Mar 31 2013

What a wonderful way to end the month of March! With pastel eggs, chocolate rabbits and bright hopes for the future.

And my hopes for the future include the security of owning a Careline Home Safety Telephone System. Honestly, I never had any intention of working with any phone system other than my iPhone, but being a BOOMboxNetwork Influencer, I was sent a VTech Careline Home Safety Telephone System for my review.  This is the phone system that allows independent living, encouraging Seniors to “age in place” with reliable contact to family and friends. Well, I thought, this thing’s for OLD people and I ought to find one, set this system up for them and ask for their opinions on the usefulness.


How does SunbonnetHen keep in touch with
her peeps when she’s out collecting eggs?
VTech’s Careline Pendant Phone

Having taught quilting classes for years, I know plenty of older people, or as some prefer to be called, Senior Citizens. I started going through my list of usual suspects, thinking who would make best use of the Careline System. As the weeks went by, I set up the system “just to see how it works” so I’d be ready to set it up when I delivered it to a deserving quilter’s home. Needless to say, this was like baking a cake in case company comes. Soon, I’d eaten the whole thing. As I worked with the Careline Telephone System, I became attached and couldn’t give it up. I have been keeping the pendant close when I go outside to do yard-work. And, I have visions of letting family members use it to call out from the sickbed when they are ill, that is, if they play their cards right between now and then.

Three fully functioning Home Safety Telephones

The remarkable part is, talk about bang for the buck, the Careline Home Safety System actually includes three, fully functional phones. For the price, just a bit over $100, and the quality of each phone, it is a phenomenal value. And, watching every penny, I’m in love with the VTech icing on the cake: there are no additional monthly charges once the System is purchased. That’s right! Once you own a Careline Phone System and hook it into your current home service, you can use it all you want without worrying about usage charges above that of your regular fees.

But, all of this gracious goodness is typical of VTech products. As the November 28, 2012, press release for the Careline Home Safety Telephone System relates, “VTech is the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless telephones and electronic learning products.”

VTech has been championing excellence since the company began in 1976. Why not consider purchasing the Careline Home System Telephone System? It’s a great value.

Although it was designed with Seniors in mind, the options of Careline Home Safety Telephone Systems answer needs of any age-group.


I wrote this post while participating in a campaign by
on behalf of VTech Communications, Inc.
I have received payment for my participation. All opinions stated are my own.

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Mar 28 2013

Well, I am getting reports that Elaine has been a good patient, taking her vitamins while being sensible about her pain medication intake.

Because she is doing everything right to speed her recovery, SunbonnetSmart is rewarding her progress with another *TA-DA!* Activity Page. You’ll notice I am really getting into this. While homeschooling, I used to make learning puzzles for the Peanut Gallery, but it’s been a while. What fun to revive this old skill-set and put it to use.

And besides, because the puzzles are for “big people,” I can make them bigger and harder so that all of BlogHer-dom comes to a grinding halt while trying to solve them. The power. The control. I’m enjoying it.

First off, let’s start out with another Candid Camera type video. I loved that show as a kid. Allen Funt got a little boring sometimes, but the premises were so funny, I remember many episodes well. See what you think of this:

Just for Laughs Gags

Now, just to make sure you’re not getting too far afield of Passover, here is a remarkable video combining a tribute to Passover and Les Miserables. I think it is nothing sort of brilliant. And while we’re discussing Passover, Elaine, I hope your Seder plate is sustainable, good and good for you. If not, you might want to read, The Seder Plate and Your Health: Nutritious Benefits of the Passsover Symbols.  Now get your spiritual groove on while you relate to a popular musical at the same time:


Here is a BlogHer Word Search with lots of your forest friends and some memories from BlogHer ’12 in New York City. I have to apologize in advance as I am not getting in all of the thousands of people you know, but I did the best I could to try to catch most of them. If anyone is left out, tell me in the Comments and I’ll include them in the next puzzle.  This should take you a while, so no kvetching:

BlogHer Word Search: Click Image

See what you think of this video pitting Lance Armstrong against Babe Ruth in an epic rap battle. I thought it was crazy, but interesting. Some bad words, so make sure kiddos are not in earshot, or maybe not play this at work, everybody else:

Lance Armstrong vs. Babe Ruth

So, that’s all for today. I hope your funny bone, not your wrist bones, got a work out.

