Jan 02 2014

It is always a financial challenge for a family that consumes large quantities of food to eat out.

The prices of eating at a restaurant are much higher and the quality of food much lower than what can be prepared at home. Especially if one is used to organic nutrient dense food. It’s a stretch to think restaurant dining can be cost effective.

First trip to the buffet. Are you KIDDING me?

But, let’s not be hasty. Sometimes with the four walls closing in, mid-winter, a meal out while getting fresh air and a new point of view, is well worth a compromise on the organicity and family budget.

 Only $6.99 each? Are you KIDDING me?

Then, on the other hand, if one is feeding Viking descendents, testoserone laden beasts that I have affectionately TradeMarked the “Barbarian Hordes,” one MUST be aware that ordering off the menu could result in a sizable bill. So, what’s our answer to this awkward dilemma? The Flaming Grill and Buffet in Frederick, MD. It’s worth a drive from anywhere.

 Tasty delights as far as the eye can see.

The Flaming Grill has not disappointed since we went the first time in November. The quality of the food is high, meaning that we, organic eating devotees, do not feel the effect of chemicals after we eat. Now, we do always stay away from sauces, as many times they seem to have “ickies” in them. But, the Flaming Grill has been a fun repast that I want to share. And, did I mention the blue?

 Love the gracious ambiance, all for $6.99.

Cosmic blue light shines down lulling diners into the surreal. It’s really pretty with a large crystal chandelier catching light and radiating sparkles.

 All the ice cream you care to eat.

There is a large ice cream freezer which reminds me of the wonderful snacks at the BlogHer conferences, included with each person’s registration fee. When we leave the conference rooms after each session, there are tables of top drawer treats and freezers of the best ice cream bars.

 Lovely desserts. Try a bite of each!

And, let’s not forget the dessert table! What fun to go to the Flaming Grill, have a pleasant time and not break the bank. Now, I’m not suggesting every buffet is worthy of your attention, but if you are selective, perhaps you can find you can find such a gold mine in your area. If you do, let me know the name!

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The SunbonnetSmart.com NewsFlash, and Facebook Fan Page

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Jul 01 2013

Reading Comments and posts around the BlogHer-o-sphere, it occurs to me an essential piece of information is missing.

The most important thing to have with you at BlogHer ’13 is a battery pack case for your Smartphone.

Here’s why. Every BlogHer ’12 attendee I saw was Smartphoning their heart out. They were checking schedules on the BlogHer ’12 app. They were bringing up entry passes to show door monitors at sessions. They were looking for restaurants while Instagram-ming selfies and groupies. They were Tweeting,”Hi” to BlogHers in attendance they might never see, while making lunch, dinner and party plans with those they would.

But, it all came to a screeching halt when they ran out of Smartphone power, when each Smartphone became a little dead rectangle of frustration. And, what’s worse? Each user suffered the agony of watching the battery bar recede, knowing nothing was to be done about it.

What’s the biggie? Why not just plug it in? Sure! Just go over to a wall plug and power up. Of course, it will take three hours to recharge and you’ve run out before lunchtime. And oh! By the way, there aren’t any wall outlets free, except up in your room. And, your room takes a half hour to get to, counting the wait for the elevators and Sherpa Guides. So, basically you are “out of luck” and Smartphone-less. So out of luck in fact, the Charlie Brown music plays as you shuffle your feet along feeling stupid, hoping nobody notices. But I will. And, I will make fun of you.

So, don’t feel stupid. Feel smart, SunbonnetSmart.

Let me share where I get my phone accessories on the Internet along with the inexpensive, but great, battery case model I purchased for my iPhone 4 from eBay seller, “epowerdictionary.” This is the same case I purchased last year and the one I have is still going strong. BUT! Being a nut about losing phone power during BlogHer ’13, I decided to buy a new one and pass the one I’ve been using to family members. Yes! It’s THAT important. I need all systems operable. Nothing but the best for BlogHer ’13….and me.

