Jul 02 2017

Have you ever been on a course of action and, all of a sudden, there are side roads you didn’t anticipate, leading off into areas unknown?

Have you ever  had overwhelming life events change your direction before you know what has happened to you? Whoa! That’s what happened to me in January, and let me tell you, I am just now getting back in the swing of things.

Things going Smoothly 550 x 427 w typeCruising along the country road of life…

Hello, Quilters! This is SunbonnetSmart, or as I’m known in real life, Robin R. Talbott. When I started my online quilting presence, I was determined to stay out of the spotlight and let my Sunbonnet Dolls tell the tales of my quilting stories, designs, patterns and glory! You see, I was a quilt store owner in the 1980s-90s and the public face I had was very demanding. I was sure when I started back into quilting professionally after raising a family, I NEVER wanted to be so exposed again. I just wanted to enjoy the good stuff.  Making my quilts, pattern and designs.

But then, having fun on the Internet, meeting quilters from all over the world became an unexpected delight, and moreover, I realized how much I miss teaching quilting, seeing all of the new projects come into being and seeing my students faces light up when learning a new wrinkle. So, I decided to start teaching quilting online, adding another web site, a strictly quilting web site, to partner with my SunbonnetSmart.com For three years, I have worked on it, because, it takes a while for these “trifocally eyes” to focus up and down to make things happen on that computer screen.

Right Turn 600 x 450 retouch w type…one can take an unexpected turn leading…

So, three years I have worked on my teaching site, I know that’s not a record for speed, but you’ll find it IS a record for love, especially when one’s love is quilting. And, this year, I decided at Christmas, I was ready to launch. I decided my favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day would be perfect. The day of love combined with my love of quilting. What could be better? What could go wrong?!?

Oh, my! Well, in January, unexpectedly, as happens most times, cancer decided to pay our family a visit, when my sweet husband of twenty five years came back from the doctor with a positive scan. I’m in the same place emotionally, six months later, still waiting to exhale, as unsure of our future as I was January 19th, when he came home from the doctor.

Many Choices 600 x 450 w type…to dizzying arrays of problems & choices…

But, as with all “new normals,” eventually the tears give way to the thought of coming days, while realizing life goes on, even with cancer. And, so where I use to want to hide from publicity, public interaction and notoriety, now, lonesome in an uncertain flight path, I am hungry for camaraderie and companionship. As I have so many times before in my life,  I am turning to quilting help through the hard times. And, what better way to enjoy quilting, than to begin to interact with quilters by teaching, once again?

Virginia's House 600 x 450 w type…where the family becomes a firm priority…

I hope you’ll be with me as I venture forth to new quilting heights and new family challenges. I am looking forward to supporting you in your quilting ventures, as well, and to working toward our mutual benefit as we strengthen the SunbonnetSmart community. Out of every hardship comes a new opportunity. I just know my new web site, soon to be announced will bring lots of good times to us all. Don’t forget! I’ve been working on it for THREE YEARS.

Winter Sky 600 x 450 w type…to anchor the soul through rough seas ahead.

Yes! I have been anticipating my new online presence and all of the new quilting friends I’ll meet for a long time. There are LOTS of surprises in store. I cannot wait to make quilty memories together.

Come back and visit with me. I’ll keep the water on for tea!


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Nov 27 2016

Looking through my list of wonderful quilting web sites I keep handy, I hit a lollapaloozer of a post.

Checking up on the latest with Rebecca at, “Cheeky Cognoscenti,” I read her post from yesterday, Saturday, November 26, 2016, and it wore me out. Look at what she has accomplished and still has enough strength to blog about it! #AMAZing

First Rebecca shares a lovely, many piece Pineapple Log Cabin block, done to perfection, then tells how her family decorated the entire house and put up two trees since Thanksgiving, meanwhile showing her magnificent hoop-skirted vintage gown, her latest Farmer’s Wife blocks and continuing to work on her Jingle BOM, or Block of the Month quilt, following a pattern by Erin Russek. Wow! *FanningFaceSwooning* I had to fix a cup of tea and take a nap, before I could gather myself to read more.

