Nov 10 2012

The only problem with BlogHer is one establishes friends all over the place.

And, I do mean BlogHers live everywhere and anywhere. And, these close, warm, BlogHer friendships are based on more inter-personal communication than I’ve had with most people since my best friends in junior high. THAT close.

It’s true, the only problem I have with BlogHer is it’s relatively hard to visit and socialize in person with everyone on your favorite list of Peeps. It is also hard to personally reach out to support a Peep in need when hard times happen. Why, even if one baked the best family casserole with love, it would be impossible to deliver it to a recipient living two time zones away. So, how does one reach out to beloved BlogHers in their hours of need?

How does one show care and concern? The best way BlogHers know how.Virtually!

Comment Love is a great way to soothe ruffled feathers when a BlogHer is offended. A friendly word, a loving expression and a few moments of virtual attention mean the world to a BlogHer who’s written of a difficult situation in their life. And, never underestimate the power of Comment Love to express understanding for disappointments, for trying times and even heartbreaking personal losses.

But, hey! What do you do if you want to give more than Comment Love?

How about when someone is sick and in the hospital having tests or other such scary invasive procedures and has lived to tell about it? How about a post with a virtual get well card, wishing for a speedy recovery to let that BlogHer know they are loved and cherished?

And, how about if that person, or THAT WOMAN, loves retro kitchen furnishings and recipes, so much that she has a wonderful blog called,, A Love Song with Vintage Recipes. Well, by now, you’ve guess what I’m getting to…

BlogHer’s T.W. went into the hospital for tests and stayed there, what must have seemed like forever. She posted her feelings Tuesday, November 6, and you can read them by clicking here. But today, on Saturday, November 10, she came home, happy to be there and with the whole family happy to have her back.

So now, that she is feeling better, I am sending a virtual get well card, wishing her a speedy recovery. But, knowing what T.W. likes, it’s not just virtual, but also vintage.

It’s a get well card from the 1940s….take it away, Lipton:

The front of the Speedy Recovery for T.W. card.

Inside, there are good wishes and a retro tea bag.

Woo-Woo! How cool is that?

And, if we were all together, we could pass around this card and sign it. Sigh. But, once again, we’re ALL OVER the place, so you’ll have to leave your good wishes for T.W. in the Comments below.

And, T.W.,  let me be the first to wish you get better with each hour of each day and that soon, this hospital experience is just a distant memory. Welcome home!


With Love,

From SunbonnetSmart

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