Now, epowerdictionary has other phone case models as well, so under the epowerdictionary name, click on “See Other Items” to see if what you need is there. Or, write them at the link here.

iPhone Cropped

“Ultra Slim” Battery case for iPhone 4/4s sold by eBay’s epowerdictionary
$12.95 Free Shipping – Click on image to enlarge

And, let me share what else I bought from “epowerdictionary:” this neaty-cool cable that allows three electronics to be charged at once:

Cables Cropped

3 in 1 USB Data and Charging Cable sold by eBay’s epowerdictionary
$5.95 Free Shipping – Click on image to enlarge

Now, you have to be a member of eBay to do all of this. EBay works just fine for me as I’ve bought and sold since 1999. If you have reservations about eBay….well, I don’t know how to advise you. But, epowerdictionary has 100% Feedback, responds almost immediately to e-mails and assures me they have stock to handle BlogHer purchases. I say, “Give them a try!”

At any rate, don’t go go to BlogHer ’13 without some sort of auxiliary power for your electronics, especially your Smartphone.


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Mar 01 2013

It was a BIG problem. My SunbonnetSmart.com web site, that is. In 2010, to achieve my signature colors and designs, Word Press did not have the latitude to give me what I wanted. So, I jumped out into the deep end of the heavy programming pool. I hired a web designer who used Cold Fusion, an older, but more flexible, programming language.

Fast forward to BlogHer ’12 in New York City. While attending tech classes, I learned I needed to update and switch over to the now capable Word Press with all of its bells and whistles. So simple! Until I started trying to find a programmer who could translate Cold Fusion into Word Press. Asking the question of everyone I met, the answer was *cricket* *cricket,* so no Word Press for me.

With Texas size problems, head to Texas for answers.

I started searching on the Internet when I got home and finally realized what I should have known all along. When you have a problem as big as the State of Texas, go to Texas to find the answer. And how could I say, “No,” to a state whose State Flower is the BlueBonnet? That’s where I found CyberCoder, otherwise known as David Cooley, who hangs his hat at www.cybercoded.net. David’s an Internet folk hero, in fact, here’s an old poem and wanted poster I found:

They Call Him CyberCoder

Down in Texas where the tumbleweeds blow,
There’s a man with a plan, he’s in the know.
Loves computers! David Cooley by name,
Known everywhere for his fine Word Press game.
They call him CyberCoder.

Past fields of BlueBonnets, by the Rio Grande,
His six gun’s a mouse, the web is his brand.
Wrasslin’ pixels, herding HTML,
His keyboard’s on fire, he’s got stories to tell.
He’s known as CyberCoder.

So, as the sun sets, each night in the west,
Need help with your site? Then, do what is best.
Ride with the Cooley Gang at CyberRanch.
Lasso a web plan, you’ll soon do a dance,
Working with CyberCoder.

 You’ll love working with David. He’s very patient with questions and perseveres until he translates your dream into a cyberspace domain. He’s made a few YouTube videos and so, you can get a feel for working with him by watching below:

Don’t you feel calm listening to CyberCoder explain Gmail Filters?

I think that David should make more YouTube videos and have Word Press classes. I know I would sign up. If you agree, let’s show him who’s boss! Tweet David at @cybercoder to show him you’re interested. I say let’s gang up on him.

Here’s David singing, “Up in the Country” with Withrow Cooley.

Don’t despair if you have hairy web problems making you wish you’d never bought a computer. Write CyberCoder. Discuss your concerns for help and resolution. After working with CyberCoder since last August, I can highly recommend him.

He’s the reason SunbonnetSmart.com is on Word Press with all the buttons to send my posts far and wide. Thank you, David Cooley!


NaBloPoMo March 2013

March 2013
Join SunbonnetSmart.com
for a post every day
here and/or on BlogHer.com

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Jan 10 2013

When I went to BlogHer ’12 in New York City last August, I was a babe, uninitiated in the ways of blogger influence and prestige. I had no idea the power of the keyboard on influencing dollars or that people, other than my BlogHer Buddies, cared what I thought.

But, an uninitiated babe no more, I now understand what we bloggers write about in our web sites and cross post to BlogHer can have influence and effect sales. While thinking I was building my web site to empower the sale of my own quilting patterns, without realizing it, in New York City I was slowly becoming an influencer, albeit sorta’ unknown and undercover at first.

The lobby of the New York Hilton, site of BlogHer ’12.

