Mar 26 2013

Activity Books were popular when I was a kid and I loved them. Big, thick, coloring book type, newsprint paged, goldmines of things to see and do.

There were puzzles, cut outs, paper dolls, rhymes, rebus brain teasers and lots more. It was enough to keep me occupied for days as I worked my way around the pages that captivated me with scissors and paste. Especially when I was sick. I would stay happily in bed with my crayons, pencils and my play books.  I was warm and snug while creating great things and merry wonderment.

You can see why then, when my friend, ElaineR.N. decided to play Humpty Dumpty, I was disappointed I couldn’t just run to the store, to send her an activity book. That and a new book of Crayola Crayons, the one with 64 colors and a sharpener in the box would be “just the thing.” But the diversions of fifty years ago pale beside the fun things we have today with the Internet.

So, putting my finger to the side of my head like Pooh Bear, I tapped my temple saying, “Thinking, thinking.” I realized the only choice was to create a fun activity page to electronically distract Elaine from the discomfort of her broken wrist while it heals. So here, Elaine! These fun things are for you!

Cutest Thing in the World

Suggested stream-able movies on, in no particular order: October Sky, My Brilliant Career, What the #$*! Do We Know?, Sirens, Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story, The Secret, Holes in my Shoes, Keeping Up Appearances and Sebastian Maniscalo in What’s Wrong with People (comedian.)

2013 Passover Jam


The Nursey Crossword Puzzle: Click Image



Canadian Candid Camera: Space Laughs


Get Well Maze: Click Image


Whimseys and fancies for fun and wrist healing profit.

I hope you feel better, Elaine!

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