Jun 18 2014

Many sewers and quilters pride themselves on sewing without pins.

They somehow feel it elevates their command of the skill, demonstrating they are able to precisely feed fabric past a feed-dog at lightening speeds.

Nothing could be further from my truth. I use zillions of pins, the more the better, removing each one as it approaches the needle, having insured proper placement for the intended stitches. I need my pins. I love my pins. And, I wouldn’t work without them.

Pins Side w typeFive inch squares with side sashing pinned in place.

I feel secure with my pins, while I scoff at those who feel I’m below them in the quilting pecking order. Am I to be defined by my abundant use of pins? Are you who “do without” really, truly a better quilter? Isn’t the finished product, a rigid cross hatch of perfectly met corners and uncompromising 45º diagonals the true test of quilting merit? Are the biddy’s at the Quilt Shows with their half glasses pranced mid-nose able to qualify your work as “Sans Pins” upon inspection? Ha! I say not!

Pins Close up w typeGazillions of pins help make zillions of Quilt Squares.

So let me wallow with my pins in ignorant bliss, while feeling secure as to the outcome of my work. I stand firm in my belief that pinning prevents unexpected mix-ups, fly-aways and fall-aparts. No matter what happens to my quilting space, my in-progress work will be preserved. Not so with that reckless Latifah Saafir, the “Quilting Engineer,” who publicly sews “Glam” Clamshell Tops without pins holding the pieces together. Just take a gander at this:

Maybe you won’t break out in hives watching
this pin free video, but I did.

See? See? Did you see that? Amazing! But then, to my taste, I could pin that curved seam before the first notch pretty fast, then not have to futz with it while it’s in the machine. Everybody finds their own best way to do things, once basic skills are learned, so maybe I am talking to a legion of healthy, happy non-pinners. If so, I salute you, saying, “How would I know?”

Overview Pins w typeAh! Everything is in secure order.

But, as for me, I shall continue to revel in boxes, and boxes, of yellow headed quilting pins, loving them, tending to them, making sure they are dry and sharp, while ready for duty. I will lovingly make them pincushions, sharpen them with emory and promise never to leave them alone in the damp. For, as my pins go, so goes my sewing. And, that’s the truth!

So, ‘fess up! Are you a pinner? Non-pinner? Or fall somewhere in between? I promise not to take it personally.

Let me know by Commenting below, Tweeting to @SunbonSmart or following SunbonnetSmart on Instagram. The whole world is waiting!

 Sewing wihtout pins

Sewing Without Pins for Everyone


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One response to “Working for Pins”

  1. So true! I’m with you 100%! I pin everything TO DEATH. Everybody always comments on my perfect points. Well, people, it’s all about the pins! And I also pretreat my fabric with steam and starch.

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