Jan 10 2013

When I went to BlogHer ’12 in New York City last August, I was a babe, uninitiated in the ways of blogger influence and prestige. I had no idea the power of the keyboard on influencing dollars or that people, other than my BlogHer Buddies, cared what I thought.

But, an uninitiated babe no more, I now understand what we bloggers write about in our web sites and cross post to BlogHer can have influence and effect sales. While thinking I was building my web site to empower the sale of my own quilting patterns, without realizing it, in New York City I was slowly becoming an influencer, albeit sorta’ unknown and undercover at first.

The lobby of the New York Hilton, site of BlogHer ’12.

The only party to which I had been invited was a gathering for BoomBox Network, an event e-mailed to me and looked at with wonderment in my in-box. “What in the world was this? This B(L)OOMERS Party?,” I wondered. “Who ARE these people and how do they know me?,” I perplexed. And then I read up on them at their web site http://bit.ly/VJvMO1 and found out BoomBox is “the first agency and network to connect Baby Boomer bloggers and influencers with consumer brand advertisers.”

Upscale SunbonnetSwag with free bag of candy.

So, BoomBox Network is a marketing group for and about the Baby Boomer generation with their giant bite of the available spending dollar pie chart. BoomBox Network had figured out that I’m on the far side of twenty years old and wasn’t afraid to tell me so to my face. I didn’t know whether to rejoice with my new found friends or be insulted that they were pointing out my age. But, the prospect of a fun party assuaged my misgivings. I always look forward to meeting more BlogHers, so replied I would attend. And my intentions were good. Sincere. Genuine. But…

Here’s where I attended the B(L)OOMER Party.

…in a true “My ship came in and I was at the airport” moment, when the evening came to get out and about with blogging Boomers, I was asleep in my room at the New York Hilton. Sigh. I suppose I had an innate desire to prove to all of BlogHer ’12 that I was a true Boomer, too worn out to hang at even a party of Boomers. How bad is that!?!

But, the truth is, I had been up until 3:00am the day I traveled, and my train left Union Station in Washington, D.C. at 8:00am. So, doing the math, by Friday night, my resume spelled T-I-R-E-D. I had planned on going to the party with KarenLynn, so when it was time to go get ready, I told her I would take a “short” nap and catch up later. It was never to be. When I woke up at 9:30pm, I looked at the clock saying, “Nite, Nite,” rolled over and went back to sleep. So much for influencing anything but my pillow.

Back in the game. To blog is to influence.

Now, however, we can fast forward through the fall when I caught up with Audrey Van Petegem, co-founder of BoomBox Network. I did some fast talking to explain my absence last summer and I am currently influencing for BoomBox. I am SO into it. What a great group of women with which to associate. It has added a new dimension to my blogging/web site experience, one that is just as profound as joining BlogHer. I have a new niche with people like me. Lots of fun writers who don’t sweat the small stuff while appreciating each day. Why? Because it might be our last? No, because we are anticipating the best is yet to come. If you are a Boomer, born between 1946 and 1964, think about joining us for an Internet Meet and Greet by clicking on the BoomBox web site at http://bit.ly/VJvMO1

My group’s first Campaign begins today! And, it is a worthy effort getting out the promotions of the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association or ASHA at http://bit.ly/VNbiWI  Our first blog has hit the pavement, impressing me, as I am sure it will you. See what you think when you read, Overcoming Communication Disorders by Karen Austin on her blog, The Generation Above Me.  http://bit.ly/UYG7Hh If you are not aware of the BoomBox Network or ASHA, this timely post will serve as an introduction to both. Both do good work and are worthy of your attention.

Don’t sleep through the opportunity to become a member of the BoomBox Network. If you are a blogging Baby Boomer, born between 1946 and 1964, consider joining BoomBox as an Influencer. It’s time to be compensated for your erstwhile knowledge and experience.

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Apr 14 2012

Gray hair comes with entitled privileges.

I’ve lived long enough to tell everybody what I think, whether my listeners are receptive or not.

Now being older, younsters fifty-nine years and below, have to be polite and don’t dare get up and walk away when I speak to them.

And so, with that fully acknowlegded, you will find youself in another valuable BlogHer Peep Post.

Ms. Leona Campbell fully understands her obligation
to inform and administered younger generations.

Today, I am witnessing the most AMAZING situation I have seen on BlogHer yet.

I have been reading quintessentially phenomenal posts on women and women in  business, all by one BlogHer, Dana Theus, a BlogHer with seventy-one posts in the BlogHer pipeline.

