Nov 26 2011

Last July 31, I took photos of our tomatoes before I
started quartering them and putting them in freezer bags.

Well, it was perfect timing. Today, when I made lunch, I grabbed a bag of frozen tomatoes from the freezer. It was labeled “Soup Tomatoes: July 31, 2011” and whoa, what memories came rushing back. I was thinking, while I added the tomatoes to a skillet of a tomato-grass fed burger-rice-sour cream goulash, that I remember the day I made up these bags for the freezer. I made up freezer bags of soup tomatoes from the zillions of tomatoes in our backyard garden and was wondering how we would EVER eat, can or freeze them all. Thinking about all of this was perfect timing, because after lunch I came upstairs to read e-mails and discovered the TomatoFest Annual Seed Sale is in progress! There was an e-mail in my in-box. Whoa, again! Time to think of next year already…

Gary Ibsen is the founder of TomatoFest and has annual tomato
seed sales. Many gardeners call him “The Tomato Man.”

I really like ordering seeds from TomatoFest because the seed’s quality is guaranteed and they have many different types in their selection. This year, out of the 600 tomato seed varieties they carry, 125 are included in the Seed Sale. The Seed Sale just started on November 23, and runs until January 11, 2012. All of the seeds are fresh, harvested for the 2012 season, but in such grand supply, that the Ibsens can offer them at a discount…for a while. If the seeds start running out, they will be taken off of the sale list, so RUN, don’t walk to your computer and order today to be sure and get in on the sale. BTW, some seeds are as much as 50% discounted! I placed my order this morning, within a half hour of getting the TomatatoFest Annual Seed Sale notice.

Last year’s order from TomatoFest produced a
sumptuous bounty of joyful eating and fond memories.

Tomato seeds are hearty and can last from 3-5 years and longer if they are kept dry, cool and in a dark place. For that reason, I can always talk myself into buying many fun varieties during the TomatoFest Annual Seed Sale. It is interesting that the Annual Seed Sale promotes economic independence by encouraging people to try their hand at backyard food gardening. In fact, Gary Ibsen says, “Our intention is to continue to be responsive to our challenged economy and make it easier for the growing number of folks who are choosing to grow more of their own food.”

Once you get “bit by the heirloom tomato bug,” you’ll
want to try all sorts of different shapes, colors, and
sizes. The number of varieties on TomatoFest’s web site
is simply amazing. To see for yourself, go here.


The secret of companion planting is a hot tip, because
plants can influence each other, positively or negatively.
If you have an interest in this book, hover your mouse over
the link below to preview:

Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion
Planting for Successful Gardening

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