Dec 14 2010

NOW!?!? We have to start NOW!?!

Yes! Now is the time to starting thinking about
germinating seeds indoors next spring.

Successfully germinating seeds can become a passion.
Providing just the right conditions to nurture baby seedlings into
“food producing powerhouses” is fun and budget profitable.

The backyard vegetable garden used to be commonplace. There was a time where every family had a little plot in their yard where they grew fresh produce for the table. But, the emphasis on getting all of our goods prepackaged and ready to eat has, in the last fifty years, caused basic gardening skills to be lost. And the Victory Garden generation of World War II is slipping away so that hands on knowledge of food cultivation is disappearing. At least it has been, until now.

Now, with food prices going up and more people wanting to have independent food sources that are dependably free of poisonous chemicals, home gardens are in vogue. Jump on board if you haven’t tried to grow things at home. It is so easy and so productive, you will be amazed and wonder, “Why haven’t I tried this before?”

Here cucumbers are being transplanted to both sides of a
homemade net trellis. They will grow vertically to save
space. This will also keep the cucumbers off the ground
so they are evenly developed and easy to pick.

We started vegetable gardening in earnest in 2008, hoping to actually live off of the garden and put a dent in food costs. Gardening to provide dependable sustenance is different than just putting out a few tomato plants every year. We found it took planning and perseverance, all well worth it, but realized one really has to think ahead.

That’s why I am sharing the way we do things so you can learn some time saving tips we had to figure out the hard way. I want to put it out there so that anyone who is interested can provide food for themselves and their families without making the mistakes we did in the learning process. This way you can make your own mistakes and not have to repeat ours.

So, this post is the first in a series of five that will overview the seed germination process starting today and ending Saturday, December 18, 2010. That way, you have time to absorb each entry, make plans, rest on Sunday and, when you are ready, start ordering what you need to get a jump on the home germinating crowd.

Thinking ahead and “getting a jump” is what you want to do if you haven’t got what you need at home. The first year, we didn’t start to get our ducks in a row (radishes in a row?) until everyone else had the same idea in the spring. We found that distributors were sold out of many items we needed and had to work harder to change our plans accordingly.

If you can find time during the holidays to put this all together, it will give you an advantage. Ordering anytime before the end of the year will work to your favor. But, no worries as most people won’t start until mid-January and things probably won’t start selling out until the beginning of February.The problem is that there are so many people turning to growing their own food that many of the garden shops are not ready for the demand.

Toward the middle of February is when we will set up the nurseries and I will show you what we do to make it all happen in time for spring planting. I can’t wait to share the good times. Woo-Woo! It is so much fun.

Coming tomorrow, Wednesday, December 15: Planning a Food Garden

Most of my book recommendations are suggestions. I don’t
mean to be aggressive, but this book is a MUST HAVE. Order
it at once! It has more information for the money than
most others and will broaden your concept of vegetables
planted in space wasting rows.Yes, indeed!

Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work

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