Jul 01 2013

Reading Comments and posts around the BlogHer-o-sphere, it occurs to me an essential piece of information is missing.

The most important thing to have with you at BlogHer ’13 is a battery pack case for your Smartphone.

Here’s why. Every BlogHer ’12 attendee I saw was Smartphoning their heart out. They were checking schedules on the BlogHer ’12 app. They were bringing up entry passes to show door monitors at sessions. They were looking for restaurants while Instagram-ming selfies and groupies. They were Tweeting,”Hi” to BlogHers in attendance they might never see, while making lunch, dinner and party plans with those they would.

But, it all came to a screeching halt when they ran out of Smartphone power, when each Smartphone became a little dead rectangle of frustration. And, what’s worse? Each user suffered the agony of watching the battery bar recede, knowing nothing was to be done about it.

What’s the biggie? Why not just plug it in? Sure! Just go over to a wall plug and power up. Of course, it will take three hours to recharge and you’ve run out before lunchtime. And oh! By the way, there aren’t any wall outlets free, except up in your room. And, your room takes a half hour to get to, counting the wait for the elevators and Sherpa Guides. So, basically you are “out of luck” and Smartphone-less. So out of luck in fact, the Charlie Brown music plays as you shuffle your feet along feeling stupid, hoping nobody notices. But I will. And, I will make fun of you.

So, don’t feel stupid. Feel smart, SunbonnetSmart.

Let me share where I get my phone accessories on the Internet along with the inexpensive, but great, battery case model I purchased for my iPhone 4 from eBay seller, “epowerdictionary.” This is the same case I purchased last year and the one I have is still going strong. BUT! Being a nut about losing phone power during BlogHer ’13, I decided to buy a new one and pass the one I’ve been using to family members. Yes! It’s THAT important. I need all systems operable. Nothing but the best for BlogHer ’13….and me.

Now, epowerdictionary has other phone case models as well, so under the epowerdictionary name, click on “See Other Items” to see if what you need is there. Or, write them at the link here.

iPhone Cropped

“Ultra Slim” Battery case for iPhone 4/4s sold by eBay’s epowerdictionary
$12.95 Free Shipping – Click on image to enlarge

And, let me share what else I bought from “epowerdictionary:” this neaty-cool cable that allows three electronics to be charged at once:

Cables Cropped

3 in 1 USB Data and Charging Cable sold by eBay’s epowerdictionary
$5.95 Free Shipping – Click on image to enlarge

Now, you have to be a member of eBay to do all of this. EBay works just fine for me as I’ve bought and sold since 1999. If you have reservations about eBay….well, I don’t know how to advise you. But, epowerdictionary has 100% Feedback, responds almost immediately to e-mails and assures me they have stock to handle BlogHer purchases. I say, “Give them a try!”

At any rate, don’t go go to BlogHer ’13 without some sort of auxiliary power for your electronics, especially your Smartphone.


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