The only party to which I had been invited was a gathering for BoomBox Network, an event e-mailed to me and looked at with wonderment in my in-box. “What in the world was this? This B(L)OOMERS Party?,” I wondered. “Who ARE these people and how do they know me?,” I perplexed. And then I read up on them at their web site http://bit.ly/VJvMO1 and found out BoomBox is “the first agency and network to connect Baby Boomer bloggers and influencers with consumer brand advertisers.”

Upscale SunbonnetSwag with free bag of candy.

So, BoomBox Network is a marketing group for and about the Baby Boomer generation with their giant bite of the available spending dollar pie chart. BoomBox Network had figured out that I’m on the far side of twenty years old and wasn’t afraid to tell me so to my face. I didn’t know whether to rejoice with my new found friends or be insulted that they were pointing out my age. But, the prospect of a fun party assuaged my misgivings. I always look forward to meeting more BlogHers, so replied I would attend. And my intentions were good. Sincere. Genuine. But…

Here’s where I attended the B(L)OOMER Party.

…in a true “My ship came in and I was at the airport” moment, when the evening came to get out and about with blogging Boomers, I was asleep in my room at the New York Hilton. Sigh. I suppose I had an innate desire to prove to all of BlogHer ’12 that I was a true Boomer, too worn out to hang at even a party of Boomers. How bad is that!?!

But, the truth is, I had been up until 3:00am the day I traveled, and my train left Union Station in Washington, D.C. at 8:00am. So, doing the math, by Friday night, my resume spelled T-I-R-E-D. I had planned on going to the party with KarenLynn, so when it was time to go get ready, I told her I would take a “short” nap and catch up later. It was never to be. When I woke up at 9:30pm, I looked at the clock saying, “Nite, Nite,” rolled over and went back to sleep. So much for influencing anything but my pillow.

Back in the game. To blog is to influence.

Now, however, we can fast forward through the fall when I caught up with Audrey Van Petegem, co-founder of BoomBox Network. I did some fast talking to explain my absence last summer and I am currently influencing for BoomBox. I am SO into it. What a great group of women with which to associate. It has added a new dimension to my blogging/web site experience, one that is just as profound as joining BlogHer. I have a new niche with people like me. Lots of fun writers who don’t sweat the small stuff while appreciating each day. Why? Because it might be our last? No, because we are anticipating the best is yet to come. If you are a Boomer, born between 1946 and 1964, think about joining us for an Internet Meet and Greet by clicking on the BoomBox web site at http://bit.ly/VJvMO1

My group’s first Campaign begins today! And, it is a worthy effort getting out the promotions of the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association or ASHA at http://bit.ly/VNbiWI  Our first blog has hit the pavement, impressing me, as I am sure it will you. See what you think when you read, Overcoming Communication Disorders by Karen Austin on her blog, The Generation Above Me.  http://bit.ly/UYG7Hh If you are not aware of the BoomBox Network or ASHA, this timely post will serve as an introduction to both. Both do good work and are worthy of your attention.

Don’t sleep through the opportunity to become a member of the BoomBox Network. If you are a blogging Baby Boomer, born between 1946 and 1964, consider joining BoomBox as an Influencer. It’s time to be compensated for your erstwhile knowledge and experience.

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Nov 30 2012

“Create Blog Post” Haunted

Twas the last night of NaBloPoMo and all on the screen,
Fingers were typing. New copy was seen.
Been a long month, intellect daunted.
Every day, every hour, “Create Blog Post” haunted.

Day after day and night after night,
Thinking of topics, of Comments and slights.
Don’t push too far. No vinegar. Use honey!
If content is good, we could maybe make money.

Chewing on pencils, then biting nails,
Writing and writing, some epic fails.
Don’t want to miss a November day,
‘Want to stay in the game. ‘Stay in the play.

Hours click by in terror, the sand slowly falls.
Darkness consumes the workroom and halls.
The date will switch over, midnight is coming.
With morning, who will be in the running?

Finally it’s done. I click on “Submit.”
My brain is exhausted. I can no more sit.
I linger, savoring, the moment just spent.
Give Comments on BlogHer, making a dent.

I spring to my bed. E-blanket on two.
Snuggling in covers, sleep long overdue.
Tonight is the night, I’ll never be sad.
I get it. It’s mine! The NaBloPoMo Badge!

I get it. It’s MINE!

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Jun 06 2012

Oh, I love fun things!

And look what I found today! For FREE!