We LOVE YOU, Nurse Plummer!

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Mar 26 2013

Activity Books were popular when I was a kid and I loved them. Big, thick, coloring book type, newsprint paged, goldmines of things to see and do.

There were puzzles, cut outs, paper dolls, rhymes, rebus brain teasers and lots more. It was enough to keep me occupied for days as I worked my way around the pages that captivated me with scissors and paste. Especially when I was sick. I would stay happily in bed with my crayons, pencils and my play books.  I was warm and snug while creating great things and merry wonderment.

You can see why then, when my friend, ElaineR.N. decided to play Humpty Dumpty, I was disappointed I couldn’t just run to the store, to send her an activity book. That and a new book of Crayola Crayons, the one with 64 colors and a sharpener in the box would be “just the thing.” But the diversions of fifty years ago pale beside the fun things we have today with the Internet.

So, putting my finger to the side of my head like Pooh Bear, I tapped my temple saying, “Thinking, thinking.” I realized the only choice was to create a fun activity page to electronically distract Elaine from the discomfort of her broken wrist while it heals. So here, Elaine! These fun things are for you!

Cutest Thing in the World

Suggested stream-able movies on, in no particular order: October Sky, My Brilliant Career, What the #$*! Do We Know?, Sirens, Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story, The Secret, Holes in my Shoes, Keeping Up Appearances and Sebastian Maniscalo in What’s Wrong with People (comedian.)

2013 Passover Jam


The Nursey Crossword Puzzle: Click Image



Canadian Candid Camera: Space Laughs


Get Well Maze: Click Image


Whimseys and fancies for fun and wrist healing profit.

I hope you feel better, Elaine!

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Mar 23 2013

There I was, sitting calmly at the computer on a Saturday afternoon, when the news arrived.

The cellphone chimed, the Civil Defense siren went off, and a plane overhead flew by with a sign:

Looking out the window, it was easy to see the news.

“Oh no!,” I thought, running to a telephone booth to jump into my blue Sunbonnet. “Our sweet ElaineR.N., BlogHer’s own Nurse Plummer, has been injured!”

“What denizon of evil, what harbinger of pain, what numbskull of nerdity has caused an intrusion into the otherwise perfectly appointed life of our friend, Elaine?”

The story began to unfold. She was negotiating a flight of fancy, no wait…that was a flight of stairs, when she lost her balance and Isaac Newtoned to the bottom, on her bottom. In trying to stop her fall, she lost the battle with the staircase, and suffered a compound fracture of her Twitter wrist.

Yes, boys and girls, that’s the fracture from the Boy and Girl Scouts First Aid Badge where the bone sticks out of the skin, and everybody goes, “E-e-e-w-w-w!,” rolls their eyes and makes gagging sounds.

In fact, never one to do things halfway and ALWAYS looking for the next photo-op, Elaine was whisked to the front of the hospital ER triage line faster than a celebrity at a restaurant on Rodeo Drive.

ElaineR.N., in happier days.

She had surgery this morning, the doctors putting her wrist back together with nails and a plate, just like Pinocchio. Tonight, she was realizing her standing Saturday night date with BlogHer will not be kept and started worrying about her fans and the public that loves her so much.

So, giving the Queen Elizabeth II wave, as well as anyone can with a compound fracture, she says, “Hi!” and *garbled speech* “Where are the pain meds?”

“I SAID, WHERE ARE THE PAIN MEDS!?!?! Am I the only Nurse on this floor? Stand back! I’ll get them myself. Oh….OUCH! Well, maybe not.” *lies passively back in bed.*

So, as we leave our heroine, Nurse Plummer, let’s all be hospital “Pink Ladies” pushing the cart of goodies down the hall to Comment below and say, “Get well soon, ElaineR.N.! We LOVE you!”

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Mar 18 2013

Hello there, Peep Patriots! Thanks for following this latest turn of organic food events. Last Wednesday, I awoke to an e-mail call for action from the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) at

Last Monday night, two riders had been placed deep with the Continuing Resolution, CR, bill coming to a vote in the Senate.

As explained on “The first provision is the “Monsanto rider” that destroys the few protections that currently exist against the planting of new genetically engineered crops.  It is intended to force USDA to grant temporary permits and deregulations of GMO crops even if a Federal court rules that USDA hadn’t adequately considered the environmental or economic risks to farmers — as has been the case.  This would negate any meaningful judicial review of USDA’s decisions to allow commercialization of GMO crops.

