Nov 01 2012

Hearing the word “journalism” sends me back to my childhood in the 1950s.

My father was a reporter for The Washington Star newspaper in Washington, D.C. He worked long hours and was always on deadline, readying his copy to go to the Editor for publication in the evening edition of the paper, The Evening Star.

As Daddy’s little girl, I idolized him and his writing ability, all the while accepting I could never be a reporter. I was a female child and so the opportunities, he explained, were limited. He didn’t like it, but that was the way it was. And indeed, that was the way it was. My mother, trying to console me as mothers do, broadened my prospects by saying I could be a nurse or teacher until I married, or if I wanted to go into business, a secretary.

I remember buying a Giant Lois Lane
comic book just like this for 25cents.
As a result of this lack of future choice, I satisfied my journalistic bent by reading Superman Comics and avidly following my hero, Lois Lane. I thrilled as she took notes in her journal pad, just like my Dad did. I loved it when she was on deadline just like he was, typing away at a typewriter and running her copy into Perry White, her Editor, before going on to the next story.

I even thought of myself as Lois Lane while teaching myself to type on Daddy’s Royal typewriter. I felt so smart with the inked ribbon winding from one spool to the other as I clicked the return carriage to roll up the typing paper to my next line.

When the above comic came out at the drugstore, most of my playmates thought of Lois as the bride of Superman, but my eyes saw her sitting behind her desk at the typewriter. Regardless of my attempted foreshadowing as a reporter over the long haul, by the time I was in college, I had decided I would be a teacher.

It seemed a better fit, because, well, journalism was just too difficult for a woman to fight her way up “through the ranks.” For years I went round and round, never excited about one particular career and always wanting to write, working it into whatever profession I was in. Writing technical manuals. Writing directions for quilting patterns. Writing grants. Writing promos. Always writing, but never reporting, because, well, you know, I was a woman.

Can you believe this? Can you believe blindly following what you are told and for YEARS? That’s pretty much the way many women were back in the 1950s, 60s and less intensely in the 70s. I was taught to accept my role. It wasn’t that I had to marry and be a mother, it was just that I couldn’t be anything else. I was not compliant as much as I was not awake to the idea that my life could be, perhaps should be, different.

Luckily, I was at the crest of the wave of social change. My high school abolished the dress code in 1969, my Senior Year. The so-called “Summer of Love” and Woodstock followed soon after. By the time I graduated from college, I had awakened to other dreams and possibilities, but it wasn’t until, being much older, I thought of having a blog and getting down to the business of written self-actualization.

So now, maybe you’ll understand why I am fascinated with blogging and with  With the Internet climate promoting blogging, anyone with the drive and desire can write, edit and publish. With all of the accessible self-publishing opportunities, anyone can express themselves while promoting their interests to the world.

It is a phenomenal concept some may take for granted, but not this little girl who finally decided to become her own version of Lois Lane, and also, BTW, Perry White.

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Dec 08 2010

Mike Dooley

I grew up with a mother who was a reader of Norman Vincent Peale’s long standing best selling, The Power of Positive Thinking. Choosing to see life as a glass half full rather than as half empty was a concept I learned to experience at an early age. And, I believed it has served me well. Learning to see the challenges in life as benefits brings immerse power easily used to navigate uncertain waters.

Nowadays, the same concepts are popularly championed by many authors, speakers and web sites. Presented with varying view points and directives, positive thinking, or positively visualizing good in your future, has a way of creating significant benefits in your life and in that of those you love. I like to study all that these positive people have to offer. Showing a strong belief in the eternal good that is always happening is what religions call faith. And a strong faith, believing that G-d has a plan no matter the immediate hardship, will carry a person through to the good times.

Here, Mike Dooley, featured in the book The Secret, gives a presentation to Toastmasters about visualizing good and having it made manifest:

Mike Dooley has an inviting way of speaking to teach that
believing in good will cause wonderful things to happen.

Mike Dooley is the author of the book Infinite Possibilities and is the webmaster of the Totally Unique Thoughts web site providing a great deal of information on the concept.  It will expand your horizons and encourage you  to allow good to come into your life, if you haven’t already discovered this for yourself. But, even so, a good review helps to affirm the belief and stimulate it into action. See what you think and let me know!

As Mike Dooley says, “Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones!”

If you have an interest in this concept, hover your mouse
over the links below to preview these two books:

The Secret


Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams

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Dec 04 2010

Ed Slott reveals the sad truth of IRAs.

Ed Slott is mesmerizing in his manner of speech. I love listening to him.  I feel better informed about lifetime saving realities and on top of my game when I view his videos and read his books. The bottom line? The tax free accounts most people fund all their working lives don’t give a valid return. As this goes against everything proposed by the nationally accepted plan of savings and it’s conversion, this might be hard for you to believe. But, Ed Slott’s presentation were was convincing enough for our family to place our 401-K assets into other investment avenues.

