Jul 28 2012

BlogHer Chatter July 9, 2012


SunbonnetSmart.com I’ll be looking for that post…just sayin….  🙂

Oh yeah, Melissa!?!?!?!? Well, LOOK THIS:

June 10, 2012 was the last time I submitted a post to my web site and BlogHer.com. Why? While BlogHers over the world wondered, it was no mystery to me. I knew I had found the Mother Lode.

The Mother Lode of Internet contact with little obligation that is, the social site called Twitter. Or, as I call it,  “BlogHer Light.” With a sweep of an i-PHONED hand, I found the Twitter feed flowed in. Screen fulls of avatars with news-blasts of vision bytes exploded into consciousness and I was hooked.

No more unwieldy reading and writing of BlogHer pages. Why, it was possible to get a BlogHer fix in a tenth of the time by using the i-PHONE. It was quicker, faster and available wherever I happened to be. Twitter became the BlogHer Contact-o-Matic and I didn’t look back, well, maybe once or twice, but I really was hooked. I was smitten and Twittered, but good.

Twitter was Heaven. Lots of BlogHer friends with no muss, no fuss. No drafts, revisions or photo editing worries. I could just shoot sentences from the hip, while scrolling up to move on. Gotta’ scoot!

It was the “Wham, Bam, Thank you, Ma’am” of BFFs on the run. I was immersed in 140 character mini-posts with lightning impact and pizazz. Why, I even went on a CRUISE to the Mediterranean with KarenLynn and her husband, because on Twitter, three was NEVER a crowd! …And besides, I was hooked. Twittered, but good.

The water tower of Anytown, USA. Just a simple storage facility
Nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here.
You people go back to your homes.

But, finally, living in the fast lane caught up with me. Sowing wild Twitter oats resulted in me causing a great deal of worry to my loving stay-at-home companions back at BlogHer. I guess, I just wasn’t thinking. I was letting my little computer rule my big computer, never considering the consequences. I was only thinking of myself and how many new Twitter Followers I could score. It was shameful, I know. But Honeys, I couldn’t honestly help myself.

Many of our BlogHer friends Tweet, you know that, Babes, and I was taken in almost immediately. Well, not quite immediately. Actually it took months. First, I signed up last year. Then I forgot my passwords and who can bother with resetting them? But later, I read the BlogHer technical gurus, telling me that Twitter and RSS feeds were the vegetables of blogging traffic, that they would be “good for me.”  I was doing it for us! You know believe that, don’t you BlogHer Sweeties?

If it had been up to me, I could have stayed clean. If I hadn’t listen to Laine. You all know Laine, right? Good ‘ole Laine, , of Elaine Griffin Designs? She offered to answer any questions I had about Twitter and I started down the slippery slope of Twitter contact, seemingly never to return, but Babies! I never thought it would lead to almost two months off Blogher!  Ya’ all gotta’ know I’m telling the truth!

You shouldn’t worry about my new friendships on Twitter. I ‘m just trying to up my technology quotient, that’s all. Why, @GeekBabe, @Robyn’sWorld, @theurbanologist, @sharongreenthal and about fifty others are teaching me lots about getting out there in the social scene of the Internet. It’s purely educational. I don’t get the long, satisfying posts I read by hanging out on BlogHer, you gotta’ believe me.

The more I think about it, the more I realize AlienBody is
not kidding when she says she has ALIEN, in addition to
Zombie, connections. Bottom line? Don’t mess with Melissa!

It’s all about technology. It’s mechanical. Just life in the 20teens. Why, I’ve never even been to their web sites, I swear! Well, maybe just once to link them to their Twitter names in the above paragraph. But, you can’t fault me. Everything’s always been out in the open.

Besides, think back, Sweethearts. You saying, ‘it was my fault and I showed a lack of thinking,’ ain’t exactly true. Remember AlienBody was the one that found me on Twitter, after BlogHer Moderator Denise sang like a canary, no thanks to HER! Well, that’s what I’m trying to get to. You’ll understand when you know there’s a BIG water tower where I live and none of my absence on BlogHer is really my fault. All I did was Tweet when I was in the parking lot of the bank on a bright summer day, June 10, the last day I posted and the next thing I remember is…

Thanks to my new BlogHer Buddy, E.T., I remembered to
“Phone Home” and start posting. I’ve missed you all!

…waking up dazed on the night of the full moon. I was picking myself up out of the bank parking lot and looked up to see the big moon sitting on top of the water tower. For sure, I must have gone through some sort of time warping wormhole thing, yeah, that’s it. There I was, pulling myself together, dusting myself off, when I saw the silhouetted figure of E.T., on top of the water tower. E.T. was waving goodbye to me, pointing that boney little finger and saying, “Blog Home, SunB, Blog Home.”

And I did. I did what E.T. said, because here I am.

Glad to be home, posting on BlogHer and packing for BlogHer ’12.
Hope to see you soon at BlogHer ’12 or on BlogHer ’12 at Home!


NaBloPoMo July 2012

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