Dec 20 2010

What a great e-mail video I received over the weekend. If you love animals and all of the love they give back, you also will love this spritely version of “Deck the Halls.” Imagine the work it took to get everyone to sing on cue. Here’s hoping this enhances your holidays.

Fa-La-La-La-LA  La-La-La-La!

Felted animals, made with wool roving and teased
into shape with a needle, are easy to make and
very appealing. If this interests you, hover your
mouse over the link below:

Little Felted Animals: Create 16 Irresistible Creatures with Simple Needle-Felting Techniques

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Nov 26 2010

Many elm trees were lost to Dutch Elm disease.
Too bad the poor elms couldn’t take a Bach Flower Remedy.
(For more about elm trees, click here.)

Bach Flower Remedies have been important to me since I began to use them in the 1980s. During that time, I became aware of energy healing, working to change the frequencies at which the body and emotions operate. The Bach Remedies have been a big help to me as I have found that they are gentle guides to making life go more smoothly.

Bach Flower Remedies are liquids in dropper bottles.

This is the perfect time of year to mention the “Elm” remedy in particularly. It is one of my favorites and seems to readjust my perceptions of panic when I feel overwhelmed with a big project upon which I am working while attending to all of the other life demands. A couple drops under the tongue, and my perceptions of an inability to complete required tasks dissipate. I can then focus on matter at hand without distraction.

Much like homeopathic preparations, Bach Flower Remedies gently nudge your energy flows to more controlled, sustained harmonic levels. They just give your “battery” a little jump start to get back in gear. Much has been written about the remedies because they have been in use and studied since the 1930s, first formulated and tested by Dr. Edward Bach.

This review is from Amazon, written by Rebecca. It is found under the “The Bach Flower Remedies” listing:

Have you ever noticed how your mood is instantly elevated when you inhale the scent of a rose deeply and with purpose. The world seems like a better place instantly. Rose oil has a frequency of around 320 MHz. Flowers are beautiful on their own and can lift your mood with their fragrance or with their petals blowing in the breeze in nature.

So, what other secrets do flowers conceal? Apparently, they can help us to change our emotional state. The scent of roses is said to dispel anger, or so I have read! In this book, flowers are celebrated as natural healers which can help us return to a healthful state.

Our emotions can at times manifest themselves as a health issue and greatly affect our bodies. Dr. Edward Bach (1897-1936) believed that physical illness was a manifestation of emotional imbalance. He believed we can heal and balance the body with nontoxic methods.

For a preview, hover your mouse over this link:

The Bach Flower Remedies

A short overview of the life and work of the
renown Dr. Edward Bach.

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Nov 18 2010

With the holidays coming up,
it’s time to practice crowd control.

If you haven’t figured out how to descend on someone’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, and if you have the barbarian hordes descending on your home, it’s time to realize your power to control the day and adjust the festivities to your own level of comfort. Setting boundaries and limits to what you will and will not do can help you feel less overwhelmed. Rhetorically speaking, taking a few stiff belts of your favorite beverage can help temper the anticipation of relatives arriving with their boatload of comments, complaints and “suggestions.” But, without resorting to intoxicants, some directed forethought and well placed lifelines to sanity will encourage you to feel like a model hostess, thereby resisting impulses to slip out the kitchen back door when no one is looking.

One may take solace in the fact that relatives are an age-old problem as shown by the vintage postcard displayed below. If you are dreading the onslaught this Thanksgiving, no reason to feel like you are The Lone Ranger. These post cards were mass produced by the thousands for the general public over a hundred years ago so you know you are not the first and, odds are, will not be the last.

An age old problem with a simple solution?

In-laws truly present a special set of obligations and a special set of problems. It is interesting that in life, because of blood relations, you are expected to interact with people on a continual basis that you would never seek out for a sustained friendship. I have stood talking to my relatives and inwardly thought, “You know, if I met you at a party, I would be so turned off by your pompous arrogance, that I would never speak with you again.” Just inwardly acknowledging that I have rejected them for friendship has helped me step back from saying something I might regret. I have risen to the occasion a little easier, with less inward stress, because this related individual has been deposed as “not worthy.”

Are overbearing relatives the ruination of your holidays?

When I read many of the self help guidelines for getting along with relatives on the Internet, such as “How to Get Along with Relatives” found here or “Family Parties: Getting Along with Relatives or Anyone Else” found at this site, I am reminded that it is important to remember I can’t change other people, I can only change myself. But, one thing these self-help sites don’t emphasize enough is when you take responsibility for maintaining your own self control and discipline, do not feel responsible for everyone’s behavior as well.

For instance, don’t beat yourself up emotionally because you could not, on the spot without any warning, find the right phrase to diffuse Aunt Harriet’s unneeded comments about Cousin Mitzie’s couch potato husband, Bob, who’s lost another job. Don’t take responsibility for lifting that lead balloon out of the air.  You’ve fixed the dinner, washed the crystal and polished the silver. You don’t also have to be a stand up comedienne “just in from Las Vegas” delivering the perfect one liner to make everyone happy again.

No! Just smile and pass the sweet potatoes.

If Aunt Harriet is going to bomb, let her. If Cousin Mitzie is offended, let her cover for Bob one more time, she’s used to it. The point is, as hostess, you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to the group for the dinner to go well. Save yourself the effort because odds are, no one will appreciate your “interfering” anyway. No one will think you said just the right thing anyway. And, if you shield yourself from getting hooked into the action, it will be easier to relax and enjoy the rest of the day and rest of the family.