But, I couldn’t stay away, and after having a protein shake and running laps, I returned to check out the links Rebecca was sharing.

Erin Russek Jingle Blocks orig 472 x 392 type

Clicking on the link just over the photo of Erin Russek’s Jingle BOM Quilt, I found a WONDERFUL list of each months’ patterns, in downloadable PDFs, for *FREE.* As Erin says, “Here you go friends…all the Jingle BOM blocks in one place.” Woo-Hoo!

I spent quite a while downloading the patterns, after all, sometimes web sites come and go, and I just HAVE to have those Cardinal blocks!

So, why not run over to Rebecca’s corner of the Internet, click on her link for Erin Russek’s Jingle BOM and do the same! Let your housework go while you collect the patterns for another project! YAY! Quilters after my own heart.

Check on her latest post, “And Now, Happy ADVENT! Let the Madness Begin…,” by going here.

That’s the link where all the happiness happens!

“Forever Tiled” by SunbonnetSmart Coffee Mug
by SunbonnetSmart

 SunbonnetSmart.com is authored by a little bird who loves to lure SunbonnetSmartsters to her BlogHer.com profile, daily newspaper,
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Jun 21 2015

Father’s Day comes but once a year, but thoughts of Daddy go on forever. Whenever I make his world famous Ultimate Cole Slaw recipe, I know he’s nearby, helping me get it just right.

[Tweet “Try my, “Dad’s Ultimate Cole Slaw,” for the Fourth of July. http://sunbonnetsmart.com/uncategorized/dads-ultimate-cole-slaw/”]

My Dad loved to entertain. The son of a well known hostess, my grandmother, Daddy had grown up on the thrill and satisfaction of planning social affairs. In his later years, he loved bringing happiness to those around him, coming up with novel party touches for our gathered fun-seekers. When a get-together was planned at our home, therefore, a flurry of activity would ensue. First and foremost was the menu, as food and beverages were the star attractions.

Menu planning, therefore, was the reason my Dad clipped recipes constantly. From the newspaper; from any magazine that crossed his path; from a dish he favored at a restaurant that, “required,” he call the Chef to the dining room for a consultation, he was obsessed with having recipe resource files handy for ready reference. He wanted to be able to produce just the right treat at just the right time, to dependably provide what any social situation demanded, at a moment’s notice. Now, we must remember this was in the 1980s and 90s, before the widespread Internet, much less Pinterest, so keeping track of favorite foods required proactive forethought and a filing system.

And, what a filing system he had! Boxes and boxes of 3″ x 5″ cards in plastic file boxes filling up the bottom of a bookcase near his reading chair. Directly next to his chair was a table with a drawer holding his “clipping” supplies: an X-acto knife to accurately cut out the recipe, fresh 3″ x 5″ cards and a roll of Scotch Magic Tape. While the family talked after dinner, Daddy would be clipping and filing, delighted with his latest conquests and acquisitions. He would excitedly interrupt conversation to read recipes, wanting to see if they, “sounded good,” as we would, “Ooh!,” and, “Ah!,” his latest find.

My Dad's Ultimate Cole Slaw, recent recreations (click to enlarge)Dad’s Ultimate Cole Slaw, recently recreated (click to enlarge)

And, things proceeded predictably in such a fashion for years. The quiet rattling of the Washington Post Newspaper Wednesday Food Section, along with the opening and closing of the drawer in the table next to his chair. This, comfortably blanketed by the flickering cocoon of the TV screen, made for pleasant evenings, and now, warm memories. It was an idyllic suburban scene, that is, it was…until he became even more acutely obsessed with one particular dish: Cole Slaw.

How it happened and why it happened, I cannot be sure. There is a good chance he was refused the revelation of a Cole Slaw recipe at a church supper, and became determined to recreate the elusive dish. But, all I know is he started buying cabbages. Lots of cabbages. The cabbages marched into the refrigerator with carrots and seemingly endless jars of mayonnaise, followed by a legion or  two of fresh lemons. These were his art materials, and my grandmother’s Pyrex mixing bowls were his canvas.