Think about this: Ed Slott says that if “you like staring at zeros on a piece of paper,” you are well served by your IRA plans, but if you want lifetime assets to eventually cash in or pass down to your family, you are in the wrong ball park. It just doesn’t work the way you have been lead to believe it does.

I couldn’t possibly lay it all out for you as well as Ed Slott, so here is a video to broaden your saving horizons. Click play to learn how you can better your retirement and your family’s inheritance:

Video #1-3 seem to be missing on, but this
one explains the basics. At the end, look over to the
right hand side and find #5 & 6.

Ed Slott has a very informative and polished web site to access by clicking here. By the way, there is a workshop for financial advisers on March 25 & 26 in Washington, D.C. that beckons to any financial professional interested in helping clients provide the best for themselves later in life and for their heirs.

Although you may not have heard of Ed Slott as yet, the bio on his web site lists a few of his many accomplishments. He has been “named “The Best” source for IRA advice by The Wall Street Journal and called “America’s IRA Expert” by Mutual Funds Magazine. Ed is a widely recognized professional speaker and collaborated to create the nationally aired Public Television specials, “Lower Your Taxes Now and Forever with Ed Slott” (2010), “Stay Rich for Life! with Ed Slott” (2009), and “Stay Rich Forever & Ever with Ed Slott” (2008).

Ed Slott also established the IRA Leadership ProgramSM and Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM, which were developed specifically to help financial institutions and advisors, financial advisor firms and insurance companies become recognized leaders in the IRA marketplace”


On his web site, Ed Slott offers a newsletter power packed with essential information.  Look for this banner:

Experts are baffled by the complex IRA tax laws and their corresponding rules. Yet, you must know them and how to apply them CORRECTLY to any particular situation. Otherwise, you will be hit with excessive taxes and possibly even penalties that can consume the lion’s share of your life savings.

Protecting your nest egg from needless taxation is the main purpose of this newsletter.


I betcha, once you watch Ed Slott’s video and look at his web site, you will be looking forward to reading his books.  I can’t say which one is better as they all provide insights that knock your sense of the IRA savings world off its moorings.

Here is one of his books for you to preview by hovering your mouse over the link:

The Retirement Savings Time Bomb . . . and How to Defuse It: A Five-Step Action Plan for Protecting Your IRAs, 401(k)s, and Other RetirementPlans from Near Annihilation by the Taxman

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Sep 05 2010

A postcard from 1910 titled “The Last Day of Summer.”

We like to go to Ocean City, Maryland for Labor Day weekend. We can’t wait to go to the beach, but the end of summer bubbles up gloriously bittersweet memories. I know that September 21 is the real change of season, but somehow, Labor Day is when everything changes for me.

The start of school used to signal the change, but that was when school began “when it should,” the Tuesday after Labor Day. Now, with changing school schedules to accommodate snow days and other realities, I’ve had to become more flexible. Labor Day itself has become my guide to shifting gears and getting ready for fall.

Summer Sunset at 8th Street, Ocean City, Maryland

But, I’ll share a secret. The east coast beaches are a great place to relax any time of year as I’ve never had a bad beach day. And, if you can’t make it down to the shore, or if you’re out in a landlocked area of our great nation, try visiting the Maryland – Delaware Beach Cams.

When you land on the Ocean City, Maryland web site, you’ll be looking out of the Ocean City web cam. This cam is located on the Boardwalk and on the Home Page, you can click on Cams for Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach, both in Delaware. Beach web cams are the next best thing to being there.

That is, until Memorial Day, 2011, arrives on the calender!

Vintage postcard from the early 1900s.

The next time you’re looking out past the ocean toward the other side and beyond, squint and try to get a glimpse of what lies ahead in your life. As the ocean’s waves swirl up the air into ocean breezes, and the seagulls parasail above, it’s a great time to take stock of where you are and where you’re headed. A favorite affirmation I say to solidify my thinking into a place of calm is, “Where I am is where I’m supposed to be.”

Ocean City’s beach and the Boardwalk with the Lazy Train.

When I’m at the beach, I say it over and over, timing its rhythm to the push and pull of the waves. This affirmation in particular gives me permission to be at home with all of the things I have accomplished, but could have done better and all the things “not yet done” and still on the list. I am where I am in space and time, and that’s just fine: it’s me!

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Aug 26 2010

I find Harold S. Kushner’s books very helpful.

When I was little and thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up, my main goal was to have life interesting. I didn’t want routine. I didn’t want to be bored and I have gotten my wish. It has been a very interesting life so far. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I have always felt that everyone’s “good things” and “bad things” even out over a lifetime, and because I have had some stupendously wonderful things happend, that gift has been balanced by having some horribly debilitating things happen. It is easy to get through the good times, but when things in your life get so complicated that you can’t figure your way through it, try flipping through the pages of a book such as this one. When Good Things Happen to Bad People and the rest of Harold S. Kushner’s books are worth considering. They have always helped me hold on until I felt more balanced.

If you would like to preview When Bad Things Happen to Good People, hover your mouse over this link:

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

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