I was watching “TED Talks: Smart Laughs” on NetFlix this afternoon. One of the speakers was Ze Frank, who is a genius at comedy and software programming. He had a terrific presentation, “Ze Frank’s Web Playroom”  In addition, he is wacky and comes up with the FUNNIEST stuff. If you have time to spare, or need a break when you don’t, try his web site out for size.

TED Talks are always interesting. Ze Frank’s is as well.

One of my favorites sections of his web site is where people recreate photos from their past. Called “Young Me, Now Me,” I just LOVE looking at these photos and there seems to be an endless supply. Why, just look at this snow lady!  Once you get started, it’s so much fun, you won’t want to stop. Fair warning! Looking at these comparison photos is like eating popcorn.

Playing with The Scribbler can wile away countless,
otherwise efficiently used, work hours.

BTW, don’t miss The Scribbler. This bit of programming brilliance allows anyone to be an artist and you can print and save your work. All for free!

Ze Frank has made the world quite a bit nicer!



NaBloPoMo June 2012

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May 12 2012

Zoe Artemis was of Greek heritage. She had family still in Greece.

When I last spoke with her, she was excited, to the point of being effervescent, about her tours to Greece. She took groups over in the summer, introducing them to places and people that only someone with connections would have.

She had the most compelling web site on her travels and tours. The photos were nothing short of “yummy.” One look and I was ready to get a passport and meet her over there.

Although, I couldn’t go in the years after I spoke with her, I always, in the back of my mind, intended to go at a future time. Someday, somehow….

And so, you’ll remember, when I was gathering my resources for my BlogHer dancing posts, I decided that introducing BlogHers to Zoe would be a perfect tie in to advertise her trips and show BlogHers a new vista.

Zoe in Greece by the water.

But, getting in touch with Zoe again was not meant to be. Zoe died of pancreatic cancer last July, in 2011. I did not know until I went to access her web site and saw saw that it was now a site of Remembrance. As I adapted my shock of Zoe being gone, I decided to reach out to one of the Commenter who had written in her Memories of Zoe Guest Book.

There was an entry by Julie Maloney, “Zoe contacted me this year to work with her in leading a writer’s retreat on the magical island of ALONNISOS in GREECE. We spoke countless times over the phone and this is the way we bonded. When she told me she was ill and would not be able to travel to Greece, I was deeply saddened and I knew I had to meet her in person.

I traveled to Astoria to greet someone whose body was failing but whose spirit was beyond description. Her love for life was apparent. We spoke about the upcoming retreat and I promised to see her as soon as I returned. I visited her 2 days after I landed. Once again, we embraced with such warmth, I knew she owned a piece of my heart. When I left, I said, “You gave me a great gift.”

I am grateful to this amazing woman for showing me the “light” of Alonnisos – for inviting me into her “vision” of how it could be if writers came together on this island. I look forward to honoring her legacy. Zoe, I love you.” –Julie Maloney, Director of WOMEN READING ALOUD

The small island of Alonnisos is a gem of untouched beauty.

Julie Maloney is a bundle of talent. After a career in dance, she is now a writer, author and Director of Women Reading Aloud, or WRA, a writer’s cooperative in New Jersey. Julie is currently arranging the tours to Alonnisos that Zoe inspired.

“WRA is an organization dedicated to the power of the writer’s voice. WRA believes in providing space for artistic growth. Founded in New Jersey in 2003, it offers writing workshops modeled after the Amherst Writers and Artists Method, the Author Series and Work-in-Progress Series, Writing and Yoga Program, conferences and retreats where women writers can explore their “authentic” voices. Founded on the 3-in-1 principle, WOMEN READING ALOUD focuses on the equal value of the writer, the reader, and the listener. All genres are welcome. WRA encourages writers to cherish their own voices, as well as the voices of others, as they travel the writer’s journey.”

From the Women Reading Aloud web site:  “Julie Maloney, Director of WRA, will return to the island of Alonnisos to lead a ten day writing retreat. Open to women writers of all levels, writing in all genres, this retreat offers a perfect balance of community and solitude. Stay in the family owned NINNA PENSION, just up the hill from the port. (Visit: www.ninna.gr.) Enjoy the friendly service of Ninna and her family, as well as the hospitality of Edem, the multi-tiered taverna down the road where we will write each morning by the sea, surrounded by the island’s flora. Limited to 12 writers

When I contacted Julie Maloney a few weeks ago, this year’s Writer’s Retreat to Greece was filled. I just heard from Julie, there is now an opening, if anyone is interested, click here. The tour is limited to twelve participants.

