Dec 17 2011

Well, as if it isn’t enough to be reminded by every health advocate and medical doctor on the planet to physically exercise at least three times a week, now we have to exercise our minds as well. The reasons are convincing, however, as Dr. Joseph Mercola states on his web site blog,” Mental stimulation, such as traveling, learning to play an instrument or doing crossword puzzles, can help lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s. Scientists believe that constantly challenging your brain helps make it less prone to the lesions associated with Alzheimer’s disease.”

And so, wanting to keep all of my SunbonnetSmart family healthy and alert, I am offering my idea of a Mind Gym to challenge you into mental health for years to come. This is the place to visit for mental exercise, to learn something new and expand your thinking. Some things that will be discussed will seem strange and some you will not agree with or be able to wrap your arms around. But, hopefully all will be worth your consideration.

And so, now I will offer you the concept of The Tenth Dimension, a line of thinking made popular by Rob Bryanton in his book and video on the subject. So, see what you think of the Tenth Dimension….

From If you are in, or aware, of the tenth dimension, this means you are able to place yourself in any realm of possibility (and impossibility) that you can imagine yourself in. Essentially, you can change the entirety of the world around you to the exact specifications you see fit.

The Tenth Dimension is the sum of all possible universes that have the same initial conditions as ours, and the sum of all possible and impossible universes with different initial conditions as ours. Basically if you can interact or are in the tenth dimension… there is nothing that can’t be done… anything can be done.

In other words, anything you can imagine or visualize is possible and can happen. What an empowering concept no matter what you think of the physical science that may or may not be behind it. In addition, the idea creates discussion and gets those brain synapses firing in a thought ballet of activity and that’s the point of mental exercise.

Rob Bryanton, author of Imagining the Tenth Dimension

In case you’re interested in reading more, here is a link to Rob Bryanton’s book that expounds on the Tenth Dimension. Preview it by hovering your mouse over the following link:

Imagining the Tenth Dimension: A New Way of Thinking About Time and Space

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Dec 08 2011

A delightfully recreat-tion-al experience.

The biggest gift I could give anyone would be the wonderfully restorative CD, Sanctuary Island meditative journey narrated by Robert Gerzon. I have been listening to the calming effects of meditative narration and sharing it with others since the late 1980s. I thank this CD and its creator for getting me through some difficult times, when I needed all my senses to be sharp and I needed rest. Listening to Sanctuary Island when I was upset and feeling alone allowed me to get the rest I needed as it calmed me down with vacation imagery of a visit to a tropical island.

When I first bought this CD, it was on a two sided casette tape that had to be turned over to listen to the other side. Now, it is available on a CD with an enticing cover, why I can take a vacation just looking at it. For those in a hurry before you calm down, Sanctuary Island can be download right from Robert Gerzon’s web site. Take a vacation in a half hour: no tickets, no packing and no airport security. Can’t beat it!

NaBloPoMo 2011

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Jan 08 2011

What a glorious story of being homeless while holding
out with hope and a positive attitude.


It was an inspirational moment when I viewed this first video on last week.  What a neat person and what a story. But, as the week went on, the story and the video’s posting on YouTube got better and better. This is a perfect example of keep love in your heart, knowing what you want, visualizing it and making it happen. Seeing this was a great way to begin the New Year. See what you think!


Standing on a street corner with a sign advertising
his abilities has changed Ted William’s life. He has
gone from homeless to famous, literally overnight.


CBS and the Today Show both picked him up and
interviewed him giving him more national exposure,
a new job and a new home!

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Sep 20 2010

Louise L. Hay

One of Louise Hay’s important claimss is that many people do not love and care for themselves.  They carry the burden of self criticism around in their heads in addition to all of their other problems.  When negatively self-imaged people realize that self dissatisfaction short circuits daily progress, they can then worked through the self-imposed burden by intentionally creating a positive self image. Working on creating a positive self image can be done by saying affirmations throughout the day. Affirmations are short positive sentences that address problems head on. When we realize we have a problem and work to solve it, the battle is half won.  Saying positive affirmations creates new thoughts patterns and establishes better tomorrows.

