Jan 30 2012

Morna, CEO/Founder
The International Association of Professional Quilters

In every creative person’s life there comes a point where one turns a corner. Creating starts out small as a new skill is learned or technique attempted. Quickly, though, as expertise and satisfaction grow, the sewer, crafter, painter or other artist begins to enjoy creating an abundance of wares. And therein lies the problem.  A business is the natural answer, but one that requires developing a new set of skills. Successful artisans don’t always have what they need, experience-wise, to create cash flow while maintaining stock, taking care of financing and taxes as well as government regulations and oversight.

New business owners are often disappointed when realizing they don’t get to do their artwork as much as before opening their business. Soon, administrative duties may seem to require more time than creative planning and fulfillment. Pushing papers and following regulations become overwhelming without a dependable plan for organization. So, what DOES one do to keep up with it all?

These WACs from WWII are discovering how much it takes
for administration. There’s lots to do!

I know a quilter who just might have the answer. But! She’s not just any quilter. Morna McEver Golletz is a quilter who’s also a journalist. It was only natural, therefore, that she become the Editor of The Professional Quilter magazine and she has successfully managed this publication, steadily increasing its subscriptions for many years.

Then Morna founded the International Association of Professional Quilters, connecting quilt related business owners from all over the world. With her business savvy and enthusiastic outlook, she is a gifted in mentoring new and prospective business owners. That’s is why I am writing about Morna today. Morna has broadened her business advice to include all those who create and want to sell their creations. She is having a big gathering, the Creatives Arts Business Summit, March 29-31, 2012, near Dulles airport in Washington, DC that I introduced to BlogHer before the holidays and there is still time to sign up to be included.

Even better perhaps, if you don’t have the time to travel, are her mentoring videos that are currently being promoted. She can tell you all about it, so click “play” and let me introduce you to Morna:

Morna is ready and happy to share her years of experience.
She asks you not remind her how many years it has been.

Morna’s videos offer her years of business experience in an easy to digest form. And, the best thing is that you get to try them out and see if they work for you.  She is offering the first videos in the series for FREE!

Go here to learn more:

In this free training program, you’ll discover: 

1) The key to creating structure in your business

2) What the right planning strategies are for you

3) What key resources you should have in order to leverage the Internet for your business

4) How to set a clear line of demarcation between business and hobby and to make sure you are on the business side of it

5) And a lot more!

Join Morna for this free 4-part training program and begin taking your business to the next level. The training program is three videos followed by a live call on February 6 at 4 pm eastern.

 Click here to register and you’ll get the first video immediately.

See what you think of Morna’s approach. In business,
I’ve found, there is always more to learn!

NaBloPoMo January 2012

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