Oct 24 2010

An early 1900s postcard expressing current sentiments.

Well, it seems like whatever is happening, there are those who want just the opposite to happen. For example, around the Turn of the Century, the 1800s into the 1900s, the United States was mostly an agrarian society. Most people in America lived on the farm and longed to go to the “Big City” if and when they had a day off, or if and when they were of the age that they could leave the farm with Mom and Dad behind.

So, let’s fast forward a hundred years to where more people live in or near cities than live in the country.  Now, everybody I know talks about how nice it would be to have a piece of land where they could have a garden and some chickens. Sure seems like we have come full circle.

These geese were the first to notice
we have come full circle.

The love affair we had with the machine that came in with industrialization is over. Now we realize that nothing will replace the human mind or body, no matter what the robo-engineers at the technical schools like to claim to try and have job security. It is heartwarming to see tried and true values of family and home life returning along with a respect and love for nature and our planet Earth.

It also seems like there just as many people who aren’t caught up with modern conveniences as those that are. Once you think about all the families who are taking television sets out of their homes, for instance, and returning to family time and visiting with neighbors, it becomes clear that we are now using modern conveniences to enhance, not rule, our lives. It seems many people are waking up to the idea that getting back to nature and the way G-d made the world might be a right fine idea.

Fresh country air provides organic country apples.

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