The second provision will allow giant Agribusiness companies to continue abusive and deceptive practices that hurt livestock and poultry farmers.”

Organic farms are under attack by agri-giants.

Dr. Weston A. Price was a Dentist in the 1930’s who astutely observed many of the problems we have with our teeth here in the United States are due to our diets and toxic chemicals. To document his hypothesis, Dr. Price traveled the world meeting with indigenous peoples on traditional diets.

Dr. Price determined naturally occurring minimally processed foods are far superior. He advised diets of fresh whole milk with its enzymes intact, unpasteurized cheese, free range poultry and grass fed, pastured meats were the healthy throwbacks modern societies were lacking. He also recognized that most of the world consumed daily quantities of fermented foods such as Kim-chee and sauerkraut which provide pro-biotic bacteria to aid in digestion.

So, having followed the Weston A. Price diet since 2008, I was at the ready to spread the word about the Rider to protect GMO foods. The vote was supposed to be that day or the next, Wednesday or Thursday, so I copy/pasted the WAPF e-mail to a BlogHer post and started Tweeting anyone who might be like-minded.

On Thursday, March 14, 2013, another WAPF e-mail arrived. It announced that like John Wayne riding in to save the day, Senator Jon Tester, (D-MT) had introduced two different amendments to strike BOTH of these riders. Senator Tester is a generational organic farmer, the only one in the Senate.


 Section 735, or the “Monsanto Rider,” of this proposed Continuing Resolution is a rider that would strip federal courts of authority to stop plantings of illegal transgenic crops.

Amendment 74 is the proposed Tester Amendment to fix the biotech rider.

Section 742 of this proposed Continuing Resolution would eliminate the final GIPSA rule. This rule, which went into effect in 2012, provides basic contract fairness protections to livestock growers.

Amendment 75 is the proposed Tester Amendment to fix the GIPSA rider.

Here’s a good site to sign on On-Line petition: Click here to sign

We are not alone! Support for the two Tester Amendments: Food Democracy NOW!; The Great States of North Carolina and South Carolina;;; TheNorthwestFoodFight; Center for Food Safety; Environmental Working Group and many, many more.

Choose the format that feels most comfortable. Write at the above sites or call your Senators here by finding their phone numbers here.

Stop the two riders that were anonymously and maliciously placed on the Continuing Resolution bill. These riders would strip federal courts of their authority to halt the sale and planting of an illegal, potentially hazardous genetically engineered crop. It would compel the U.S. Department of Agriculture to allow continued planting of that same crop upon request. And, in addition, giant agribusiness would be enabled to continue abusive and deceptive practices that hurt livestock and poultry farmers.”

Please tell the Senator to vote for two amendments to the Continuing Resolution introduced by Senator Jon Tester of Montana that protect family farmers from abuses by the meat industry and support review of biotechnology products.  These two amendments will stand up for family farmers, ensure that independent producers have a fair chance in the livestock market, and ensure that courts can review biotechnology products.


CALL and WRITE your two Senators TODAY!

VOTE is imminent!

ASK them to support the Tester amendments

To enlarge, click here:  Fed Government/Monsanto Overlap (Stephanie Herman, / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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Mar 08 2013

In the fall of 2010, I became fascinated with Chinese noodles called La Mian. How could I help myself with this video to watch?

Hand drawn Noodles with Chef Kin Jing Mark.

La Mian, or Lamian, is a type of handmade or hand-pulled Chinese noodle. Through a process of stretching and twisting wheat flour, Noodle Chefs can hand pull hundreds, even thousands of beautiful long thin noodles for a variety of dishes.

The Green Awning is the China Express.

The process is simple enough, but when you see a master noodle maker perform, one truly appreciates the art and beauty of cooking.

The Noodle Chef works out in front so all can enjoy.

My family was  enamored with the video as well. With hungry kids having home school science lessons to learn, it seemed like finding a local Chinese Noodle Chef would be fun and educational. Now that might be hard, depending on your location, but here in Washington, D.C., with our famous Chinatown not far away, it was relatively easy.

Ducks hang in the window near the Noodle Chef.

With the miracle of the Internet, I found Washingtonians have the China Express Restaurant with their Noodle Chef making noodles right in the front window kitchen for everyone to watch as they walk by.

