Jan 21 2013

Previously, on Survivor, no wait…on SunbonnetSmart, I showed you a bird’s eye view of the preparations for President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration.

As I mentioned, it was all for Darcie, who has showed an interest in my travels. Well, how could I walk RIGHT PAST Darcie’s Canadian Embassy and not give her a better view of how she is being represented today during the festivities? Truth is, I couldn’t.

O Canada! A grand and glorious song!

First, for those in the United States who may not know that the “O Canada!” in my title is the country’s national anthem, please click on the video above and play it as you read the rest of the post, paying homage to our northern neighbor. Thank you.

At the corner of the building. It faces Constitution Avenue.

I was inspired to take photos showing how Canada has dressed for the Inauguration with signs, banners and a zillion Canadian flags. It was a tasteful display of Canadian heritage from above our northern boarder by a country determined to attend this party and be a show stopper. What a nice display of national pride. The red and white of the Canadian Maple Leaf flag looked so bright and cheerful in the sun.

From the East Building of the National Galley of Art.

Way to go, Canada! The building was SO BIG, though, it was hard for this roving reporter to get it all in in one definitive shot.  Across the street was too far away and on the sidewalk in front was too close. If I had any sense of gumption, I would have taken one for the BlogHer team and positioned myself in the middle of Constitution Avenue’s eight lanes of traffic.

On the sidewalk in front of the plaza of the Embassy’s east side.

But, with gumption being the operative word, that wasn’t about to happen. I did the best I could to cover the subject matter from a bevy of angles. The results are before you. For a professional shot minus some of the love, click here.

Put the specs on to read the sign congratulating Present Obama.

In the spring, summer and fall, when Washington’s climate is temperate, walking tours are popular. Here’s what one walking tour web site, D.C. Walkabout, has to say about the Canadian Embassy: “Did you know our northern neighbor is the second largest country in the world? It’s true, the home of the Maple leaf and ice hockey is even bigger than the United States. The Canadian Embassy maintains this larger than life grandeur. One of the most distinctive buildings in Washington D.C., in the heart of town on Pennsylvania Avenue, be sure to take a look at this incredible gem.”

The banner reads, “Canada Salutes President Obama.”

A painting class at the National Gallery was the gateway to a wonderful Saturday in D.C. Although one is never disappointed by visiting Washington, I was lucky enough to see the venue for all of the Inauguration pomp on my way to the East Building of the Gallery.

And, icing on the cake, what fun it was to see the Canadian Embassy “dressed for the ball,” while thinking of Darcie and all of our Canadian BlogHer friends.

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