Tomorrow: Meet Julie Maloney

To visit with Women Reading Aloud, click here.

To explore Zoe’s Facebook page, click here.


NaBloPoMo May 2012

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Apr 23 2012

I love surprises. Especially ones that change my perspective.

Sometimes I’m turned upside down from what I thought before. This happened to me at the beginning of March this year.

We attended the Masters Thesis concert of a friend, but there were two productions, back to back.

Valerie Durham’s Masters of Fine Art Thesis
March 8-9, 2012

Two Master thesis presentations in one evening. The second was an unexpected surprise. I was delighted to see a whole company of Isadora Duncan styled dancers, right in front of me, on the small, personal stage at the University of Maryland’s Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. When I went into the theater, I had expected to see our family friend’s performance and figured I’d be tapping my fingers and politely clapping through the other one. In a amazing about face, I was swept away by Valerie Durham’s production, for many reasons and my attention was riveted to every note and movement.

Valerie Durham’s company, The Duncan Dancers,
performs dances in the style of Isadora Duncan.

Valerie Durham is a fourth generation Duncan Dancer. Her company, Duncan Dancers, has a web site that teaches about the techniques, choreography and style of their mentor, Isadora Duncan:

“Since discovering Duncan Dance in 1992, Valerie has focused on building, preserving and learning more about Isadora’s gorgeous, timeless and inspired technique of dance and repertory of dances. Valerie firmly believes that Duncan Dance is a vital aspect to the dance of today and that all dancers can benefit from its unique focus on musicality, artistry, personal expression and openness. She is working to innovate the Duncan technique for the 21st Century with contemporary music selection, expanded and developed movements and challenging choreography.”

Companies of Anna And Irma Duncan

Isadora Duncan considered the body the temple of the
soul. She encouraged the harmonious integration of the
mind, body, spirit and emotions through dance.

Isadora Duncan believed her audiences should concentrate on dance movements, rather than complex stage settings and costumes. Duncan stage settings were minimal and costumes were free flowing to emphasize the body and movement. The movement, likewise, appeared free flowing. Although there is a disciplined technique underneath, the dance was meant to appear free and spontaneous. A large collection of web links, along with a biography, may be found here.

Duncan style dancers explain that in ballet, there is a great awareness of technique. With Duncan technique, if done correctly, there will appear to be no technqiue.

As the Center for the Preservation of Modern Dance reveals: “Duncan dance is free-flowing and appears spontaneous; has a sense of energy and grace that radiates from the solar plexus; reflects the rhythms of nature; is danced to the great classical music; and is state of mind as much as a style of movement.”

Isadora Duncan 1877 – 1927

The divine feminine was exemplified by Isadora Duncan’s style of dance. The manifestation of a powerful feminine spirit was heightened by feminine garments and an emphasis on the passion of nature and nurturing. The sacred reverence for the female body in all of her archetypes was represented and blessed. The Isadora Duncan International Institute, Inc. in New York, NY, has tours to Europe to study our female archetypal heritage in all of its manifestations and forms. For a brochure of last year’s trip in 2011, click here. For a listing of learning events, click here.

There are many women’s groups studying and participating in this revival of feminine power. By recognizing the maternal world that existed before the power structure of male strength was imposed upon it, beauty and peace are revered. Expression of the female spirit through dance has led to this emphasis on the divine female.

It is important in a world that is more technologically
structured to affirm and actively respect
women and their naturally feminine shapes.

Next in this series: Introducing Zoe Artemis

NaBloPoMo April 2012

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Apr 19 2012

What fun to have BlogHer specials!

Isabel Anders’ “The Wisdom of Little Women,” as introduced on BlogHer, is now for sale at SunbonnetSmart.com.

At $2.00 off the published price with no charge for shipping and handling!

But wait! There’s more!

Zazzle is offering mugs with Isabel’s books on them at $5.00 off each mug all day today! Offer good through midnight tonight, Pacific Time, Friday, April 19, 2012.

