Mar 07 2013

EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique, combines stimulating acupuncture meridian points while saying phrases to effect change in one’s life. It’s easy. It’s free. It works.

But, you’ll have to prove it to yourself. It took quite a while for me to get into it, and when you talk to people who feel it is effective, many say the same thing. It just seems to be too good to be true. They didn’t believe something so simple could have such a great, far reaching effects. I understand as I was the same way. Although introduced to EFT in 2008 by the friends who led us to drink raw milk, and eat raw butter and cheese, it wasn’t until my medical doctor advised EFT for me in 2012, that I began to take it seriously.

Yesterday, when I was BlogHer Commenting with FatCat and ElaineR.N., I mentioned EFT as a good companion to effective weight loss and shared a video I had found online, just to give them a brief introduction. Because they seem to be interested, I am sharing more about the process here, so anyone who needs the technique can try it out for size.

I decided to join in on the Online World Tapping Summit 2013, which just took place in February. It was free, with a different theme to each day’s tapping, but I eventually signed up so I could get MP3 recordings of the directives, as I felt it was so beneficial. Here is an intro to this year’s Tapping Summit so you can get a feel for what it’s all about.


EFT Introduction by Gary Williams and Nick Ortner

As I mentioned, tapping included the various acupuncture meridian points where energy flows throughout the body. You’ll notice as you watch the videos, there are different sequences used by different professionals, depending on what they feel works best. You’ll be able to decide what’s best for you as you learn more about the routine. Many medical doctors are fans of EFT. For a list of EFT practitioners, click here.

An EFT Demonstration

I really enjoyed the World Tapping Summit, which has been growing through the years to include hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. There is a web site with more information, if you are interested. If you’re REALLY interested, you can send for free DVDs and e-books, also at the same web site.

The more one studies quantum physics, the more one realizes the reality we have been brought up to believe is brick and mortar in 3-D, is actually a hologram of energy. Basically, we are nothing but our thoughts and thoughts become our reality.  The sum total effect of this is astronomically astounding and will knock one off kilter when it is first encountered. But, the more one reads and studies about it, the more it cannot be denied. The energy base of our existence is decidedly true.

Eventually, you will run into counselors like Louise Hay with profound ideas of healing who say that if you have an illness, why? What is it accomplishing for you that you can’t give it up? I was very sick when I first ran into that statement and I thought she was crazy, as anyone not enlightened would. But, as I used the Hay House techniques and got well, I realized Louise Hay was a gifted healer. Healing is a journey, whether it’s physical or emotional disturbances that are troublesome.

One quick way to see profound results using energy healing for the mind and body is EFT. Try Emotional Freedom Techniques to see if you get relief.

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