Sep 14 2010

Roots Market is a full service grocery with organic foods.

We didn’t even know ROOTS Market existed. There it was on the other side of town, alive and well, but, we, thinking we knew all we needed to know about organic produce options in the area, were uninformed. Just goes to show that no matter how much you think you know, there is always more to learn.

In the summer of 2008, things were really tough for us, financially, physically, emotionally and just about every other way. We didn’t have use of our car as it had been sitting in place in the garage, broken and unable to move since January.

We had become adept at riding buses and we were very thankful for such an all inclusive bus route system. We could get around fairly well between the local Ride-On buses, the Metrobuses and the Washington, D.C. Metro subway system that comes right out to the Virginia and Maryland suburbs. So maybe that’s why we had missed out on ROOTS Market. It wasn’t on a bus route, couldn’t be reached by the Metro, and wasn’t within walking distance.

We found ROOTS when friends of ours, the ones who introduced us to Real Milk, offered to take us there. Knowing that times were hard for us and we were scraping by, they would show up every Sunday, bring Sunday dinner and see if there was anything they could do to help us. We were truly blessed to have such gracious, caring people in our lives.

At the time, we were walking to a from the nearby Safeway grocery store to bring bottled gallons of water home. On one of the Sundays spent with our Real Milk friends, we asked them if they would mind giving us a lift to Safeway to get a load of water in to save us lugging the heavy gallons back and forth for the next week. Well, they did better then that! They were the ones who introduced us to ROOTS Markets.

Our friends explained that ROOTS has a self fill water unit that will fill any container you bring in for thirty-nine cents a gallon. One visit and we were sold. I had used such stations as far back s the 1980s in Florida and upstate New York, but I had never realized there were water filling stations in the Washington area, not since B. Gordon’s health grocery closed.

So now, we are big ROOTS fans and have worked shopping there into our regular marketing routine. I say “marketing” and shouldn’t say “shopping,” because as I learned the hard way speaking with old Rockville, Maryland residents, when you shop for food, you do not shop, but go to “market” for your “marketing,” much like the Three Little Pigs, come to think of it.

But, I digress and that’s another story….

Meanwhile, if you would like to experience ROOTS Market online, go to this link.

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