Plenty of traditional atmosphere and hospitality.

What a treat it was to watch and we did for a long time, but eventually, we were hungry from being tempted and had to go in for a meal. And, what a meal it was. Fit for a Sunbonnet and a post on

Bountifully delicious foods beckon us to return.

So, you can see it’s taken two and a half years to get there, but in January, 2013, when we visited the National Gallery of Art, we took a cab and were whisked away to Chinatown and the China Express. It was a dream come true. The food was fresh and delicious. The big bowls of noodle soup were tasty with their freshly made noodles and tender cuts of beef. And, I have been waiting all my life to try Peking Duck. Well, we ate duck, too. Dumplings and almond cookies, along with endless pots of tea, made us very fat and happy. We are planning on going back soon.

I hope that when you are in a big city, especially one that has a Chinatown, you will look for a La Mian Noodle Chef.  In that way, you will finally understand what we have here in our treasured China Express.

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March 2013
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Mar 07 2013

EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique, combines stimulating acupuncture meridian points while saying phrases to effect change in one’s life. It’s easy. It’s free. It works.

But, you’ll have to prove it to yourself. It took quite a while for me to get into it, and when you talk to people who feel it is effective, many say the same thing. It just seems to be too good to be true. They didn’t believe something so simple could have such a great, far reaching effects. I understand as I was the same way. Although introduced to EFT in 2008 by the friends who led us to drink raw milk, and eat raw butter and cheese, it wasn’t until my medical doctor advised EFT for me in 2012, that I began to take it seriously.

Yesterday, when I was BlogHer Commenting with FatCat and ElaineR.N., I mentioned EFT as a good companion to effective weight loss and shared a video I had found online, just to give them a brief introduction. Because they seem to be interested, I am sharing more about the process here, so anyone who needs the technique can try it out for size.

I decided to join in on the Online World Tapping Summit 2013, which just took place in February. It was free, with a different theme to each day’s tapping, but I eventually signed up so I could get MP3 recordings of the directives, as I felt it was so beneficial. Here is an intro to this year’s Tapping Summit so you can get a feel for what it’s all about.


EFT Introduction by Gary Williams and Nick Ortner

As I mentioned, tapping included the various acupuncture meridian points where energy flows throughout the body. You’ll notice as you watch the videos, there are different sequences used by different professionals, depending on what they feel works best. You’ll be able to decide what’s best for you as you learn more about the routine. Many medical doctors are fans of EFT. For a list of EFT practitioners, click here.

An EFT Demonstration

I really enjoyed the World Tapping Summit, which has been growing through the years to include hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. There is a web site with more information, if you are interested. If you’re REALLY interested, you can send for free DVDs and e-books, also at the same web site.

The more one studies quantum physics, the more one realizes the reality we have been brought up to believe is brick and mortar in 3-D, is actually a hologram of energy. Basically, we are nothing but our thoughts and thoughts become our reality.  The sum total effect of this is astronomically astounding and will knock one off kilter when it is first encountered. But, the more one reads and studies about it, the more it cannot be denied. The energy base of our existence is decidedly true.

Eventually, you will run into counselors like Louise Hay with profound ideas of healing who say that if you have an illness, why? What is it accomplishing for you that you can’t give it up? I was very sick when I first ran into that statement and I thought she was crazy, as anyone not enlightened would. But, as I used the Hay House techniques and got well, I realized Louise Hay was a gifted healer. Healing is a journey, whether it’s physical or emotional disturbances that are troublesome.

One quick way to see profound results using energy healing for the mind and body is EFT. Try Emotional Freedom Techniques to see if you get relief.

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March 2013
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Mar 06 2013

I guess it hit me when Ruth Curran, of Cranium Crunches, asked me for snow photos. She uses them on her blog to create brain teasers and puzzles to keep all of us alert and at the ready.

At the ready for what, I’m not sure, but whatever it is, we’ll be there, armed to the mental teeth. So, thinking about snow photos, I realized that last weekend, I thought we were on the downside of winter. And then Tuesday, March 5, with the weather predictions, we stalled out on the middle of that “downside-of-winter” hill. I decided to take stock of what’s around me to analytically research my “winter to spring” down-sideability.

Parrot Tulips are blooming, therefore SPRING.


Snowstorm today, therefore WINTER.


 Wegmans has pastel candy, therefore SPRING!