Cole Slaw, he had decided was the perfect pot luck supper dish. It was inexpensive to make; was healthy and, “provided roughage.” That was Daddy’s Cole Slaw strategy. And, when one stopped to think about it, Cole Slaw was indeed the perfect side dish, fitting into any church supper array of serving tabled fancies.

And, so the search began. 3″ x 5″ file boxes were no longer adequate. He moved to taping Cole Slaw recipes to 8 1/2″ x 11″ pieces of paper. As he made a recipe in the kitchen, if it made the cut, it remained unsullied, but if it was rejected, it was crossed off, right through it, with a mighty, “X.” This frantic quest went on for months, but as the research continued, he began to fine tune his efforts.

He said he wanted a natural Cole Slaw, with a cold, not cooked dressing. One with a lemon, not vinegar base. He wanted the creaminess of mayonnaise, but not to have it, too “mayonnaisey,” because, “All that fat makes me sick.” He liked adding celery seeds, but not too many. And, for color, there should be one carrot, and one carrot only, grated in along with the cabbage. Salt and pepper should be added, and finally the Ultimate Cole Slaw recipe had been born.

And, I am ready to share it. Here, right now.

But, you must understand the recipe is presented with the same persnickety-ness of my Dad’s approach. In other words, he felt there was NO WAY to accurately represent the proportions like any other recipe, because, “…of COURSE that depends upon the size of your cabbage!” So, I am going to give his recipe to you and hope for the best. I am hoping you can bridge the gap, blending the simple flavors to your tastes and that, with a bit of research and development, you will come up with your own Cole Slaw recipe, sure to be an heirloom hit at friend and family gatherings.

Dad’s Ultimate Cole Slaw

1 Cabbage, cored, quartered and grated

1 Carrot, grated

Lemon juice to taste (I usually use three)

Granulated sugar to taste (Not overwhelming sweet…unless you like that)

Mayonnaise (Start with a cup and add, if needed, to make a runny dressing as you stir with a big spoon and the juices are released from the cabbage)

A sprinkle of whole Celery Seed. (Start with a TBSP, and see what you think.)

Salt and Pepper, to taste, then mix well and refrigerate.

 *     *     *      *

Type-A Parent New York City Bootcamp (Focus: Brand-Blogger Relations)

Type-A Parent New York City Bootcamp (Focus: Brand-Blogger Relations)

*     *     *     *

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Jul 31 2014

On June 7, 2014, Laurel Regan, at AlphabetSalad.com posted, “Some Questions on Creative Self-Confidence.” Being in the creative arts myself, I found the topic of her discussion and fan Comments thought provoking. In this post, I hope to reassure anyone who creates that they are a creator, anyone who paints that they are a painter, and anyone who writes that they are a writer. It is the actions that determine the title, not the facilitator’s mental set of confidence or self-doubt, for..

“All the world’s a stage…”
William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII

And, with every stage there are players, each of whom has stage fright before they go on.

Actors know to leverage this anxiety into a creative pump, even though they may agonize with self doubt, thinking, “Last night’s performance went smoothly, but what about tonight?”

An actor’s fear dissolves, though, as they exit the wings, taking their mark to audience acclaim. The feedback is immediate and, most times positive, so their self-doubts quickly dissipate. The show goes on, while their egos are salved with triumph in minutes, at most within hours.

The creative arts demand solitary performance.

The creative arts demand solitary performance.

When you think about it, all of life’s venues, from the boardroom to the bedroom, can cause performance stage fright, the fear of not being well received. But, on most of life’s performance stages, the butterflies of questioning acceptance are fleeting, quickly reassured as the live presentation proceeds in real time.

In the creative arts, however, a project is often planned in isolation, birthed privately and set before the public at a distance. The contact between the creator and their audience is disconnected. An artist painting in oils, works for months and years to prepare a collection of work for a gallery opening. At the show’s opening reception, the creative artist chats with their public, for, maybe, two hours. Then, the progenitor goes back to the studio, while the exhibit hangs for viewing with the artist absently remote.

This disconnect is why we in the creative arts, and especially bloggers, tend to undermine ourselves with insecurity when we create. We work in isolation, without the reassurance of a live interactive audience. Until we have high traffic and an Internet following, our applause is not immediate. Our feedback is delayed. Our human contact, yay or nay, comes electronically intermittent and sometimes, not at all.

