Oct 14 2010

Anna Bågenholm, MD

I was taken with this video when I saw it and the story of Dr. Anna Bagenholm’s return to life after being considered clinically dead for about an hour and a half. She was in a skiing accident in Norway and slid under an ice shelf in a cold winter river, lying there for over an hour before help could arrive. Her core body temperature went so low that her heart stopped beating. The faith of her skiing companions and the team of doctors at Tromso University Hospital of Northern Norway in bringing Dr. Bagenholm back to life is inspirational. For a great overview of what it took to resuscitate Dr. Bagenholm, go to this link.

Anna Bågenholm was skiing in the mountains outside of
Narvik, Norway when she fell into a frozen stream.

See what you think about this journey from the physical world to the spiritual and back again by clicking play:

Dr. Anna Bagenholm’s heart had stopped, but her team
of rescuers refused to do the same, taking shifts until
she was fully resuscitated.

Dr Jel Coward, a GP in Tywyn, north Wales, and an expert on wilderness medicine, said people suffering from extreme hypothermia often give the impression of being dead, particularly as it can be difficult to detect breathing or a pulse. He said: “This case really does bring it home to us how cautious one has to be before diagnosing death in people who are cold. There is an old saying that “nobody is dead until they are warm and dead.” For more information on Dr. Coward speaking about Dr. Ann Bagenholm, click here.

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