Dec 17 2011


Being proactive to initiate change for the better
while being patient enought to wait until things
is the homeless person’s balancing act.

Homeless people, and their increasing numbers, have
been largely ignored by mainstream media. Now the
problem is so noticeable, coverage is more frequent.

InvisiblePeopleTV is a YouTube Channel that profiles
homeless people, giving them a face and a voice
reminding us that many are just one paycheck away.

Here, in New Jersey, homeless folks living in a camp,
sometimes for months and years, discuss their
situations and what led to their predicaments.

You can see each person has a story to tell and value as a human spirit. Listening to these dialogues makes me feel so fortunate. In addition, I can’t help but think we can learn from each person profiled in these news clips. Many of us are just one medical emergency away from joining them. Never forget that most bankruptcies are filed due to inability to pay medical expenses and not because of spending beyond one’s means.

A contemporary book author, Chet W. Sisk, was a successful entrepreneur of an advertising agency. Suddenly things changed, as they often do, and he lost everything. Mr. Sisk began volunteering at a homeless shelter and claims that’s where his second life began. His book, “Seven Steps to Success: I Learned from Homeless People” is not only an informative eye opener, but also a reference for making it through difficult times.

SUMMARY: This is the journal of what happened to one man who hit rock bottom and lived to tell the lessons learned, the insight gained, and the visions revealed after spending time with homeless people. This is the true story of a man who lost the world and gained his soul.

To preview this book that will change your outlook, hover over this link:

Seven Steps to Success: I Learned from Homeless People

Two articulate Amazon reviewers give us heartfelt praise for “Seven Steps to Success: I Learned from Homeless People:”

“This thoughtful work should be read by those fortunate enough to have a place to call home and by those looking to find that place. Read this book first, all the way through, marking your favorite pages and passages. Return to the book for inspiration, strength and courage. Looking to conquer a challenge? Do so with “love and light” in your heart – and with the thoughtful advice you’ll find in this book.”

“A book about more than the physical state of homelessness. “Self empowerment, letting go, and moving forward”. Chet encourages you to look within, while allowing you to reflect on how you got there without placing blame or guilt. Chet offers tools for self exploration at the end of each chapter while encouraging you to find the lesson in each life’s event. The stories as told by the homeless helped to offer some insight into their plight. Well written and thought provoking.”

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