Dec 04 2011

Baltimore Oriole from the Cornell Web site

Are you familiar with the
Cornell Lab of Ornithology?

…located in Ithaca, New York?


Northern Cardinal from the Cornell Web site

…the world renown Lab of Ornithology
at Cornell University?

…located on, get this,
Sapsucker Woods Road?

Well, neither was I. I was in the dark about higher level bird study, alone and afraid until my good friend, Wayne Wright, Associate Director of the New York State Historical Association Research Library, told me many years ago about signing up for the Cornell Bird Watch.

Wayne explained that every year, birders all over the United States took time to go out and count birds, listing the number and species of all birds they saw on certain designated days. I signed up and enjoyed participating for many years, feeling like I was contributing in some small way to science, somehow insuring the survival of my bird friends.

Mourning Dove from the Cornell web site

Now, fast forward please, to 2011, where the annual bird watch has expanded, right along with computer access. Now, the watch, rather than occurring on one day, occurs throughout the winter season and is known as Project Feeder Watch. This season began on Saturday, November 12, and will continue until Friday, April 6, 2012. Project Feeder Watch participants, called “Citizen Scientists,” can count birds on two consecutive days each week. They don’t have to be plastered at their windows, watching back yards feeding stations all day long, but rather can keep a casual eye out and record the largest number of a species seen at any one time.

Click here to go to the Cornell Feeder Watch
web site and engage a delightful video about
Project Feeder Watch

If you have a feeder where you can comfortably watch, while you do other things, then you can participate. Just go to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology web site, found here, to sign up and begin the adventure. You can join at any time!

If you need an identification guide, this is a good one.
Hover your mouse over this link to preview:

The Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher


NaBloPoMo 2011

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Oct 28 2011

The term Senior Moment means more than “not remembering
where you placed the car keys.” With people living longer
and taking full advantage of the good life, the term
Senior Moment can refer to pleasant moments later in life.

And, talk about pleasant moments! You’ve got to love these Seniors. What “get up and go” they have. I can remember being in graduate school and living near a ninety year old women who rode her bike everyday. I can remember thinking, “When I’m ninety years old, I hope I’ll be riding my bike everyday.” But then, I realized I wasn’t riding a bike everyday at age thirty…who was I kidding? Well, I hope when I’m in my nineties, I’ll be singing rock songs with friends…

Young @ Heart is a senior group of singers
that rock and roll to popular hits.

Watching these Young @ Heart videos pump me up. How invigorating it is to see everyone having a good time, being active and refusing to sit back and let the world pass by.  Isolation can occur at any age.  So, it’s good for everyone to remember to enjoy enriching group activities.

When I found the following videos on YouTube, I was tickled to see people who grew up without computer technology adding to their experiences. What fun they are having. They are enjoying life and each other.

The frustration of trying something new and having no point
of reference increases the learning curve quite a bit.

Think of how computers have changed in the last twenty-five years and how they have changed everything we do. When I started working with computers in the mid-1980s, the screen was yellow green and the only way to move the cursor was selecting arrows on the keyboard. In 1993, when Microsoft released “this new program” called Windows, I couldn’t understand why I had to buy a new computer and just couldn’t enlarge the memory of my old one. And then, on top of buying a new computer, I had to learn new things. Sigh…  Now, I believe my acceptance of having to learn things hard and fast in the computer world has changed me for the better. I expect to be frustrated with innovations on the computer and to work through them successfully.

This video is endearing as love surmounts unknown technology.

Back when Windows was first introduced, the thought of buying a new computer just to accommodate a new program was hard to understand. It was equally hard not to invest, though, because friends were raving about Windows and were very convincing as to its merits. When I bought a new computer with Windows, I was amazed at how Windows enabled one to work on tasks without flipping back and forth through many screens. Why, one could just open a new window and do more than one thing at a time! It was wondrous and now, with all of the videos, colors and graphics we have today, computer progress during the last twenty-five years is truly a miracle.

Another Young @ Heart video to put pep in your step.
I dare you to stop toe tapping!

I guess what keeps one eternally young is “going with the flow.” Getting up and out of the comfortable chair, going out to see what the world has to offer, then jumping in and learning how to enjoy what’s new and exciting. Works well at any age, but especially so when one is older. At that time, it is easier to believe there is nothing new while one sits in a comfortable chair looking at the same four walls. And, sadly, it’s true. There won’t be anything new, if one doesn’t get up and go out to find it.

One reviewer says: “Race around the board and challange each other to remember lists-from the simple to downright goofy. For example: can you remember to: pat your head, whistle “Dixie”, stick out your tounge, give the peace sign and touch your nose…in that order? 2 to 8 players. Ages…sorry, but we can’t remember how old you need to be to qualify! I read that out of the magazine that I orderd it from.”

If playing Senior Moments sounds like fun to you, hover
your mouse over this link to preview the game,
before you forget…    Senior Moments Board Game

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