Microscopic self-analysis plagues working alone.

Microscopic self-analysis plagues working alone.

When creative people give birth to projects, it is a very personal gift to their audience, but the audience is not at hand to provide guidance while the work is being composed. All affirmations or critiques occur after the presentation. And, especially with us bloggers, who labor bereft of ongoing approval until clicking “submit,” our work is irrevocably revealed for all the world to see. For all time.

No wonder we might have misgivings about the value of what we create and our titled role. We toss and turn until the Comments start flowing in, our post is featured or picked up for syndication.

We bloggers want to express ourselves, be true to our beliefs and creative endeavors, but, at the same time, are hopeful to receive accolades for each stroke of our self-construed brilliance. We are willing to meet our audience half way, we think, in tone and authority, if only they could sit on our shoulder while we type, to temper our thoughts with their own.

Bloggers are isolated until they click "submit."

Bloggers are isolated until they click “submit.”

But, they can’t, so we remain alone, anticipating contact sometime in the future. Resigned, we beat our keyboard as our own drum, pleasing ourselves, all the time wondering, “Is this effort good enough?” Is anybody out there? Does anyone care?

We think, “Am I like that tree that falls in the forest without anybody there to hear it? Does it make a noise?”

If nobody reads what I’ve written, can I call myself a writer?”

Well, yes, I believe we can, because we all are defined by our actions, not by what we think of ourselves.

Let it be pronounced, therefore, the writer having written is a writer.

Ipso facto, we are what we do.

"Forever Tiled" by SunbonnetSmart Coffee Mugs
“Forever Tiled” by SunbonnetSmart Coffee Mugs by SunbonnetSmart

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Jan 11 2014

So, New Year’s comes but once a year. That’s about all I can stomach.  All of this looking to the future and re-creating myself takes its toll.

I try to maintain a low profile, pretend it’s just another time of year and wait until it all blows over, along with the resolutions of the “do-gooders.” Unfortunately though, this last year, because I roomed with Laurel Regan and Sabrina Lovejoy at BlogHer ’13, it’s been harder for me to maintain my low standards of performance. Note to self: Don’t ever room with movers and shakers.

Sabrina & Laurel Networking at BlogHer ’13

From the beginning, I was odd man out. “Let’s go here,” they said. “Let’s go there,” they said. “Let’s get up early in the morning and take in every networking opportunity at night,” they said. But, I just put my pillow over my head, and waiting long enough, could hear them go out the door, frolicking off to their next adventure. Leisurely mornings and Grumpy Cat levels of non-performance were my preferred specialty. But, gradually, totally against my will, I have been influenced thoughout the last year in ways I never would have anticipated.

Kitty Surpassing My Level of Activity

I have found that Sabrina, whom I call “Pastor Lovejoy,” covers the spiritual plane. She spreads common sense goodness on her web site and blog, “Much Needed Advice for Women,” while holding court on Facebook, Twitter and BlogHer with a zillion devotees. Sabrina is ready to comfort the lost deniers of reality by Tweeting and posting at all hours of the night and day, offering unconditional love and guidance.

 Taking Stock of My Emotions with Sabrina

Laurel seems more of the physical world, manipulating art media and touting organizational skills to define and document every day existence. She creates, in a disciplined way, making small things of beauty seem monumental. Laurel has introduced the world to her trained eye, on her web site and blog, “Alphabet Salad,” with Tangles, continuously posted articles and photographs. While sending updates to Instagram, Chatter, BlogHer and the Library of Congress, Laurel insures little things will be seen in radiant beauty, not forgotten.

Learning Office Supplies are Beautiful with Laurel

And so, because of Sabrina’s unwelcomed good influences, I have started Tweeting uplifting sayings and having a totally unintended positive attitude. Because of Laurel, I take photographs of office supplies and my cats in various, heartwarming poses. And, now, as you can see, I am attempting a January NaBloPoMo, once again, walking in their footsteps. Not exactly following their levels on punctuality, but baby steps, baby steps.