So! Like I said, smile and pass the sweet potatoes.

And, if you need a reminder as to how involved family
relationships can become, here is a 1991 episode of
TV’s Roseanne with a family Thanksgiving get-together.


The Relationship Cure is highly recommended. If it
interests you, hover your mouse over this link:

The Relationship Cure: A 5 Step Guide to Strengthening Your Marriage, Family, and Friendships

“This is the best book on relationships I have ever read — a truly impressive tour-de-force. John Gottman has discovered the Rosetta Stone of relationships. He has decoded the subtle secrets contained in our moment-to-moment communications. By introducing the simple yet amazingly powerful concept of the “bid,” he provides a remarkable set of tools for relationship repair. By the middle of the second chapter you’re likely to say to yourself, “Oh, so that’s what’s happening in my relationship with my partner (or colleague, boss, or sister), and now I know what to do about it.”
— Daniel B. Wile, Ph.D.,author of After the Fight: Using Your Disagreements to Build a Stronger Relationship

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Oct 26 2010

Washington Irving was born the year the Revolutionary War ended, in 1783. Because the new country had a new President named George Washington, many children born around the time the Revolutionary War ended were named after the President. So, Washington Irving grew up in New York City and was the kind of child that searched for adventure. He was fascinated with life and everything that happened in it. Eventually, he went to study in Europe as many young people did, and when he returned, he was considered America’s first great literary figure. He wrote the collection of stories called, The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gentleman. Both of Washington Irving’s famous stories of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle” are found in this collection.

But we at Sunbonnet Smart have another reason to consider this successful author, acclaimed on two continents. Washington Irving, at one time in his life, went bankrupt! It is interesting the bankruptcy had to be declared in the Irving family for the same reason many people declared bankruptcy today, not for spending foolishly, but because of medical emergencies that deplete personal assets, the income of which is also severely limited by the ill person’s loss of salary.

In 1815 his brother Peter, who was in charge of the Liverpool office of the family import business, had fallen ill and the family company was not doing well. As Washington Irving was in England on a non-business trip at the time, it was natural that he stay and help Peter out by trying to run the family business. Although he worked hard for two years, he could not pull the company out of it’s decline and had to declare bankruptcy.

It is noteworthy that because of hardship, because of a negative life incident like bankruptcy, Washington Irving turned to seriously publishing his writing to bring in extra income. And what a wonderful thing for all of us that he did. It is just amazing how many downturns are actually just a shift in our options. Because of hardship, we end up trying things we never would have otherwise. Trust me when I say this, as I am now a web master. Who would have known?

It is interesting that Washington Irving’s hardships in managing a declining business and suffering through two years of worry over finances encouraged his flexible temperament. This positive attitude will be recognized as an asset to a productive future by all Sunbonnet Smart readers. It is noted that he once wrote in a letter to his brother William, Jr., “I endeavor to take things as they come with cheerfulness and when I cannot get a dinner to suit my taste, I endeavor to get a taste to suit my dinner”.

This Disney version of Washington Irving’s
Legend of Sleepy Hollow was first televised
on October 26, 1955, exactly 55 years ago TODAY!

If you are interested in a nice version of the classic
“Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle, hover
your mouse over this link:

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow & Rip Van Winkle (Treasury of Illustrated Classics – Series UPC 39360)

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Oct 25 2010

Just in time for Halloween fun!
Meet Benjamin and Emma Bushytail.

Soon leaves on trees will be a memory, the frost will be on the pumpkin and we’ll be headed toward winter. Squirrels will be trying to remember where they have buried all of their nuts so they have enough food to make it through the winter. Some squirrels have been in school since September, such as Benjamin and Emma Bushytail.

Now Emma and Benjamin are putting down their studies to plan their Halloween costumes so they can go Trick or Treating at the tree homes in their neighborhood. Benjamin has decided to be a skeleton and Emma is going to be a witch. Both are going to carry pumpkin baskets that Momma Squirrel bought to hold their candy.

Do you like paper Dolls? I do. They were always my favorite when I was little because I could make new outfits, any color I wanted, with just a sheet of paper, a pencil and some crayons.

The Bushytails were drawn by a very famous paper doll artist, Kathy Lawrence, in 1992. Ms. Lawrence grew up around paints and brushes because her mother, Queen Holden, was also an artist. Kathy Lawrence has designed many fun paper dolls that you can order from The Shackman Store found here. You will find the Bushytails with outfits for a wedding, a set of Oliver and Olivia Owl paper dolls and a set of rabbit paper dolls called the Hopper Family.

Kathy Lawrence lives in Texas and still designs lots of interesting and fun things for children. She is a famous illustrator for greeting cards and collector plates as well as soft, beautiful religious paintings.

If you would like to download this FREE pdf of The Bushytail paper dolls, click here or click the image below:

Designed by Kathy Lawrence in 1992 for B. Shakman, these Bushytail family girl and boy, Benjamin and Emma, would love to come live at your house. Download this pdf file onto strong 24 pound card by clicking on the thumbnail above. Cut out with sharp scissors while being careful not to cut off the tabs that will hold the clothes on to the figures. When you are done playing, try storing Benjamin, Emma and their clothes in an envelope so you won’t lose all the pieces.

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