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Tillie the Toiler
August 14, 1932

Meet the two most important people in Tillie’s Life!

Tillie the Toiler was a popular comic for many years, because each Sunday brought a new paper doll, outfits and accessories in the Sunday newspaper comic section. Tillie worked for a sophisticated women’s wear company and her boss was clothing mogul J. Simpkins. Tillie’s adventures included meeting attractive, and usually wealthy, young men. No matter where she went or what she did, she was always impeccably dressed. You can have fun with Tillie, her mother Mrs. Jones and her office chum, Mac.

Although Mac was obviously devoted to Tillie and always there for her, she did not return his affections, considering him a pal and business associate. Here, Mac has his Scottish dress carefully groomed to make a good impression on Tillie. Tillie’s mother, called Mumsy, has two outfits, realistically portraying what many women of the time might have recognized: an everyday dress with its ever present apron and a fancy dress and hat for Sunday.

Remember that Tillie the Toiler was printed in the comic section of the newspaper and that colors and/or registration of the outlines will be of newsprint quality. This adds to the appeal of these paper dolls that will soon be a hundred years old.

Included in this 3 page PDF newsprint color paper doll are:

  • A Mumsy Doll in a white slip with pink lace bodice and hem
  • A blue day dress with front buttons, white collar and apron
  • A belted pink dressy dress with white lace bodice and hem
  • An over-sized pink hat with white bow
  • A Mac Doll in white belted, black athletic outfit
  • Blue bodied jacket with plaid lapels, kilt and attached sporran
  • Blue Scot’s hat with plaid band and side cockade
  • White spats with plaid top and shiny black shoes.

These paper dolls and their accessories are a PDF that will be downloaded to your computer and printed off by your computer’s printer. Please help keep Sunbonnet Smart on-line by not sharing paper dolls. Be fair! Don’t share!

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