A lovely little book of timeless sentiments and profound
musings, all discussed within the walls of the March
family home, Orchard House, in Concord, Massachusetts.


“The Wisdom of Little Women”
compiled by Isabel Anders


To purchase, click here.

4 1/2″ x 5 1/2″

$4.99 includes S&H

If you love Isabel Anders’ poignant BlogHer posts on feminine wisdom like I do, you will be swept off your feet with this sweet little book, “The Wisdom of Little Women.” Isabel has a way with words, to be sure, but a way with thoughts, even more. She knows how to selectively squeeze the best out of any publication she reads, and she has read a wealth of them. She collects quotes rather than baubles, preferring an intellectual array of riches to carry her through any life situation. What’s better? She freely shares her gems with us, categorized for handy reference and referral.

Isabel at a “Becoming Flame” book signing in Tennessee.

Isabel “nearly always” wanted to be a writer. Over the years she has produced or contributed to inspirational books on a variety of subjects, including Soul Moments, Simple Blessings for Sacred Moments, and The Faces of Friendship. She also co-narrated the devotional/music CDs, Soul Openings and Soul Openings 2, and authored the illustrated 2008 calendar, Seasons for the Soul. The blogs she is posting for each month on BlogHer http://www.blogher.com/april-15 are versions of the calendar’s essays.

Madeleine L’Engle, Newbery Award-winning author (for A Wrinkle in Time), contributed an Introduction to Isabel’s first book, Awaiting the Child: An Advent Journal. Isabel authored 40-Day Journey with Madeleine L’Engle in 2009.

Having worked in book publishing and educational publishing, Isabel now works out of her home in middle Tennessee, as Managing Editor of Synthesis Publications (resources for preaching and worship based on the Revised Common Lectionary).

Her newest book, Spinning Straw, Weaving Gold: A Tapestry of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, will be released in June. It is a sequel to her 2010 book Becoming Flame: Uncommon Mother-Daughter Wisdom. http://www.blogher.com/becoming-flame

In 2011 Isabel collected quotes and wrote Blessings and Prayers for Married Couples: A Faith Full Love.

She and her husband Bill, who is retired, live on the Domain of the University of the South and worship with the Sisters at St. Mary’s Convent, as part of a varied congregation supporting the work of ministry and outreach to families in need.

Bill renovated their historic home that began as a two-room cabin built in 1896, and to which they added a wing and now call Everafter Cottage.


You heard it here, first!

Isabel is just beginning new research for an e-book:
Louisa May Alcott: God, Family, Work


To purchase, click the book.

“The Wisdom of Little Women” 11oz Mug,  click here.

To send a Zazzle Gift Certificate, click here.

$5 Off T-Shirts, Mugs, & Hats
Limited Time! Enter code:
at checkout in the “Zazzle Coupons/Gift Certificates” box $5 of the t-shirt, mug and/or hat net sale price will be deducted when one or more qualifying t-shirt, mug and/or hat items are purchased. The net sale price is the price of the product (excluding shipping and taxes). The coupon code NATIONAL5DAY must be entered during checkout to receive the offer. Offer does not apply to screen printed apparel. Offer is valid through April 19, 2012 at 11:59 PM PT. This offer does not apply to past purchases and may not be combined with any other Zazzle promotional or volume discount offers. If a volume discount applies to your order, you will receive either the discount set forth in this offer or the standard volume discount, whichever is greater. Offer valid on Zazzle.com only.

NaBloPoMo April 2012

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Apr 14 2012

Gray hair comes with entitled privileges.

I’ve lived long enough to tell everybody what I think, whether my listeners are receptive or not.

Now being older, younsters fifty-nine years and below, have to be polite and don’t dare get up and walk away when I speak to them.

And so, with that fully acknowlegded, you will find youself in another valuable BlogHer Peep Post.

Ms. Leona Campbell fully understands her obligation
to inform and administered younger generations.

Today, I am witnessing the most AMAZING situation I have seen on BlogHer yet.

I have been reading quintessentially phenomenal posts on women and women in  business, all by one BlogHer, Dana Theus, a BlogHer with seventy-one posts in the BlogHer pipeline.

Watch Dana’s video on the contact page of her web site. She has lots to offer. BlogHer has syndicated some of her posts.

