Oct 11 2010

With the growing demand for organic food, most anything
found as conventional food also can be found as organic.

In 2008, when we were introduced to the concept of drinking real milk, we also learned it is now possible to eat completely organically. Our friends already living that lifestyle set a good example and by following their lead, we learn to spiral upward as well.

At first, because we knew organic foods costs more than their conventional counterparts, we thought it would break our budget.  We soon realized that because we were receiving better, more complete nutrients, we were satisfied more quickly and did not eat as much. In fact, it was amazing the savings once we started eating wholly organic. And, we found that many of our health complaints lessened. We began to notice we did not catch colds or get sick like we used to. So, that was a definite savings in time and money as well.

The big financial savings came when we decided not to eat at restaurants anymore. The money saved was incredible. We ate better and had more time than we thought possible to cook and prep meals once we weren’t tied down to a restaurant wait for seating and service. Now, we are really repulsed by the thought of eating out. We do “go along for the ride” with friends and business associates, but we eat before we go and have Perrier sparkling water at the table.

I have many thoughts to share about the health benefits of not only eating organically, but also, NOT eating refined foods and foods with chemical additives. There is much information to learn, maybe, for you to make the switch, but if you just start as we did, a little at a time, you’ll be ready to opt for good health and never look back.

Whole Foods Market offers a quick introduction to the basics of organic farming in this video from their web site. Learn some of the principles of organic agriculture, as well as hear from several farmers who choose to farm organically.

Whole Foods Market, IP, L.P. is our nation’s first organic grocer.

Are you already eating with us as organic consumers? If so, can you share how it has helped you redefine your health priorities? If not, have you thought of going organic?

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