Apr 02 2012

Up in New York City, on 7th Avenue, I headed out to the BlogHer meeting.

This was it! It was BlogHer time. I got ready to hail a cab, or rather, the hotel concierge left the desk to hail one for me. I don’t know if it was my bungee-corded-tote-bagged-tag-along-suitcase or my gray hair, but everyone was very helpful as I moved toward the skyscraper where good things were sure to happen.

Starting up 7th Avenue to hail a cab.

That skyscraper was neat in and of itself. It had a uniformed doorman, just like on TV. As I waited for the elevator, the doorman and I talked. The same theme, I shared with many people I met, ran through the conversation. Somehow, everybody seemed to know I wasn’t from “The City” and wanted to know where I was from.

Everyone there must have ESP because there was absolutely NO OTHER way to know I was from out of town. And, once they determined I wasn’t from New York, they beamed from ear to ear letting me know they were and had been there all their lives. They were proud, very proud of their heritage, growing up in, what they call, the Capital of the World.

So, my mind was racing. I couldn’t wait to see who the other BlogHers were going to be. And, then, all of a sudden, we were together in one room! First I met Chelsey; then I met Sabrina; then I met Carol.  Now YOU can meet them as well!

First came Chelsey!

Chelsey Delaney is the young, quintessential New York
sophisticate that one thinks of when envisioning
being upwardly mobile in New York City.

High brow Chelsey Delaney was smooth, of course, because she actually lives in NYC. She was the first BlogHer I met and it was eerie because she knew of me from *reading BlogHer.* So, when Chelsey started speaking to me about familiar things, I was like a little kid, “Wow? How does she know that?” I was mystified, until I realized she had been reading my posts, because she knew I was coming to visit. I just didn’t know about her!

Chelsey appears on BlogHer as her web site name of SobSister. I was able to learn something new, looking that up, as a Sob Sister is 1) journalist who writes human-interest stories with sentimental pathos or 2) a persistently sentimental do-gooder. What a clever way for a writer, a young upwardly mobile writer, to present herself.

Chelsey and I had lots of fun talking before the others arrive. Super talented, Chelsey is into computer programming and has a fantastic web site and portfolio. But, of course, I was prejudiced, because I had brought along six antique sunbonnets, real ones worn by Sunbonnet Heroes in the Depression and on the farm. Chelsey had the good taste to make a fuss over them, laying them out on the conference room table and taking a photo, so I loved her right away, no turning back.

Then came Sabrina!

Sabrina has many interests and advocates modest dress
through her empowering web site, Slice of Lemon.

There are no effective words to describe Sabrina. Movie Star? Royalty? Nothing I can think of is adequate. This women commands attention when she enters a room, both for her beauty of spirit and elegance of dress. And why wouldn’t every women want to put her best feminine foot forward? Sabrina advocates Muslim women wearing the hijab, but insists there are ways to fashionably style and pin these cherished lengths of cloth.

Being with Sabrina that BlogHer Friday, throughout the morning and afternoon, I was thoroughly convinced she was right. Enjoying Sabrina’s web sites when I returned home, I learned much about fashion as it relates to Muslim women from the countries of India and Pakistan. It IS possible to wear the hijab under a sari and wear it well. It IS possible to have ornamental jeweled headpieces and wear the hijab. Also, it IS possible to wear magnificent dangle earrings with the hijab, if one knows how to pin. Sabrina shows all of this and more in videos on her two websites: Slice of Lemon and Newlyweds Dish. What a treat, watching Sabrina!

BTW, Sabrina has a post on the New York City, March 23, BlogHer get together, called Dance Recital.

Then I met Carol!

Carol Greenburg is a very popular speaker and advocate
for autism and Aspergers recognition and support.

When Carol arrived, I felt an immediate kinship as we were the only two in the room with gray hair. Carol was ready for laughs and pleasantly settled in with us. Although Carol has been diagnosed with adult autism/Asperger’s Syndrome, she was a convincing example that people, so diagnosed, can be proactive and productive. Witty and engaging, Carol is one of the co-editors of The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, (TPGA,) a book freshly published early this year and introduced on BlogHer.com.

Carol is quite active in defining autism and Asperger’s Syndrome not only because of her own diagnosis, but also because her son has autism. Carol is Executive Director of Brooklyn Special Needs Consulting, is a special education consultant and lay advocate in private practice serving the five boroughs of NYC and beyond. Carol is also the East Coast Regional Director of Autism Women’s Network. Carol is mentioned in a radio broadcast Autism Rates on the Rise that just aired a week after our NYC BlogHer meeting, on March 30, 2012,

Carol Greenburg is mentioned on Public Radio.


The most noticeable thing about these three BlogHer women?

What I soon noticed about these three BlogHer women, Chelsey, Sabrina and Carol, is that they are super-duper successful without posting on BlogHer. In fact, they didn’t seem to think they could take on the work of maintaining a regular BlogHer presence with everything else they have to do to maintain their web sites. So, right then and then, I appointed myself a committee of one to convince them to increase their presence on BlogHer and cross post their web sites.

I want to show them that no matter how much traffic they get to their sites, they’ll get much more by posting, Commenting and Chattering on BlogHer. Why, once we BlogHers can find them, we will read, shout out, Tweet, cross link and totally amaze them with the traffic we help them create. They can count on us! We are the BlogHer community!

I have GREATLY, unequivocally, increased traffic to my
web site, SunbonnetSmart.com, since posting to BlogHer.

Help convince Chelsey, Sabrina and Carol, we need to hear
from them on Blogher, which will take more people to their
outside web sites, than they EVER thought possible.

Please comment below and show them BlogHer love like
they’ve never seen it before!!


And I KNOW you want to know what we talked about in NYC.

Here’s a summary:

Great BlogHer minds working together.


NaBloPoMo April 2012

April 2 Poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Posting on BlogHer,
Means traffic for you!

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