and they are very smart. They are also very graceful when they run. Fox are shy and avoid humans if possible. Just our footsteps on the ground can scare them into moving away from us when we walk near one of their hiding places.

A famous American Artist, Winslow Homer, used to paint in his studio in Maine that was out in the country near the ocean. He was able to observe many birds and animals in their natural surroundings. Here is a painting showing a fox in winter who is being chased by some crows. Winslow Homer never taught in schools or privately as he worked alone in his studio. Even without that exposure to students, he has influenced generations of American Artists. He was known for his direct observation and depiction of nature.

Winslow Homer once said, “Look at nature, work independently, and solve your own problems.” That sounds like good advice to me. If you would like to learn more about Winslow Homer, refer to the entry found here.

From Wiki-pedia: Winslow Homer. The Fox Hunt, 1893.
Oil on canvas, 96.5 × 174 cm (38 × 68½ in).
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

If you live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or if you take a trip there, you can go to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and stand in front of this painting to enjoy the effects of light and color. Does The Fox Hunt make you feel cold to look at it? I think Winslow Homer did a fine job of making anyone who looks at this painting feel like they are looking at a cold day in a northern winter in Maine.

Here is a heartwarming video about a man who saved a fox named “Cropper” that was injured in an accident:

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