Try saying this simple affirmation from Louise Hay: “I love and approve of myself.” The harder it is for one to say, the more one needs to say it. Try saying it throughout the day and before you go to bed at night. I did in the 1980s. From this simple beginning, I was able to change my life and face the future with a great deal of confidence.

I have introduced many friends to the book and her system of saying affirmations to program one’s brain, so to speak, into creating a positive outlook that in turn creates more positive experiences. It’s one of the most valuable concepts I can share with you today. I know it sounds too simple to work, but just try it, and try it again, and again. I bet you can feel yourself relax.

If you would like to watch the trailer from Ms. Hay’s movie, click on the play button:

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Sep 19 2010

First published in 1984, it’s current today.

I first met Louise L. Hay in the 1980s. I say “met” because when I read her book, You Can Heal Your Life. I felt like I knew her personally. I was in one of those life valleys where things are overwhelming and there seems to be no way out.  It’s been so long ago now, I can’t remember exactly how I found out about Louise Hay and her ability to speak to those in trouble or in pain. Once I grabbed on to her philosophy to take control of one’s life, I never let go.

Before she figured out that a positive outlook bodes well for bringing in more positive experiences, Louise Hay had a difficult life.  She freely speaks of these difficulties in her books, on her web site and her movie, also titled, You Can Heal Your Life. And she speaks of conquering troubles in a soothing voice that exudes the confidence of a person who has met challenges and won.  When I first found Louise L. Hay in the 1980s, she was in her 60s. With the passage of the years, she is now in her eighties, robust, healthy and appearing remarkably younger than her years. Truly she has discovered secrets worth knowing for organizing life’s difficulties into triumphs.

If you would like to preview Louise L. Hay’s book, hover your mouse over the following link:

You Can Heal Your Life

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Aug 29 2010

Vision is the ability to look at one’s future to decide where you want to be in a selected period of time.

Then, you choose a path while taking positive action and thinking affirmative thoughts.

This may not speak to everyone, but I thought I would share some ideas on how to make your life more satisfying, in case it has some areas that need work. The beauty of what I have learned is that a simple adjusting of the way one sees the world can have a powerful effect on what enters and exits your life.

The interesting thing is, you have to take total responsibility for where you are. Whoa! That’s heavy. Maybe it takes saying it again in a different way to help it sink in. No matter what has happened, no matter how you might feel victimized, you have to ask yourself, why did I think the thoughts or take the actions that would specifically bring this into my life?

If you approach the hardship as a victim, then you will tend to stay victimized, but if you approach the hardship as if it is a learning lesson, then you can enter into an active partnership with the experience. It will seem easier, then, to take proactive steps to improve whatever negative thing happened so it doesn’t happen again because you are in control.

Asking “Why is this lesson important for me?” will help you take control.

Another way to look at it is to wonder, “Why did I ask for this lesson to be brought to me?” Depending on your personal beliefs, you may want to ask questions of your Supreme Being or the concept of Universal Energy or whatever you turn to as something bigger than you. You might even ask or question in prayer, “What is my version of What’s Bigger than Me trying to teach me?”

In the 1980s, there were many counselors who specialized in working with dysfunctional people who had grown up in dysfunctional families. I am sure that many of those excellent facilitators are still around today, it’s just that I don’t need to reach out for somebody to speak with like I did then.

But, what I’m getting to, is that one time I mentioned to the lady who was helping me that I was sick of getting calls from bill collectors and having the telephone shut off. She thought I was short of cash, but, no, I explained, I was “too busy” to pay the bills and “just didn’t think about it” until I went to use the phone and it was without its dial-tone.

Entertaining suggestions from friends, family and facilitators can help you focus on your future.

My counselor’s next comment floored me. “Why do you feel a need to withhold their money?,” she said. What an ODD concept, I thought. Why in the world would she say that because I would never intentionally withhold someone’s money? I didn’t see myself in that role at all. But, then as we discussed it, I grew and began to understand that there was no in between, my bills were either paid or they weren’t. If I wanted them to be paid, I would choose take steps to pay them and if I chose not to take steps to pay them, then I was in effect, withholding their money.

Sometimes talking to a family member, good friend or counselor creates a shift in thinking that is very helpful for the resolution of a problem.

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