Sep 02 2011

Mme. Akhmedova, of the Akhmedova Ballet Academy
or ABA in Silver Spring, MD, instructs a student.

It’s that time of year! School is starting. But, not just graded schools teaching reading, writing and arithmetic! In addition, it is the time of year when schools of the fine and performing arts begin their academic year. And so it is with the Akhmedova Ballet Academy in Silver Spring, Maryland where dance is taught with an eye toward perfection, but with an emphasis on enjoyment and delight.

The Akhmedova Ballet Academy opened in February, 2011 accompanied by an informative article in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area Gazette newspaper. The article was complete in creating a mental image of how Jacqueline Akhmedova, the owner and namesake of ABA, manages her studio to bring out the best in each student.

Bringing out the best seems to be easy for Mme. Akhmedova as she laughs and instructs in a gentle, but direct manner. Not only does Mme.’s command of the discipline allow her to make quick, astute determinations, but the studio space itself creates a sanctuary conducive to a dancer’s focused concentration.

ABA’s Vaganova Studio is named after Russian dancer
Agrippina Vaganova who devised the instructional discipline
studied by some of the most famous ballet dancers.

The three ABA studios are appointed in a soft powder blue which is soothing and reminds one of the mists swirling around the stage of a Swan Lake production. The color, in addition to lilting measures of classical music, creates a inspirational ballet environment freeing dancers to leave their worldly thoughts at the door and immerse themselves in their art.

Mme. Jacqueline Akhmedova, born in Munich, trained in Russia
at the Bolshoi Academy, had a twenty year professional career
before she retired in 1997 to mentor young professionals.

Mme. Akhmedova is a commanding figure in the world of ballet who has taught several accomplished dancers of note: Hee Seo is a currently a soloist with the American Ballet Theatre out of New York City and Deanna Pearson who has won many competitions both here and abroad as featured in the news article found here. You can enjoy Ms. Pearson’s talents by clicking on the video below which was recorded when she danced at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia in 2010.

Ms. Deanna Pearson dancing Paquita at the
Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Moscow, Russia.

The Akhmedova Ballet Academy has classes for all age levels, from beginner to very advanced, some of which Mme. Akhmedova teaches herself, and some that are taught by other highly trained professionals. Classes are generally offered in a group format or semi-private lessons with no more than eight in a class. Private lessons are also available. These individual classes are specifically tailored to a student’s needs thus encouraging each dancer’s maximum development and progress.

The 2011 ABA Cape Cod Summer Intensive. Come audition and
join the class located every year off site at the Academy of
Performing Arts School in Orleans, Massachusetts.

ABA classes are not limited to classical ballet. By attending the Akhmedova Ballet Academy, students also can excel in contemporary and modern dance allowing them a firm foundation in the most innovative trends in performance movement. Workable class schedules with state of the art dance disciplines encourage each student to achieve and become accomplished.

Alice Belle Wylie, a 200RYT certified
Yoga Instructor, teaches Yoga and Pilates.

ABA teaches yoga and Pilates classes to develop the strength and core stamina required for ballet, one of the world’s most demanding athletic disciplines. Alice Belle Wylie is not only certified in Yoga, but also has her BA in ballet and French giving her insight into dancer’s needs for goal fulfillment. In fact, Ms. Wylie feels yoga is an embodiment of joyful, mindful and meditative movement, much like dance itself.

If you or someone you know is desirous of a course of dance study in a disciplined, but pleasantly productive atmosphere, get more information on classes and options by going to the Akhmedova Ballet Academy web site, e-mail or telephone 301-593-6262.

Mme. Akhmedova and students from the ABA 2011 Summer
Intensive located on site at the Silver Spring, MD studios.

The Akhmedova Ballet Academy teaches the Vaganova method. This book was written by Aggripina Vaganova in 1948 after she designed instruction combining classical Russian ballet with elements from French and Italian influences.

If you have an interest in the Vaganova method,
hover your mouse over the link below:

Basic Principles of Classical Ballet

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