My Cat Will Take on all Cuteness Comers.

And so, when Laurel promptly posted, “My Blogging Bucket List,” I grabbed a pen to copy and emulate eveything she’s planning on doing. I know whatever it is, those are the right things to do. But, geese! Halfway through, I got tired and quit. I couldn’t even complete writing down Laurel’s Bucket List.

And, reading Sabrina’s glory-luscious New Year’s Eve Post, “Happy New Year – My Prayer for You,” I realized I’d have to keep myself on the spiritual straight and narrow for a month of Sunday schools, which made me nervous, feeling not quite up to all of that goodness.

So, finally, I realized the best way to come up with a 2014 Bucket List of my own was to keep it short and sweet. Just be more like Laurel and Sabrina and leave it at that.

Because, like I said, when you’re headed for greatness, it takes baby steps, baby steps.

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Nov 26 2013

As one might predict, because of my name, Robin, when I was a child, my favorite literary character was Robin Hood. But, this was also because of the available bounty of children’s TV programming. Every Saturday, I watched the series, “Robin Hood,” with the lead played by Richard Greene, taking it very seriously.

And, my interest didn’t end there. Oh no. Genderly progressive beyond my years, I wore green tights and a pseudo-medieval green tunic while playing my hero. But, that’s not all. While dressed in my Sherwood Forest regalia, I rode my white Schwinn bike around our neighborhood, envisioning myself as Robin Hood on his horse. The only thing missing was my bow and arrow, but by Christmas, that need was answered, allowing me to ride my bike with the bow slung over my chest. If I do say so myself, I cut a trim figure in the saddle, especially when I stood up on the pedals to coast.

My favorite Robin Hood episode was the Archery Tournament, where that crafty Sheriff of Nottingham gleefully set up a sting operation to entice Robin, the Earl of Locksley, to come into Nottingham for an archery contest to determine, “…the finest archer in England.” The pride of winning the contest draws Robin and his Merry Men out of Sherwood Forest only to fall into the Sheriff’s trap. After shooting an arrow that splits his opponent’s arrow, already shot into the target bulls eye, Robin’s identity is proclaimed, causing the Sheriff to take action against him.

Egad, the drama! The pathos! The lute music! The dancing! What? The dancing? Yes! The dancing! Aye, they were Merry Men.

Why here, watch it for yourself!


Robin Hood “The Challenge”

And, so now, having set the scene, let’s fast forward to 2013. Years have passed. My Schwinn bike hangs in the garage. My archery set was stolen during a move. But, the burning passion for reenacting Robin Hood has not dimmed one iota. So you can imagine my delight when Missouri Star Quilt Company, in Hamilton, MO, announced a quilting challenge, the Iron Quilter II, to determine the finest quilter in the Missouri Star Quilting world. My dreams of competing, soon to be fulfilled, I read every word of the contest rules, ordered my RJR Fabric, the  “Lovely” line by Debbie Beaves, and began designing a quilt pattern to be shared on-line. My dreams from years before were coming true. Here, you can catch the fever, yourself:

The Iron Quilter II

So, now you know what I’ll be doing all week. Sewing away at quilting patches and appliques, crafting an entry fit for presenting to Jenny Doan, the guiding light behind the Missouri Star Quilt Company. While it may look I’m calm, cool and collected, the thrill of honing my skills and competing in the Iron Quilter is is all consuming. Thanksgiving means nothing compared to the finishing of my entry.

Iron Q 1 Raw

But, don’t worry about me. While you’re basting your turkey in the oven, I’ll be basting and pinning 100% cotton fabric. While you’re eating pumpkin pie with whipped topping, I’ll be be making a quilt top, batting and backing sandwich to be machine quilted with angles and swirls.

So, don’t feel sorry for me. You know I’ll be fine, because I’m competing in a contest as SunbonnetSmart, that I never could as Robin Hood.

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Sep 02 2013

I’ve always been a big believer in “early to bed, early to rise” making me healthy, wealthy and wise. But, lately I’ve been hanging with a bad crowd. From the land of Jesse James, comes the likes of Jenny Doan and her gang, holed up in Hamilton, Missouri, and I just can’t get off that runaway train.

