Sep 27 2010

When I was out of college and working and when I formally took quilting lessons, I turned an obsession with sewing and following directions to the letter into a new hobby that turned out to last a lifetime.

The determination to cut every piece out just so and sew every piece just so, allowed me to have lots of fun mastering fabric. It’s brought many hours of pleasure and I offer the story to you, because if you think you can’t sew and things turn out just a “little shabby and homemade looking,” then I bet you are a great deal like I was inside before I took formal lessons. And, like me, I bet that if you learn a few tricks and secrets of fine construction, you’ll also breeze along in the world of pleasurable sewing.

The Friendship Star, an advanced piecing block
and exercise in construction technique.

Now that my hair is going gray with streaks of white, I have been teaching quilting and sewing for thirty-four years, since 1976. And, with this brand new web site and our future ahead of us, those of you who would like to quilt and sew better are going to be pampered with all of the secrets I’ve learned. So, stay tuned! And, why not comment and let me know where you have trouble? Or, just get a sewing “horror story” off your chest!

By the way, a hearty “Hello!” to the Friendship Star Quilters Guild in Gaithersburg, Maryland!

If you don’t know about “FSQ,” the Friendship Star Quilters Guild, then go here to CHECK IT OUT!

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