And yet, this dynamo, this genius of the business world has zero, as in goose-eggs, comments on most posts. Even on this one which is so important for any woman in business, I can’t BELIEVE it isn’t being shouted from the rooftops!

What in the world?

BlogHer Peeps, I am sounding an alarm that I hope you will answer!

Dana Theus needs you!

Gray haired Leona Campbell has a
way with setting people straight.

I hope that Dana will remember to keep foremost in her mind the old creedo that ANY publicity is good publicity. I hope she won’t mind me using her as a teaching example, but she fits in PERFECTLY with what I mentioned in my Easter post: the way to reap readership rewards is to get out and about by Commenting on other people’s posts. Or, as we say, by being a PEEP!

In most cases, content has less to do with increasing reader views, than the author of a blog going out and Commenting. We can see that here with Dana: deeply relavent, well written content not getting the exposure it deserves.

But, look, it’s because she’s not getting into the BlogHer community, getting out and about by commenting on other people’s posts. Go to her Profile and check out her “Recent Comments.” There aren’t many there! We are not inclined to Comment on her posts because we don’t know her. Don’t know what she likes or how she responds to things or even that she commands her corner of BlogHer.

BlogHer Peeps need to be nurtured.

Business is location, location, location and on the Internet, location is getting face time with people staring at a computer screen. The Internet real estate is whatever is on the screen for the viewer to see, and on BlogHer, Boardwalk and Park Place are the area’s called “Recent Comments” and “What’s Hot on BlogHer” found on the right hand side.

Go to Dana’s profile and click on “Posts” on the top bar, right under the BlogHer Masthead. Look at all of the great, in depth, insightful articles. But, look at the Comments, Twitters, FaceBooks and Sparkles. She’s not getting out there!

I want that to change that for Dana right now!

My point is two fold:

1) BlogHer is a business phenomenon in and of itself. It is a unique marketing situation, never before presented to human-kind. It has it’s own set of rules and working tools. And, every BlogHer that comes to play in the arena needs to learn this unusual set of presentation options. It’s simple, but targeted. It’s directly based on cause and effect throughput. In other words, “If you want a friend, you have to be one!!!!”

And, what’s really neat is, that’s what women have been doing throughout history, only now, it’s got a dollar return. It’s us! Now we can be paid for our good, giving natures!

Women have always been the ones to bake the cake and take it over to welcome a new neighbor. They are the ones who have formed “Welcome Wagons” to make newcomers feel a part of a community. Women are the “Pink Ladies” at the hospitals, going around with carts of sundries to provide caring love to bed-ridden patients. “Being a friend to make one,” has been our mantra since time began.

2) The BlogHer playing field is so simple and so direct, it may not be obvious, even to a high powered business coach like Dana. Perhaps, she doesn’t need more exposure. Maybe she’s up to her ears in clients and prospective speaking engagements, but if Dana is like most of us, she’s posting on BlogHer for a reason. She can increase her expsoure by becoming involved in the BlogHer Community by Commenting on other author’s posts.

Peeps doing the Happy Dance make BlogHer go ’round!
Make sure you’re a Peep! Comment on the posts you like

And, now I have to speak to Dana like MAD TV’s Stephanie Weir portraying Leona Campbell, a character whose comments are dead on, but contain such a bite of reality, they appear untoward:

“Dana, hon-ee, are you on BlogHer because you thought you could just throw yourself out there and people would flock to read your articles because you’re a big fancy business executive type of person?”

“Don’t you understand what exposure at BlogHer can do for you? Or are you just teasing us by hiding in plain sight?”

“Weren’t you a Girl Scout, hon-ee? Do you know you have to be a friend to get one?

“Now, I’m going to ask the BlogHer Peeps to Comment on all your wonderful posts to let you bask in BlogHer love. You’ll see how easy it is to get more exposure for your blog, for your business and for your future plans.”

“Then, once you’ve gotten all of the Peeps Comments on your posts, you Comment back to each one and say, “Hi!” 

Then, go to their post and see what they’re all about…and…while you’re there, Comment on THEIR post.

“Hon-ee! This Commenting back and forth is what makes the BlogHer world go ’round!”

“Your page views, your e-mail sign-ups and your consulting base will all increase.”

“You’ll see!”

I’m looking for all BlogHers
to become BlogHer Peeps

NaBloPoMo April 2012

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