It all started innocently enough, I happened on one of Jenny’s sweet quilting tutorial videos on YouTube.com Enjoying it as I did, I watched a couple more. Then, I thought, “H-m-m-m, she has a web site selling quilting fabrics and supplies.” Not that I need a thing, I told myself, but quickly noticed I was rallying back with, “It can’t hurt to look.”

It must be impossible to watch Jenny and not want to quilt.

Oh, how the transgressions of youth have caught up with me! Being younger last spring, when this all started, I was foolishly unaware of how Jenny Doan draws one in. She’s no better than a school yard junkie or a vendor at a quilt show with the latest gadget. Shameful the woman was, with her time saving, quilt producing techniques that dazzled and beguiled, making me want to buy not one but ten or twenty of her Charm Packs.

How could I help myself? Being an experienced quilter, I’ve been around since before there were Fat Quarters, and that’s saying something. So, to me, the evolution of pre-cut fabric into all sorts of selections is nothing short of amazing. And, what you can do with them! Why, being well steeped in traditional pattern drafting, I was delighted with the freedom that pre-cut fabrics allow. Quilting methods are so fast and easy now, you can set your sewing machine up on the dashboard of the car and chain piece on your way to work.


The Missouri Star Quilt Company is a family affair.

And so, my affair with Jenny Doan and her Missouri Star Quilt Company began. It was fresh, new and it was springtime. How was I to know it would turn into a passionate one-sided summer love? But, that’s what happened, because, as with many love affairs, one of us became more involved than the other. While Jenny didn’t even know I exist, I had signed up on her web site for the Daily Deal e-mail, because Missouri Star regularly offers a Daily Deal and it’s always a doosie.

I don’t know a single quilter that could pass up a charm pack that would be $12.00, being sold for 7 cents, plus $5.00 shipping & handling. That’s right, folks, one of Jenny’s Daily Deals actually had a Charm Pack on sale for $5.07. I mean, are you starting to get the picture? I became so involved, I was lurking on her web site, searching my e-mail in-box for a “hot of the press” Daily Deal announcement and staying up late at night to be the first in the Western Hemisphere to see what was going to be offered next.

Whereas before, my life was in order, with an early bedtime and sensible waking hours, now I am writing this post, staying up past 12:00midnight, waiting, just waiting to see what Jenny will Daily Deal today. I’m not proud of it, but like I said, it’s how I roll. When Jenny posts, I pay attention, sacrificing sleep for specials, as any quilter would.

It’s just that, I can’t stop and I…

…no wait, it’s almost 1:30 in the morning. Gotta’ scoot and see if the Daily Deal’s been posted! Here I come, Jenny! Love you!


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Jul 01 2013

Reading Comments and posts around the BlogHer-o-sphere, it occurs to me an essential piece of information is missing.

The most important thing to have with you at BlogHer ’13 is a battery pack case for your Smartphone.

Here’s why. Every BlogHer ’12 attendee I saw was Smartphoning their heart out. They were checking schedules on the BlogHer ’12 app. They were bringing up entry passes to show door monitors at sessions. They were looking for restaurants while Instagram-ming selfies and groupies. They were Tweeting,”Hi” to BlogHers in attendance they might never see, while making lunch, dinner and party plans with those they would.

But, it all came to a screeching halt when they ran out of Smartphone power, when each Smartphone became a little dead rectangle of frustration. And, what’s worse? Each user suffered the agony of watching the battery bar recede, knowing nothing was to be done about it.

What’s the biggie? Why not just plug it in? Sure! Just go over to a wall plug and power up. Of course, it will take three hours to recharge and you’ve run out before lunchtime. And oh! By the way, there aren’t any wall outlets free, except up in your room. And, your room takes a half hour to get to, counting the wait for the elevators and Sherpa Guides. So, basically you are “out of luck” and Smartphone-less. So out of luck in fact, the Charlie Brown music plays as you shuffle your feet along feeling stupid, hoping nobody notices. But I will. And, I will make fun of you.

So, don’t feel stupid. Feel smart, SunbonnetSmart.

