Jan 30 2015

No way! Life changing events can’t be stifled, no matter where they occur. And, my time at the Type-A Parent Las Vegas Bootcamp 2015, followed by a heavy dose of Affiliate Summit West 2015, caused a profound shift. So remarkable was the impact, I wonder if earthquakes in those parts are just high powered movers and shakers making waves!

When one wakes up, one never knows what the day will hold. And, yes, I knew I was going to blogging and marketing conferences, and yes, I knew the conferences were on the Las Vegas Strip, but who could have imagined: the people I would meet; the knowledge I would gain; the fun I would have or the paradigm shift that would change my on-line persona forever! Let me set the scene for that third weekend in January.

Crossing from Maryland to Virginia over the Potomac River to Las Vegas via Wash DC Reagan National Airport.

It started out rather sublimely. Moderation, I decided was the key. I had evolved from scheduling planes leaving at 6:00am, requiring me to be up at 3:00 in the morning. This level of maturity proved significant. Rather than try to squeeze out every blessed second of a hotel stay, getting my money’s worth, I had realized that being rested to enjoy traveling, rather than just gutting it out, might be worth the trade. Smug I was as I drove leisurely through early morning Maryland, the land of my people, to Regan Washington National Airport for a Southwest Airlines plane that would saunter down the runway at 12:05pm, fashionably just after noon.

The Southwest Airlines flight went flawlessly, as I knew it would.

Soon I was planted in the hot tub among the palms at the Hilton Garden Inn, just south of the Las Vegas Strip.

Soon I was planted in the hot tub among the palms at the Hilton Garden Inn, just south of the Las Vegas Strip.

Then, quicker than a road runner hides behind a saguaro cactus, it was Saturday morning and show time! Taking the Hilton Shuttle north to the Strip, I left for the destination that would change my life forever.

Like many before me, I had come to seek my fortune in Las Vegas, but rather than trust the gambling floor, I put my money on Kelby Carr’s Type-A Las Vegas Bootcamp 2015. Not only did I win, I broke the bank! Better than winning a stack of chips, I pulled information and networked contacts to my side of the blogging world table.

At the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, the welcome sign marked the pot of gold at the end of the travel rainbow.

At the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, the Type-A welcome sign marked the pot of gold at the end of the travel rainbow.

Type-A welcomed attendees with a hot breakfast and lovely coffee service.

Type-A welcomed attendees with a hot breakfast and lovely coffee service.

First in the Paris Hotel’s Champagne Ballroom, I was excited to see the Type-A management team putting on the finishing touches to the conference room. They didn’t seem to mind me sitting at a round table in the back yelling, “Faster! Faster!,” because I was raring to get started. But, finally 9:00am came and the Las Vegas Bootcamp began with a bang. The welcoming keynote was Sarah Evans, a women not familiar to me at all, wherein lies the value of attending Type-A Conferences. How could I call myself a blogger, a social media aficionado, and NOT KNOW Sarah Evans, “The Digital Correspondent?” Especially when I’ve been blogging and attending conferences since 2010?

Type-A welcomed attendees with a hot breakfast and lovely coffee service.

Sarah Evans enlivens the morning by sharing her talk on, “Selling the Brand of You.”

But, that, right there, is my my point. I realized throughout my stay with Type-A and Affiliate Summit West, I had traveled not only to Las Vegas, but at warp drive to a higher level of Internet existence. I was networking with people, some of whom have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. Before Las Vegas, my universe was bounded by those with tens of thousands. And, to experience it all, I really hadn’t done a thing, except roll out of bed and jump on a plane. Yay, ME for getting out of bed! And thank you, Kelby Carr for the enveloping forward motion of @TypeACon!

Type-A Parent is the precocious baby of the well known Type-A Mom, Kelby Hartson Carr. Kelby is the CEO of @Type-Aparent, which is now the world’s top conference, network and association for moms and dads who blog. Kelby has also been recently named as #10 on the list Personalities most followed by NYSE companies on Twitter.

BTW, this post is the first of three on my January experiences in Las Vegas.

Next: “This Ain’t Stayin’ in Vegas Either,” or “What to Do When Your Taxi Driver is Arrested.”

Las Vegas GuideThe Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2015

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NEXT Type-A C0nference? In New York City. Be there!

Type-A Parent New York City Bootcamp (Focus: Brand-Blogger Relations)

Type-A Parent New York City Bootcamp (Focus: Brand-Blogger Relations)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

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4 responses to “This Ain’t Gonna’ Stay in Vegas!”

  1. Kelly says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your post Robin!!!
    So great to see you in Vegas. Can’t wait to see you soon to see how we have put what we learned into motion. 😉

  2. Great to hear that this conference is so worthy. It will be fun to read your follow-up posts. Can’t wait! Thanks also for your encouraging note on my recent post. I can now reread it and imagine you sitting in my kitchen hollering, “Faster! Faster!” (That really cracked me up!)

  3. Laurel Regan says:

    So glad you had such a worthwhile experience! Thank you for sharing a taste of it… I’m looking forward to reading more!

  4. admin says:

    Laurel! Thank you for coming over for a visit. Yes. It was LOTS of fun and I learned SO much. Good to see you on this side of the Internet and THANK YOU for your nice Comment.

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