Watch Dana’s video on the contact page of her web site. She has lots to offer. BlogHer has syndicated some of her posts.

And yet, this dynamo, this genius of the business world has zero, as in goose-eggs, comments on most posts. Even on this one which is so important for any woman in business, I can’t BELIEVE it isn’t being shouted from the rooftops!

What in the world?

BlogHer Peeps, I am sounding an alarm that I hope you will answer!

Dana Theus needs you!

Gray haired Leona Campbell has a
way with setting people straight.

I hope that Dana will remember to keep foremost in her mind the old creedo that ANY publicity is good publicity. I hope she won’t mind me using her as a teaching example, but she fits in PERFECTLY with what I mentioned in my Easter post: the way to reap readership rewards is to get out and about by Commenting on other people’s posts. Or, as we say, by being a PEEP!

In most cases, content has less to do with increasing reader views, than the author of a blog going out and Commenting. We can see that here with Dana: deeply relavent, well written content not getting the exposure it deserves.

But, look, it’s because she’s not getting into the BlogHer community, getting out and about by commenting on other people’s posts. Go to her Profile and check out her “Recent Comments.” There aren’t many there! We are not inclined to Comment on her posts because we don’t know her. Don’t know what she likes or how she responds to things or even that she commands her corner of BlogHer.

BlogHer Peeps need to be nurtured.

Business is location, location, location and on the Internet, location is getting face time with people staring at a computer screen. The Internet real estate is whatever is on the screen for the viewer to see, and on BlogHer, Boardwalk and Park Place are the area’s called “Recent Comments” and “What’s Hot on BlogHer” found on the right hand side.

Go to Dana’s profile and click on “Posts” on the top bar, right under the BlogHer Masthead. Look at all of the great, in depth, insightful articles. But, look at the Comments, Twitters, FaceBooks and Sparkles. She’s not getting out there!

I want that to change that for Dana right now!

My point is two fold:

1) BlogHer is a business phenomenon in and of itself. It is a unique marketing situation, never before presented to human-kind. It has it’s own set of rules and working tools. And, every BlogHer that comes to play in the arena needs to learn this unusual set of presentation options. It’s simple, but targeted. It’s directly based on cause and effect throughput. In other words, “If you want a friend, you have to be one!!!!”

And, what’s really neat is, that’s what women have been doing throughout history, only now, it’s got a dollar return. It’s us! Now we can be paid for our good, giving natures!

Women have always been the ones to bake the cake and take it over to welcome a new neighbor. They are the ones who have formed “Welcome Wagons” to make newcomers feel a part of a community. Women are the “Pink Ladies” at the hospitals, going around with carts of sundries to provide caring love to bed-ridden patients. “Being a friend to make one,” has been our mantra since time began.

2) The BlogHer playing field is so simple and so direct, it may not be obvious, even to a high powered business coach like Dana. Perhaps, she doesn’t need more exposure. Maybe she’s up to her ears in clients and prospective speaking engagements, but if Dana is like most of us, she’s posting on BlogHer for a reason. She can increase her expsoure by becoming involved in the BlogHer Community by Commenting on other author’s posts.

Peeps doing the Happy Dance make BlogHer go ’round!
Make sure you’re a Peep! Comment on the posts you like

And, now I have to speak to Dana like MAD TV’s Stephanie Weir portraying Leona Campbell, a character whose comments are dead on, but contain such a bite of reality, they appear untoward:

“Dana, hon-ee, are you on BlogHer because you thought you could just throw yourself out there and people would flock to read your articles because you’re a big fancy business executive type of person?”

“Don’t you understand what exposure at BlogHer can do for you? Or are you just teasing us by hiding in plain sight?”

“Weren’t you a Girl Scout, hon-ee? Do you know you have to be a friend to get one?

“Now, I’m going to ask the BlogHer Peeps to Comment on all your wonderful posts to let you bask in BlogHer love. You’ll see how easy it is to get more exposure for your blog, for your business and for your future plans.”

“Then, once you’ve gotten all of the Peeps Comments on your posts, you Comment back to each one and say, “Hi!” 

Then, go to their post and see what they’re all about…and…while you’re there, Comment on THEIR post.

“Hon-ee! This Commenting back and forth is what makes the BlogHer world go ’round!”

“Your page views, your e-mail sign-ups and your consulting base will all increase.”

“You’ll see!”

I’m looking for all BlogHers
to become BlogHer Peeps

NaBloPoMo April 2012

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