Let me share where I get my phone accessories on the Internet along with the inexpensive, but great, battery case model I purchased for my iPhone 4 from eBay seller, “epowerdictionary.” This is the same case I purchased last year and the one I have is still going strong. BUT! Being a nut about losing phone power during BlogHer ’13, I decided to buy a new one and pass the one I’ve been using to family members. Yes! It’s THAT important. I need all systems operable. Nothing but the best for BlogHer ’13….and me.

Now, epowerdictionary has other phone case models as well, so under the epowerdictionary name, click on “See Other Items” to see if what you need is there. Or, write them at the link here.

iPhone Cropped

“Ultra Slim” Battery case for iPhone 4/4s sold by eBay’s epowerdictionary
$12.95 Free Shipping – Click on image to enlarge

And, let me share what else I bought from “epowerdictionary:” this neaty-cool cable that allows three electronics to be charged at once:

Cables Cropped

3 in 1 USB Data and Charging Cable sold by eBay’s epowerdictionary
$5.95 Free Shipping – Click on image to enlarge

Now, you have to be a member of eBay to do all of this. EBay works just fine for me as I’ve bought and sold since 1999. If you have reservations about eBay….well, I don’t know how to advise you. But, epowerdictionary has 100% Feedback, responds almost immediately to e-mails and assures me they have stock to handle BlogHer purchases. I say, “Give them a try!”

At any rate, don’t go go to BlogHer ’13 without some sort of auxiliary power for your electronics, especially your Smartphone.


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Jun 30 2013

In this day and age, it’s great to have some good news. And this morning, I got some of the best.

Remember at the beginning of June, a project was launched on Kickstarter.com to fund a new movie production? And, not just any production, but a movie mentoring women who unexpectedly need to change their lives?

Well, today at 11:35amEST, the $5,000 goal was reached and the project was funded. The movie that Ally Kirkpatrick as been envisioning with her credible background in film documentation will now proceed.

Ally in Woods II

Ally in the woods near the Green Cabin.

If you remember, Ally’s Kickstarter journey began on May 31, 2013, which seems like forever ago. She and her associates and production crew set up the Kickstarter account to gather her minimum costs of $5,000 to produce the movie, “Stories from the Green Cabin.” I read about it and couldn’t stand on the sidelines of such a worthwhile endeavor, so wrote a post for my web site and cross posted it to BlogHer.

Then began the longest thirty days of my life, watching, waiting and wondering what would happen to Ally and her band of pro-active filmmakers.

Canning Jars Ally II

Storing up cans for the winter, Green Cabin style.

Well, today the news has arrived! I can tell you with certainty that Ally’s “Stories from the Green Cabin” has tipped over the $5,000 mark, because, oddly enough I was there!

Yesterday, it didn’t look good. She was $600 or so under funding. Today when I visited her Kickstarter site, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The total had climbed to $4, 990!

I was talking to myself, rubbing my eyes and recalculating my second grade math to find out that, YES! Ally was only $10 away from goal.

I just HAD to be the one to push it over the top, and what’s more, I could afford $10.00!

But, I wasn’t prepare. I hadn’t registered with Kickstarter. Oh cruel oversight! Would I miss my chance to push Ally’s project over the top?

I fumbled with registration, each time being told my two e-mails, entered separately, but suppose to match, didn’t. Agh! What to do!?!? Wringing of hands…wringing of hands…

So I erased and reentered both e-mails and voila, I was in.

Lisa and Ally

Lisa Weldon and Ally in production.

I didn’t want there to be any question that Ally over over her goal, so I “dug deep” and pledged $15.00. Woo-Woo! It was the biggest thrill of my life when, after clicking “submit,” the screen came up to read $5,005. Wow…

And, that wasn’t the end of it. E-mails started arriving in my in-box, one after the other. Thanking me for my participation. Acknowledging my gift and promising my rewards to come. I felt so important.

Then, the BIG e-mail came. A video of Ally herself announcing the project was funded. How cool was that?

So, yes! Today was a great day with good news. I am looking forward to all of the good things to come from Ally and her movie futures. And, BTW, did you know you can still add to the Kickstarter total? For the next hour or so, at least.