Snowstorm today, therefore WINTER.


Electric Peeps are here, therefore SPRING!


Snowstorm today, therefore WINTER.


Foil rabbits in place, therefore SPRING!


Snowstorm today, therefore WINTER.


Well, looks like it’s a tie. The situation could go either way. I am hoping for the best, with the forecasts for 60 degrees this weekend coming to pass. At any rate, it’s the weekend Daylight Savings Time begins, so I guess that means SPRING!

Do you have cabin fever like I do? Just time to move on and leave winter behind, right?

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March 2013
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Mar 05 2013

I hope I’m not the last one to know about this.

That silly ole’ Pinterest. Everyday I find new creative things to do. Lotsa hot tips to make my life more efficient. Trouble is, I think what I find is so innovative, I must be the first one to have discovered it. The fact that I’m finding it it in a write up on Pinterest does not interfere with my feeling of discovery.

One pound of organic bacon placed
on parchment lined Reynold’s Wrap.

And then, because I’ve made a discovery, I have to share it on my web site and BlogHer. So, spoiler alert! This post is about cooking bacon in the oven. If you have been doing that for years, don’t burst my bubble. Let me live in my own little newly ovened bacon world, safe and secure. But, for those of you who haven’t tried this, it has changed our lives. 🙂 We’re not “afraid” to eat bacon anymore.

Place a sheet of lined Reynold’s Wrap
over the top of the jelly roll pan.

No longer do we have to stand and cook bacon, getting splattered and making a greasy mess all over the stove top. Now, we cook bacon like royalty. We could wear white gloves. We could. And, not get them mussed and be ready for tea afterwards. So, what you do is, get a jelly roll pan, take a sheet of the Reynold’s Wrap non-stick Pan Lining Paper that is foil lined with parchment paper so the food does not touch the foil.  Make sure you have extra, so it will cover the sides of the pan to catch the grease.

Perfect bacon with hardly any cleanup. Yay!

Place a second sheet of the Pan Lining Paper over the top of the jelly roll pan, with the parchment paper toward the food. Cook 45 minutes at 375 degrees and check on it as your oven time and temperature may differ. The Pinterest pin was right when it stated we would never cook bacon on the top of the stove again. We haven’t yet!

Have you tried oven bacon? Am I the last person in the world?

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March 2013
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Mar 04 2013

With the creed of giving to get and knowing the glass is half full, lifetime abundance can be had by all.

In the 1980s I was overwhelmed by the powerful teachings of Louise Hay, celebrated author of You Can Heal Your Life. Reading her words and listening to her meditation tapes was a mind altering experience. That’s why I am saddened by what seems to be a common mindset displayed today.

The book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” in a movie.

Rather than reap the rewards of a bountiful universe, many bloggers seem to bemoan lack and look to capitalize on discord. Perhaps they believe sensationalistic post titles will bring a Comment flow, but it’s a lopsided trade. Positive actions and thinking patterns actually insure a better world and guarantee financial rewards. Living with an “attitude of gratitude” will change one’s life.

But, don’t just listen to me. Take it from Amanda Palmer, one of today’s brilliant and gifted musical artists who recently gave a TED Talk on risk and trust in the music business. She now gives away her CDs, asking for donations if one is able, and is reaping the rewards of goodwill.

Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

Giving to get, being vulnerable enough to allow human connection, is what life is all about. Building walls by pointing out inadequacies only makes us feel inadequate and halts the flow of abundant return. This concept is as old as life itself, concisely depicted in the Bible, Ecclesiastes 11:1, where it is written, “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”  

In August, Rolling Stone magazine covered Ms. Palmer’s successful crowdfunding in May where she raised 1.2 million dollars for her new album, Theatre is Evil. Having been a fan of Amanda Palmer for many years, I have fallen in love with her spirit, her direction and her sense of self as displayed in the following song,  In My Mind.

“In My Mind,” Amanda Palmer connects with us gloriously.

Amanda Palmer is a great example of having the confidence to allow oneself to be vulnerable. She risks, trusts that she will get a return and she does. Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk was Friday, March 1, 2013, and on March 2, Rolling Stone Magazine again wrote about her crowdfunding strategies.

Feeling worthy to give, then giving while believing this gift will be returned enables each of us to profit, whether the return is love or financial.

 NaBloPoMo March 2013

March 2013
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