Help Ally get more for her production needs  by going to her site and pledging. Just remember to reenter your e-mails like I did, if you have trouble registering.

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Jun 02 2013

Have you ever seen something that had an immediate impact on your life?

Something so wonderful, so you couldn’t quite understand the magnitude at the time, but which moved you to action, figuring the whys and wherefores would later appear?

I had such an experience yesterday when I saw the most compelling post on Facebook. Lisa Weldon, who blogs at “reSoulin’ My Dancing Shoes,”  had shared the most interesting Kickstarter opportunity. When I looked at it, I was mesmerized by heavy green foliage, a green cabin and sunlight dappling through the trees. The vision had that spring green look of new life and new directions. And, how right I was.

Col Sprgs 9 1978

The future SunbonnetSmart hiking in the Garden
of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO, September 1978.

The scene reminded me of my middle to late 20s, in the 1970s, when Jethro Tull’s “Songs from the Woods” was my favorite album and life seemed to be an unending series of mental “forks in the road.” So many choices, what to do, when and why. Constant questions without much guidance and plenty of uncharted vision as to “what ought to be.” It was overwhelming and ponderous. I was more timid then, in some ways, more assured in others, but I remember I was up to the task, assuming I could always, “punt” as I used to say, if things didn’t go my way. “Have an alternate Plan B” was my motto.

And, through the years, I’ve had many “Alternate Plan B’s.” That’s why I kept returning all afternoon to the Kickstarter video that Lisa had shared. Watching it, the green forestscape opened up to the story of Ally Kirkpatrick,  a young film maker, artist and visionary, who at 29, is at the stage I was in the 1970s. Much like I quit my job, packed everything into my Toyoto Celica and drove across country to live in Colorado, Ally decided to leave Brooklyn, going to go live in the woods, at her father’s hunting cabin.

Ally reading

Ally reading at the Green Cabin in Virginia.

While Ally was there, in a tranquil, but secluded spot, she devised a plan to passion out her future. As she blogged and examined her life, she found the “expanse of time and space” a bit overwhelming, compared to her hectic life in Brooklyn. She decided to reach out to people she admired. People who, as she says in her introductory Kickstarter video, “..had lived their life creatively and with gusto.”

The first person with whom she got in touch, she had met at BlogHer ’12, during a Breakout Session on Pathfinder Day, August 2, 2012 in New York City. Ally and Lisa Weldon had been in the same session and hit it off right away. Perhaps they were drawn to each other because, although there was a thirty year difference in their life stages, they were in somewhat the same quandary. Lisa’s life had taken unexpected turns overnight requiring her to stop, exhale and begin again. The void she felt closing in on her was very similar to the uninterrupted blocks of time Ally was experiencing at her dad’s cabin. Ally recognized a kindred spirit and called Lisa.

Ally’s Kickstarter call for funding.

Now, months later, the two, with the help of many others, have put forth Ally’s video proposal for Kickstarter funding. If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a wonderful site where dreams and business proposals are presented for patron financial backing. Each proposal must have a goal established. After donations are pledged, if the project funds at its goal or above, the leader of the project receives a check. If the project does not reach its goal, then no cash is forwarded and pledges are vacated. So, Ally set her goal at $5,000 and she is off to a great start, but I am hoping she gets much more than that.

Additional funding would allow her to tell the stories of more women in life transitions, watching them create new paths to abundant self-fulfillment. Much like Lisa and Ally inspired each other, women learning from other women who have faced the dreaded unknown of life changes will, in turn, be inspired from the stories in Ally’s films. To get a feel for the project, visit with Ally at her “Stories from the Green Cabin” area of her web site, Allytk.com .

So, do you feel as empowered as I do by the creative approaches these women have taken to cure the deafening hiccups in their lives? If you are able to financially show them some love, would you consider donating to Ally’s “Stories from the Green Cabin” Kickerstarter listing? It would make my day to see this project not only funded to its goal level, but also way past, to provide for more stories from more creative women.

Please note! The project must be funded within thirty days from its start, which is by 3:27pm on June 30, 2013.

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